Jeero bridges the gap between your ticketing solution and your website.

Tired of manually copying your event data from your external ticketing solution into WordPress? Jeero handles this for you, keeping your website fully updated with showtimes, prices, descriptions, images, and deep links to your online ticketing interface.

Ticketing solutions that are supported:

Calendar/event plugins that are supported:

Are you missing a ticketing solution?

My goal is to provide imports from any ticketing system to any calendar plugin. Please contact me so that I can include your solution as well.

Get started for free

Slim & Dapper’s Jeero is a subscription-based service. Within the plugin, you can easily set up a free subscription. The free subscription is fully functional, displaying up to ten upcoming events at any given time. When you’re ready to display more events, you can upgrade to a paid plan.


  1. Go to Plugins -> Add New and look for ‘Jeero’.
  2. Install and activate the Jeero plugin.
  3. Go to Jeero in the WordPress admin and click on ‘Add Import’.
  4. Select your ticketing solution and your calendar plugin and submit the form.
  5. Fill in the missing fields in the form. Submit the form.

Wait a couple of minutes (max 5) and go to your Calendar plugin.

You should see the first 10 upcoming events that are coming from your ticketing solutions.


How do I upgrade?

I am still working on the subscription engine. Once it is ready the possibility to upgrade will be made available inside the plugin. It shouldn’t take long. For now you can contact me so I can upgrade you manually.

How much will it cost?

Subscription rates will range from €20 – €30 per month, depending on your total number of events.


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  • Added support for event statuses in The Events Calendar.


  • Added support for series in The Events Calendar. Requires The Events Calendar Pro.
  • Fixed an issue with the update settings for venue fields in The Events Calendar imports.


  • Improved support for websites that are running multiple Jeero imports.
  • Added more information about imports to the Jeero logfile.


  • Fixed conflict with events that were previously imported by one of the Theater for WordPress import extensions.
  • Adds support for importing GIF files (1.20.1).
  • Fixed an import problem where events were not properly imported in The Events Calendar 6. (1.20.2).


  • Imported images now get SEO-friendly filenames and alt tags.


  • Jeero now has a dedicated log file and no longer pollutes your PHP error log.


  • Adds support for additional venue details to imported events of The Event Calendar plugin.
  • Fixed number formatting of prices of imported events of The Event Calendar plugin (1.17.1).
  • Fixed not retaining map setting after each import of events of The Event Calendar plugin (1.17.1).
  • Fixed a problem with images of imported events of the Events Schedule WP Plugin (1.17.2).
  • Fixed a problem with incorrect start times of imported events of the Events Schedule WP Plugin (1.17.3).
  • Updated Twig to 3.3.8 (1.17.4).
  • Fixed a problem where the Modern Events Calendar import stopped working on some systems (1.17.5).
  • Fixed a PHP warning in PHP8 (1.17.6).


  • Improved support for custom templates.
  • Internal improvements to accommodate future support for more calendar/slider/narrow-casting plugins!


  • Added support for the EventON plugin.
  • Fixed a problem with event status import to the WordPress for Theater plugin (1.15.1).
  • Fixed a problem with the Modern Events Calendar plugin (1.15.2).
  • Fixed a problem with incorrect start and end times in The Event Calendar plugin (1.15.3).
  • Fixed a problem with missing prices in the Theater for WordPress plugin (1.15.4).
  • Improvements to Twig example code for templates (1.15.4).
  • Fixed support for the latest version of the Sugar Calendar plugin (1.15.4).


You can now define your own custom fields for imported events.


Added support for the WP Event Manager plugin.


Added support for the Sugar Calendar plugin.





  • Made it possible to set if title, description, categories and featured image should be overwritten after each import to the The Events Calendar plugin.


  • Simplified onboarding.



  • Restructured setting pages.


  • Added support for custom import settings per calendar plugin.
  • Made it possible to set if title, description and featured image should be overwritten after each import to the Theater for WordPress plugin.


  • Added support for Goodlayers themes that use their Event Post Type plugin.




Fixed a redirect issue while setting up a new import.


Added support for the Modern Events Calendar plugin.


Fixed several import issues with the All In One Event Calendar plugin. Adds featured images support to All In One Event Calendar and The Events Calendar imports.


  • Welcome Jeero!