WP Store Locator


WP Store Locator is a powerful and easy to use location management system.
You can customize the appearance of the map, and provide custom labels for entry fields.
Users can filter the results by radius, and see driving directions to the nearby stores in
the language that is set in the admin panel.

De functies omvatten:

  • Beheer een onbeperkt aantal winkels.
  • Provide extra details for stores like the phone, fax, email, url, description and opening hours. There are filters available that allow you add custom meta data.
  • Support for custom map styles.
  • Kies uit negen retina klare markering pictogrammen.
  • Toon de rijafstanden in km of mijl.
  • Shortcodes waarmee je individuele openingstijden, adressen of alleen een kaart met een enkele markering aan elke pagina kunt toevoegen.
  • Compatibel met meertalige plugins zoals WPML en qTranslate X.
  • Je kunt de marker in de editor naar de exacte locatie op de kaart slepen.
  • Show the search results either underneath the map, or next to it.
  • Toon Google Maps in verschillende talen, dit beïnvloedt ook de taal voor de routebeschrijving.
  • Toon de routebeschrijving naar de winkels.
  • Customize the max results and search radius values that users can select.
  • Gebruikers kunnen de geretourneerde resultaten filteren op straal, maximale resultaten of categorie.
  • Supports marker clusters.
  • Pas de kaartinstellingen aan, zoals het terreintype, de locatie van de kaartbesturing en het standaard zoomniveau.
  • Gebruik de Geolocation API om de huidige locatie van de gebruiker te vinden en winkels in de buurt te tonen.
  • Developer friendly code. It uses custom post types and includes almost 50 different filters that help you change the look and feel of the store locator.
  • GDPR – Load Google Maps only after the user agrees to it ( requires the Borlabs Cookie plugin ).

Please take a look at the store locator documentation before making a support request.

Premium add-ons

CSV manager

The CSV Manager allows you to bulk import, export and update your locations using a CSV file.

Widget zoeken

The Search Widget enables users to search from any of the widgetized areas in your theme for nearby store locations, and show the results on the store locator page.


The Statistics add-on enables you to keep track of the locations users are searching for and see where there is demand for a new store.


The Extenders add-on adds the features needed by power users such as managing location based events, social media information and locations managed by other logged in users.


  • Front-end van de plugin
  • De routebeschrijving van de locatie van de gebruiker naar de geselecteerde winkel
  • The ‘Store Details’ section
  • De plugin instellingen


  1. Upload de map wp-store-locator naar de folder /wp-content/plugins/
  2. Activeer de plugin via het ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Create a Google API Key and set them on the settings page.
  4. Stel het startpunt in op de instellingen.
  5. Add your stores under ‘Store Locator’ -> Add Store
  6. Add the map to a page with this shortcode: [wpsl]


How do I add the store locator to a page?

Add this shortcode [wpsl] to the page where you want to display the store locator.

Er ging iets niet goed

You can fix this by setting the browser key on the settings page.

There are weird characters in the search results, how do I remove them?

This is most likely caused by a plugin like W3 Total Cache that tried to minify the HTML output on the store locator page. You can fix this by excluding the store locator from being minified on the settings page of the caching plugin you’re using. In W3 Total Cache this is done by going to Minify -> Advanced -> Never minify the following pages, and fill in the page you don’t want to have minified. So if your store locator is used on mydomain.com/store-locator, then fill in ‘store-locator’.

Kan ik verschillende markeringen gebruiken voor categorieën of individuele winkellocaties?

How to use custom markers is described here, you can also only use different markers for a few locations, or just for the categories.

De kaart wordt niet goed weergegeven. Hij is in tweeën gebroken of laadt helemaal niet.

Zorg ervoor dat je een startpunt voor de kaart hebt gedefinieerd onder instellingen -> Kaartinstellingen.

The map doesn’t work anymore after installing the latest update

Als je een caching plugin gebruikt, of een dienst als Cloudflare, zorg er dan voor dat je de cache opschoont.

I can’t dismiss the pop up asking me to join the mailing list, how do I fix this?

There is probably a JS error in the WP Admin area that prevents the pop up from being dismissed. Try for a second to switch back to a default WP theme, disable all other plugins, and then try to dismiss the newsletter pop up again.

Waarom toont het de locatie die ik zocht in het verkeerde land?

Some location names exist in more then one country, and Google will guess which one you mean. This can be fixed by setting the correct ‘Map Region’ on the settings page -> API Settings.

De winkelzoeker laadt niet, hij toont alleen het nummer 1?

This is most likely caused by your theme using ajax navigation ( the loading of content without reloading the page ), or a conflict with another plugin. Try to disable the ajax navigation in the theme settings, or deactivate the plugin that enables it to see if that solves the problem.

If you don’t use ajax navigation, but do see the number 1 it’s probably a conflict with another plugin. Try to disable the plugins one by one to see if one of them is causing a conflict.

If you find a plugin or theme that causes a conflict, please report it on the support page.

De volledige documentatie vind je hier.


20 mei 2024
Have been using Store Locator for over six years now and it is a powerful tool for store location services (and towns and regions). It’s complex once you get beneath the hood, but it needs to be to offer the advanced features it does. High praise.
5 april 2024
This plugin has been absolutely solid every single time I’ve used it which is now multiple times. The documentation is comprehensive and covers pretty much all use cases and needs. The settings are easy to understand. The flexibility in terms of being able to override templates etc, is exactly what you need when dealing with maps. Can’t rate this highly enough and very much looking forward to the next major v3 release to see what’s next. This is how plugins should be made!
15 januari 2024
I did a LOT of research on store locator plugins before going with this one. I’m setting up a list of veterans memorials around the US for a client. He gave me over 7000 to upload. With the addition of the CSV upload add-on this plugin does exactly what we want it to do. Also, I’ve been in touch with support before and after purchasing the add-on and it is STELLAR! Great job!
19 december 2023 3 reacties
poor support, many functions but also many unsolvable bugs. it was easier to create a plugin
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= 2.2.241
* Fixed: Not all markers showing up when multiple [wpsl_map] shortcodes are used on the same page.
* Fixed: PHP 8.2 compatiblity issues.
* Fixed: The custom map style not being applied to the preview map on the WPSL settings page.
* Changed: Removed broken links to map style examples from the settings page.

= 2.2.240
* New: To reduce the chance of seeing the ‘wpslCallback is not a function’ error in the browser console ( and the map breaking ), the required JS files are now automatically excluded from the SiteGround Optimizer, Autoptimize, LiteSpeed Cache and WP Rocket plugins.
* New: Optional deactivation survey on live sites to gather feedback to improve the plugin ( nothing is shown on dev domains / localhosts ).
* Fixed: Cannot read property ‘__e3_’ of undefined error when the marker cluster and the custom info window script is used together.
* Fixed: Uncaught TypeError: callback is not a function when the start marker is dragged to a new location after a search is finished.
* Fixed: The start marker duplicating itself when it’s dragged to a new location when the ‘Attempt to auto-locate the user’ option is enabled.
* Fixed: Uncaught ReferenceError: InfoBox is not defined when the Borlabs Cookie plugin is active in combination with the custom infobox.js script.
* Fixed: Different JS event handlers not firing correctly when the Borlabs Cookie plugin is active.
* Changed: Make sure HTTPS is always used for request to the Google Maps API in the admin area.
* Changed: Included the latest version of the EDD_SL_Plugin_Updater class ( 1.9.1 ).

= 2.2.237
* Fixed: The “Loading the Google Maps JavaScript API without a callback is not supported” console warning.
* Note: If you have the search widget add-on installed and are using the autocomplete function, then please make sure to update to the latest version ( 1.2.1 ).

= 2.2.236
* Fixed: The search function can break if the created opening hours doesn’t contain every day of the week.

= 2.2.235
* Fixed: Borlabs Cookie compatiblity problem with the Google Maps placeholder.

= 2.2.234
* opgelost: PHP 8 compatibiliteit
* opgelost: Polylang compatibiliteit

= 2.2.233
* Fixed: A problem with the Borlabs Cookie plugin where Google Maps wasn’t blocked correctly.
* Changed: Set the loaded Google Maps JavaScript version to quarterly. So every quarter it will automatically load the latest version.

= 2.2.232
* Fixed: The opening hours triggering an error on some server configurations.
* Fixed: Restored the wpsl_skip_cpt_template filter which was accidently removed in a previous update.
* Changed: Set the loaded Google Maps JavaScript version to 3.39 instead of 3.36.

= 2.2.231
* Fixed: Bug that in some cases broken the Borlabs Cookie plugin from working correctly together with the store locator plugin.

= 2.2.23
* Fixed: The export data function on the single location pages in the admin area not working.
* Fixed: The map and location data not showing up in the TwentyNineteen theme on individual location pages.
* Changed: Updated the included EDD_SL_Plugin_Updater class that handles updates / license key checks for add-ons.

= 2.2.22
* Added: Support for the Borlabs Cookie plugin. This allows you to block the loading of Google Maps until the user agrees to it.
* Added: A ‘Validate API Keys’ tool that will provided feedback for any issues with the used API keys.
* Added: A tool that will show you the raw Google Geocode API response for any address you provide based on the current configuration together with a preview map.
* Changed: Made sure that links included in error messages from the Google Geocode API are always clickable.
* Changed: If no zip code is included in the returned location data after the users location is automatically determined, then it will now show the city / town name in the search field instead of leaving it empty.

= 2.2.21
* Changed: Set the loaded Google Maps JavaScript version to 3.36 instead of 3.33.

= 2.2.20
* New: Added an option to the permalinks section to optionally remove the front base ( for example /blog/ ) from the store locator permalinks.
* New: Added an option to the search section to force the Google Geocode API to assume the search input is a zip code. So searching for town / city names won’t work if this option is enabled.
* New: Included a wpsl_autocomplete_options filter to customize the included data in requests made to the places API ( used with autocomplete ).
* Changed: Limited the requested data for the places API ( used with autocomplete ) to only ‘geometry.location’, which should reduce the cost on high traffic websites.
* Removed: Unused CSS rules from the admin CSS.
* Fixed: Using keyboard input to select a location after the first search with the autocomplete option enabled now returns the correct location.