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Keep an activity log of everything that happens on your WordPress sites and multisite networks with the WP Activity Log plugin to:

  • Zorg voor productiviteit van de gebruiker
  • Improve user accountability
  • Gemakkelijk oplossen van problemen
  • Weet precies wat al je gebruikers doen
  • Better manage & organize your WordPress site & users
  • Detecteer verdacht gedrag eenvoudig voordat er beveiligingsproblemen zijn.

WP Activity Log is the most comprehensive real time user activity and monitoring log plugin. It helps hundreds of thousands of WordPress administrators and security professionals keep an eye on what is happening on their websites and is the most highly rated WordPress activity log plugin.

WP Activity Log has been featured on the websites of some of the most popular and leading businesses in the WordPress ecosystem, such as WPBeginner, GoDaddy, and Kinsta.

Note: The activity log for WordPress is FREE and you can keep as much logs as you want. Additional features such as reports, email notifications, SMS alerts, search & filters, integrations with logs management system, and many others are available in the Premium Edition.

Maintained & Supported by WP White Security

WP White Security is a European development company that builds high-quality WordPress security & management plugins. Check out our list of WordPress plugins that can help you better manage and improve the security of your WordPress websites and users.

WordPress Changes & Details the Plugin Keeps a Log Of

Als een uitgebreide & amp; voltooi de WordPress-activiteitlogboekoplossing WP Beveiligingscontrolelogboek vertelt je niet alleen dat een bericht , een gebruikersprofiel of een object is geüpdatet. Het houdt een log bij van wat er is veranderd binnen het bericht , profiel of object .

Hieronder volgt een samenvatting van de wijzigingen die de plugin kan bijhouden:

  • Post, Page and Custom Post Type changes such as status, content changes, title, URL, custom field & other metadata changes

  • Wijzigingen in tags en categorieën zoals het maken, wijzigen of verwijderen ervan en het toevoegen of verwijderen van berichten

  • Wijzigingen in widgets en menu’s zoals het maken, wijzigen of verwijderen ervan

  • Gebruikerswijzigingen zoals door de gebruiker gemaakt of geregistreerd, verwijderd of toegevoegd aan een site op multisite-netwerk

  • Gebruikersprofiel verandert zoals wachtwoord, e-mail, weergavenaam en rolveranderingen

  • Gebruikersactiviteit zoals inloggen, uitloggen, mislukte aanmeldingen en beëindiging van andere sessies

  • WordPress core en instellings wijzigingenzoals geïnstalleerde updates, permalinks, standaard rol, URL’s en andere site brede veranderingen

  • WordPress multisite network changes such as adding, deleting or archiving sites, adding or removing users from sites etc (activity logs for multisite networks).

  • Plugins en thema wijzigingen zoals installeren, activeren, deactiveren, verwijderen en updaten

  • WordPress database wijzigingenzoals wanneer een plugin een tabel toevoegt of verwijdert

  • Changes on WooCommerce Stores & products, Yoast SEO, WPForms, Gravity Forms, Advanced Custom Fields (ACF), MainWP and other popular WordPress plugins.

  • WordPress site file changes such as new files are added, or existing ones are modified or deleted.

Voor elke gebeurtenis die door de plugin wordt bijgehouden, wordt ook het volgende gerapporteerd:

  • Date & time (and milliseconds) of when it happened,
  • User & role of the user who did the change,
  • Source IP address from where the change happened,
  • The object on which the change has taken place.

Refer to WordPress activity log event IDs for a complete list of all the changes WP Activity Log can keep a record of and a detailed explanation of what change every event ID represents.

Extend the Functionality of WP Activity Log

Upgrade to WP Activity Log Premium to:

  • See who is logged to your website in real-time,
  • See what everyone is doing in real-time,
  • Log off any user with just a click,
  • Generate HTML and CSV reports,
  • Get notified via email of important changes,
  • Get instant SMS message alerts of critical site changes,
  • Search the activity log using text-based searches,
  • Use the built-in filters to fine tune the search results,
  • Store activity log in an external database to improve security and scalability,
  • Mirror the activity log to logs management systems such as AWS CloudWatch, Loggly and Papertrail in real-time,
  • Easily mirror the logs in real-time to business communication systems such as Slack,
  • Send a copy of your websites’ activity log to a log file on your web server in real-time,
  • Archive old activity log data to another database for better storage and log management.

Refer to the features and benefits page for more detailed information on the features of the WP Activity Log plugin.

Free and Premium Support

Support for WP Activity Log is free on the WordPress support forums.

Premium world-class support is available via email to all WP Activity Log Premium users.

Note: paid customer support is given priority and is provided via one-to-one email and over the phone. Upgrade to Premium to benefit from priority support.

Other Noteworthy Features

On top of the comprehensive activity log, WP Activity Log also has a number of non-logging specific features that make it a complete WordPress logging solution, such as:

Refer to the WordPress activity log plugin datasheet for a complete list of all the plugin’s features.

As Featured On:

WP Activity Log extensions for third party plugins

WP Activity Log can keep also a detailed log of changes that happen on other plugins. Below is the list of the activity log extensions for third party plugins:

  • WP Activity Log for WooCommerce: Install this extension to keep a log of changes you and yourr team do in the WooCommerce store settings, orders, products, coupons and much more.
  • WP Activity Log for Yoast SEO: Install this extension to keep a log of the Yoast SEO plugin settings changes, and also of the on-page SEO changes you and your team make in the Yoast SEO meta box.
  • WP Activity Log for WPForms: Install this extension to keep a log of the changes your team does in the WPForms plugin settings, forms, form files, entries (leads) and more.
  • WP Activity Log for Gravity Forms: Install this extension to keep a log of the changes your team does in the Gravity Forms plugin settings, forms, forms settings, entries (leads) and more.
  • WP Activity Log for MemberPress: Install this extension to keep a log of the changes in your MemberPress powered website, including plugin settings changes, memberships, payments, subscriptions and other changes that your team does on your website.
  • WP Activity Log for bbPress: Intall this extension to keep a log of changes in bbPress forums, topics, bbPress settings and more.
  • Activity Log for MainWP: Install this MainWP extension to keep a log of the MainWP network changes and can see the activity logs of all child sites from one central location – the MainWP dashboard.

Related Links and Documentation

WP Activity Log in your language!

We need help translating the plugin and the activity log events. Please visit the WordPress Translate Project to translate the plugin. Drop us an email on support@wpwhitesecurity.com to get mentioned in the list of translators below.

Install WP Activity Log from within WordPress

  1. Visit ‘Plugins > Add New’
  2. Search for ‘WP Activity Log’
  3. Install and activate the WP Activity Log plugin
  4. Allow or skip diagnostic tracking

Install WP Activity Log manually

  1. Upload the wp-security-audit-log directory to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the WP Activity Log plugin from the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Allow or skip diagnostic tracking


  • The WordPress activity logs from where the site administrator can see all the user and site changes.
  • See who is logged in to your WordPress and manage users sessions with Users Sessions Management
  • The plugin settings from where site administrator can configure generic plugin settings such as reverse proxy support, who can manage the plugin etc.
  • The WordPress audit trail settings from where you can configure automatic pruning of alerts, which timestamp should be used and more.
  • Configuring WordPress email and SMS alerts with the Email & SMS Notifications module
  • Search in the WordPress activity log with the use filters to fine tune the search results.
  • The Enable/Disable events section from where Administrators can disable or enable activity log events.
  • The Log Viewer of a Super Admin in a WordPress multisite network installation with the Site selection drop down menu.
  • WP Activity Log is integrated with the built-in revision system of WordPress, thus allowing you to see what content changes users make on your WordPress posts, pages and custom post types. For more information read Keep Record of All WordPress Content Changes
  • Mirror the WordPress activity log to an external solution such as Syslog or Papertrail to centralize logging, ensure logs are always available and cannot be tampered with in the unfortunate case of a hack attack.


Ondersteuning en documentatie

Please refer to our support pages for all the technical information and product documentation.


8 maart 2023 1 reactie
If you are willing to pay for the premium version then you have an awesome plugin (probably the best of breed). BUT the version in the repository lacks even the basic functionality (e.g. search) needed for it to be useful.
14 februari 2023
Support has been very responsive to logs and queries. Great team to work with. Thanks guys!
6 februari 2023
Nice to have this kind of plugins which work what suppose to. This help me understand activity on site and make decisions. Support is also responsive and helpful
4 januari 2023
I have been searching for something like this for a while, this is very comprehensive, very well thought out, this is the best plugin for tracking user activity, nothing else is even close, the one thing i wish, is that it would track taxonomies as well, but it is a cut above the rest.
8 december 2022 11 reacties
This morning when I updated this plugin, every site that was running it ended up with fatal errors. That will stop the "activity" on a site EVERY time! Needless to say, this plugin has been removed from all my clients' sites.
3 december 2022
WP Activity Log plugin is one of the best plugins I have used and, more important, the usability is the best I have used so far in terms of a logical process, I can say this because the site I used it on is managed by admin who know very little about Wordpress, just the basics that apply to their own installation, and they manage it just fine. Very very low maintenance when set and very logical process which is perfect for users new to Wordpress systems.
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Changelog (2023-02-09)

  • Bug fixes
    • Fixed a broken link in the first-install wizard.
    • Fixed: plugin created the file non_mirrored_events.log even when no mirrors were configured.
    • Fixed: Logger path was wrong (in some cases it was generating a log file in /wp-admin/)

Refer to the complete plugin changelog for more detailed information about what was new, improved and fixed in previous versions of the WP Activity Log plugin.