WP Dashboard Notes


Working with multiple persons on a website? Want to make notes? You can do just that with WP Dashboard Notes. Create beautiful notes with a nice user experience.


  • Gekleurde notities
  • List notes or regular notes
  • Openbare of privé notities
  • Bewerken op dashboard
  • Add as many notes as you like
  • Drag & drop list items
  • Geen opslaan knop nodig!

Feature requests, ratings and donations are welcome and appreciated!


  • WordPress dashboard example
  • Knop notitie toegevoegd
  • Normal white note


  1. Upload the folder wp-dashboard-notes to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. De plugin activeren via het ‘Plugin’ menu in WordPress.
  3. Add your first note via the ‘Add note’ button by clicking on the ‘Add note’ button in the top admin bar on your admin dashboard.


Hoe voeg ik een nieuwe notitie toe?

Een nieuwe notitie toevoegen kan op twee manieren.

  • There is a ‘Add note’ button is located in the top admin bar
  • Or you can add a new note from within an existing note. When hovering over a note there will show an black bar at the bottom of that note. There is an ‘+’ within that bar where you can add a new note.

Is het mogelijk om de kleuren te veranderen

You could change the colors by overriding the style from another stylesheet. If you need help with this, ask in the support forums.

Hoe voeg ik mijn eigen kleuren toe?

Add the following code to your functions.php, you can change the values of course to your own colors.


add_filter( 'wpdn_colors', 'wpdn_add_purple' );
function wpdn_add_purple( $colors ) {

    $colors['purple'] = '#5236A0';

    return $colors;


You can add the following code for extra styling (e.g. light text instead of dark)

add_action( 'admin_head', 'wpdn_add_style' );
function wpdn_add_style() {


         * purple
        [data-color-text=purple] {
            color: white;
        [data-color-text=purple] .wpdn-note-sortable {
            color: inherit;
        [data-color-text=purple] .wpdn-add-item {
            color: inherit;
        [data-color-text=purple] .wp-dashboard-note .list-item {
            border-color: inherit;

        [data-color-text=purple] .list-item input[type=checkbox] {
            border: 1px solid white !important;

        [data-color-text=purple] .list-item input[type=checkbox]:checked ~ span {
            color: white;
        /* Unused for now */
        [data-color-text=purple] [id^=note] .handlediv {
            color: inherit;
        /* Add list item input colors */
        [data-color-text=purple] input[type=text].add-list-item {
            border-color: white;
            color: inherit;
            background: inherit;
        /* Placeholder text color */
        [data-color-text=purple] input[type=text].add-list-item::-webkit-input-placeholder {
           color: white;
        [data-color-text=purple] input[type=text].add-list-item:-moz-placeholder {
           color: white;
        [data-color-text=purple] input[type=text].add-list-item::-moz-placeholder {
           color: white;
        [data-color-text=purple] input[type=text].add-list-item:-ms-input-placeholder {
           color: white;
        /* Saved/saving text color */
        [data-color-text=purple] .saved-icon,
        [data-color-text=purple] .saving-icon {
            color: inherit;
        /* Delete icon */
        [data-color-text=purple] .list-item .dashicons-no-alt {
            color: white;
        /* Sort icon */
        [data-color-text=purple] .wpdn-note-sortable {
            color: white;



6 juni 2023
This is a good plugin to place and share notes on the dashboard.However, line breaks in typed or copy-pasted sentences do not work. The sentence is broken. The only way seems to be to adjust with spaces.The disadvantage is that it is difficult to understand when typing in a memo. You can’t use the mouse to position the input.That is the most regrettable.
30 november 2022
Great idea, for a long time I was looking for something to leave notes to colleagues about modifications or pending things, and this plugin allows it. Thank you very much!
27 oktober 2022
Working on a webdsite, blog, shop and beyond is just top complex. New ideas pop-up on the fly and people need to know. We had these Dashboard Notes in intuitive colours in our backend for years now, since 2018 to be exact, and it’s just doing it’s thing unpretentiously! – No adds – No promotion for elite subscription – No real estate in menus In fact no noise! Simple, practical and undescribably helpfull! You can’t run a site without it! Huge thx. Henrik
22 juli 2022
Si vous utilisez WP en mode multi-utilisateur, parfait pour déposer des pense-bêtes
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1.0.10 – 03/01/2024

  • Oplossing – PHP 8.2 waarschuwingen
  • Fix – Check author ID on change

1.0.10 – 05/09/2020

  • Oplossing – WP 5.5 compatibiliteit
  • Improvement – Switch to Gulp

1.0.9 – 05/12/2017

  • Improvement – Make sure scripts are only loaded on the dashboard, not on any other page. Why wasn’t this included before?! – 11/04/2016

  • Fix – Old existing list items not editable in rare cases – 21/03/2016

  • Fix – Check in checkbox sometimes don’t save

1.0.8 – 10/03/2016

  • Improvement – Always show toolbar on mobile devices (credits to ClearPathDigital)
  • Fix – Check nonce + user capabilities for AJAX calls (credits to Paul Gibbs for noting)

1.0.7 – 11/12/2015

  • Fix/Improvement – Move ‘Add note’ button to the admin bar
  • Toevoeging – volledige compatibiliteit met WP 4.4
  • Improvement – Improve some JS

1.0.6 – 26/08/2015

  • Improvement – Optimize JavaScripts and stylesheets
  • Fix – Firefox users not able to use new regular note

1.0.5 – 24/01/2015

  • Verbetering – gebruik singleton in plaats van globaal
  • Fix – Notice in the background when getting data
  • Fix – Delete not working when having double lined items
  • Fix – Bug in changing background colors
  • Fix – Prevent copying the text background color (or any other styles)
  • Toegevoegd – Russische vertaling

1.0.4 – 19/10/2014

  • Oplossing – bericht over WP_DEBUG-modus bij het maken van een nieuwe notitie
  • Fix – Wrong visibility icon when switching
  • Fix – Displaying colors on new notes/after switching
  • Verbetering – sleep lijstitems alleen verticaal
  • Verbetering – verplaats het pictogram voor opslaan/opslaan naar de titelbalk

1.0.3 – 12/10/2014

  • Add – beta URLs are automatically clickable (after page refresh)
  • Verbetering – filters toevoegen om je eigen kleuren toe te voegen
  • Verbetering – kleine verbeteringen voor kleuren
  • Improvement – New icon for Personal visibility

1.0.2 – 29/08/2014

  • Fix – Safari compatibility issues

1.0.1 – 28/08/2014

  • Afhankelijkheid ‘jquery-ui-sortable’ toegevoegd
  • Opgelost submenu wordt niet weergegeven
  • Add check at js update note function

1.0.0 – 18/08/2014

  • Eerste release