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Responsive WordPress Tooltips:
Tooltips are small popup box with more information like video / audio / image / google maps / QR code / wiki / text… and so, tooltips box will pop up when users hover over an element in your pages, the element can be a word in your post, a search form input box, an image in your page, a widget on your sidebar.. and so on

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WordPress Tooltip

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When user hovers the pointer to over an item, a tooltip box will appear — you can add text, image, video, radio, audio, social links… in tooltip box, you can add tooltip in post title / post content / post excerpt / post tags / wordpress archive / wordpress menu items / gallery… and so on.

WordPress Tooltip supports glossary too, just insert shortcode [glossary] in any page or post, screenshot can be found at here https://ps.w.org/wordpress-tooltips/assets/screenshot-6.png.

WordPress Tooltip is a simple & quick & light & powerful jQuery tooltip solution, it is very easy to use, you can easily add any HTML content via wordpress standard WYSWYG editor, for example, pdf download link, video, audio, image, social link… and so on.

You can manage all tooltip keyword / tooltip content centrally in one admin panel easily and quickly. Just input keyword in keyword field and video / radio / text/ image/ links in wordpress tooltip WYSWYG editor, wordpress tooltip plugin will detect your tooltip keyword at front end: post content, post title, post tags.. and so on, and add tooltip effect on tooltip terms automatically.

In general, you do not need a tooltip shortcode, because wordpress tooltips plugin will add tooltips effect for tooltip terms automatically, but you can use tooltip and glossary shortcode like this:
Shortcode [tooltips]:
[tooltips keyword=”wordpress tooltips” content=”Wordress Tooltips is a rich featured wordpress tooltip plugin.”]
[tooltips content=”WordPress Tooltips is a rich featured wordpress tooltip plugin”]wordpress tooltips[/tooltips]

Shortcode [tooltip_by_id]:
[tooltip_by_id tooltip_id=’222′]
‘222’ is the postid of tooltip, you can find the id in WYSWYG tooltips editor, by this way, you can edit multimedia content in wordpress tooltip WYSWYG editor, and insert tooltip effect with multimedia into the page builder ( gutenberg / elementor / beaver / visual composer…), or wordpress posts, or other amazing plugins (woocommerce, wpform… ) through shortcode [tooltip_by_id]

Shortcode [glossary] and [tooltiplist] — you can insert this shortcode into any wordpress post to build a glossary quickly

More details please check document of wordpress tooltip shortcode

For gallery users for example next-gen, you do not need to do anything, our wordpress tooltip plugin will detect next-gen description and show it as a tooltip when user hovering on next-gen gallery images, also our plugin support many other gallery/slideshow plugins too, you can set up tooltip manage options in Tooltips Global Settings panel.

WordPress tooltips support many other amazing plugins too, users told us they are adding wordpress tooltips effect for elementor page builder, tablepress, wpform, pricing table, contact form 7, woocommerce… and so on 🙂

Live Demo of WordPress Tooltips Pro:

  • WordPress Image Tooltip Demo
  • WordPress Audio Tooltip Demo
  • WordPress Video Tooltip Demo
  • Customize Different Style For Each Tooltip
  • Tooltip For Each Form Fields Demo, Just Hover Over Form Fields
  • Tooltip To Menu Item Demo, Check “Try Demo” Menu Item
  • Tooltip in WooCommerce Product Demo
  • Use Video / Video / Image As Tooltip For An Image
  • WordPress Add Tooltip To Post Title Demo
  • WordPress Add Tooltip To Post Tag Demo
  • WordPress Glossary Demo
  • Add Tooltip In Table Demo
  • Add Tooltip In Pricing Table Demo
  • Add Tooltip In Button Demo
  • Bullet Screen Demo
  • QR Code Tooltip
  • Our wordpress tooltip plugin has tooltip customization API so it has ability to integrate other amazing themes / plugins / platforms with our wordpress tooltip plugin

    There are more amazing features in our wordpress tooltip plugin free, for example:

    • 4 preset tooltip color schemes: Yellow, Light, Dark, Green. In tooltip settings panel in admin, support one click to select tooltip color schemes
    • By default, wordpress tooltip plugin will add tooltip effect in post automatically, also the tooltip plugin support inserts tooltip in post manually via tooltip shortcode too.
    • Responsive tooltip, our wordpress tooltip plugin works well in mobile devices
    • Options to show tooltip animation effects
    • Options to enable/disable Tooltip for images
    • Options to enable/disable Tooltip for excerpt
    • Options to enable/disable tooltip in post tags
    • Options to enable / disable “Tooltip Close Button”
    • Options to set up tooltip z-index Value via range slider
    • Options to set up tooltip Hook Priority Value via range slider, by this way wordpress tooltips can support functionality of other wordpress plugins better, and show content which generated by other plugins(which followed WP the_content API) in tooltips popup window
    • Tooltip keyword Matching Mode option: You can select show tooltip to the first matching tooltip terms in the same page or add tooltip effect to all match keyword in the same page
    • WordPress tooltip will auto detect tooltip position — tooltip will not out Of screen, for example, if the tooltip word’s position is on the head of the page and some section of tooltip content is out of screen, our tooltip will shown on the bottom center of the tooltip word and tooltip content will be truncated or out of screen.
    • Tooltip Synonyms, you can enter all synonyms in tooltip editor at one time, and our tooltip plugin will detect all these synonyms and add same tooltip contents for these synonyms
    • When mouse hovers the tooltip terms, show highlight color with a transition effect on tooltip terms
    • Show Tooltip to only one single category, you can set up to show tooltip only in 1 category from a category dropdown, or show tooltip in whole site wide. tooltip shortcode is not limited so there are still having a chance to customize it manually
    • Options to disable specific tooltip effect in html tags, for example, h1, h2, h3, a, p…. and more, so you can disable tooltip in widget, or disable tooltip in links… and so on
    • Options to enable / disable tooltips in entire site
    • Options to move wordpress tooltip inline javascript code to wordpress footer to increate page speed of wordpress pages.
    • Drag the tooltip widget to appear in the sidear and we will list all tooltip in wordpress tooltip widget.
    • Support tooltip categories
    • Support category archive tooltip
    • Create tooltip manually via shortcode [tooltips] — by this way, you can add any tooltips which are not in content of post, or not in wordpress database. It is very easy to use: [tooltips keyword=”wordpress” content=”Wordpress is great system”], also you can use img tag to add images to tooltips content manually
    • Build-In Tooltip Global Settings
    • Create tooltip list page easily with shortcode [tooltipslist]
    • Create glossary page easily with shortcode [glossary]
    • Options to enable / disable images in glossary page
    • Options to enable glossary index page to add links for each tooltip term and improve SEO rank, by default, we will show glossary index page and each glossary term has their own links for improve SEO rank, you will find glossary index page at http://yourdomain.com/glossary, but you can disable this glossary index page and hide links for each glossary term by select “Disable glossary index page”.
    • Options to select glossary index page, by default, the glossay index page will be “glossary”, but you can select one wordpress page as your “Glossary index page”, from a selectbox which listed all pages.
    • Options to enable / disable tooltip in glossary index page and glossary term pages.
    • Glossary index page, SEO friendly:By default, our plugin will generate a powerful glossary index page at http://yourdomain.com/glossary/, you can change it to any your pages, just one click in glossary setting panel, glossary index page support page navigation, it is SEO friendly and help you get better SEO rank, also you can enable / disable tooltip links in tooltip popup box to improve SEO rank
    • Glossary / Directory / List support multi-language: English, Swedish, German, French, Finnish,Spanish…, you can chose your language in optional settings
    • In glossary index page, options to “Significant Display of Digital Superscripts on Navigation Bar” or Not
    • Option to hide images in glossary list page
    • Option to show or hide numbers in glossary navigation bar: by default, users will find the glossary navigation bar at …


    • Image Tooltips, our WordPress Tooltip content can be video, audio/song, image, advertising, links/text.
    • Text Tooltips, Tooltip content with text and links
    • Easy To Add New Tooltips In Back End
    • Global Setting In Back End
    • Tooltips Edit/Delete/Update Panel In Back End
    • Shortcode [tooltipslist] Suport Glossary.
    • Tooltips Widget On Sidebar
    • Tooltips pro style setting options panel
    • Add tooltips widget in back end
    • Tooltips Categories in back end
    • Users hit count for each tooltips
    • Support WooCommerce product, also you can use Wordpress Tooltip to promote your products, such as embed an product link in the tooltip.
    • Plain text tooltip
    • Color picker, our tooltips plugin is easy to customize pretty tooltip style, just a few clicks.
    • Video Tooltips


    1:Upload the WordPress Tooltips plugin to your blog
    2:Activate it
    3:edit keyword and content in tooltips menu, it is very easy, If you want to add/edit/delete tooltips, please log in admin panel, Under “Tooltips” Menu, You can editor/delete all existed tooltips in “All Tooltips” Sub Menu, also you can add new tooltip in “Add New” sub menu.
    we will use the title of the post as the keyword of your tooltips, and use the content of the post as the content of your tooltips, for example: If you use “wordpress” as post title, and use “we love wordpress” as the
    post content, when users view your post, they will find the word “wordpress” with a dotted line under it, and when user move over the word “wordpress”, the tooltip box will popup and show the tooltip content “we love wordpress”
    4: You can setting your tooltips in Tooltips Global Settings page at admin area, for example you can choose ” Add tooltips to all matching keyword in the same page ” or ” Add tooltips to the first matching keyword in the same page” and so on
    5: If you want to show glossary / list, just insert shortcode [tooltipslist] into your page or post.
    1, 2, 3, 4, 5: You’re done!


    FAQs can be found here: https://tooltips.org/features-of-wordpress-tooltips-plugin/


    3 februari 2024
    I paid for the Tooltip Pro Plus and what a waste of money. Way way over bloated with unnecessary options that cant be turned off if they interfere with my sites theme. Uses way too many !important's in its css that hijacks my themes css. Also it has way too many back end options that cannot be overridden and causes issues with how the tooltip text is rendered. Do what I did and tried another similar plugin where the issues I experienced here unsurprisingly vanished. Do some housework and clean both the plugin and your documentation site up - there I feel better now after throwing $30 in the bin Cheers and thanks for nothing!
    25 oktober 2023 1 reactie
    The support proved to be very helpful after initial difficulties... The plugin is overloaded with unnecessary functionality. Throws errors in my browser. Not the right plugin for me. Sorry.
    20 juli 2023 1 reactie
    I had the problem that tooltips were visible on some pages and not on others. At the request of the support team, I sent them the contents of some web pages and an export of tooltip terms. Soon they had found the cause of the problem and provided the solution. The cause of the problem was that the tooltip was part of a sentence, which started with [ and ended with ]. The communication with the support team was extraordinary.Big thanks to the support team.
    24 juni 2023
    There are a TON of features in this plugin, and for a week I found it daunting. But now I have a knack for it (still learning more about it).I now have three glossaries, for three "topics". On the glossary page, there is a dropdown so the user can choose any of the three topics and see all the terms in that topic. I had an issue with the terms showing in the header and footer (in Astra theme). I contacted support (I think I used the support contact form, but the spinner got stuck so maybe I emailed also... but in fact the contact form was submitted and I didn't realize it), and within two days they replied.After another reply from me, mentioning my WP theme, and a few more details (I clicked inspect element and pasted the code of what I was seeing, where the terms were appearing (in "primary nav"), I think support found that code helpful and solved the problem that day.The solution was, I just needed to update to the latest version of the Tooltips plugin and the latest version of Astra theme. Problem solved.Also, the Tooltips work on any page I want them to work. Currently I have it set to work on every page of my site, just because I think Tooltips are cool.You can customize the look of the TT when it pops up. You can customize the background color of it, and tons of other customizations (which I don't yet understand).
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    Version 9.6.1

    Support the exclusion of specific user IDs from the member directory

    Version 9.5.9

    Support for filtering users by including only those whose IDS are invluced in the “include” patameter list
    Followed wordpress security standard to use esc_ functions / sanitize / wp_kses / wpdb… etc to enhance code security

    Version 9.5.3

    Followed wordpress security standard to use check_admin_referer and wp_nonce_field to enhance code security

    Version 9.4.9

    How to display only specified wordpress users in the members directory according to their user roles?

    Version 9.4.5

    Follow wordpress code security standards to enhance code security

    Version 9.4.3

    Support job directory for WP Job Manager

    Version 9.3.9

    How to solve the problem of spacial characters on import when importing wordpress tooltip term

    Version 9.3.5

    Use our own developed excerpt_more function in the Woocommerce product directory to avoid potential plugin conflicts, and use our own function to generate excerpt for woocommerce products.

    Version 9.3.1

    Enhanced the robustness of the program to prevent unexpected output from occurring

    Version 9.2.9

    fixed a bug: when tooltip keyword have a php regular expression metacharacters ‘/’, it will break the regular expression and cannot return content, in new version 9.2.9, we fixed this and we tested all 21 php regular expression metacharacters to ensure this kind of problem will not happen again

    Version 9.2.3

    Fix a bug related to special characters, detailed document can be found at here

    Version 9.1.7

    Support Woocommerce Product Directory, detailed document can be found at here

    Version 9.1.5

    Fixed the error that occurred when displaying tooltips on a special character

    Version 9.0.9

    Detailed document explaining how to limit the number of- wordpress tooltips on a page, with link on Keyword Matching Mode option, detailed document can be found at here

    Version 9.0.7

    Detailed document explaining z-index adjustments and how to customize it, with link on z-index option, detailed document can be found at here

    Version 9.0.5

    new document links for how to set up tooltip font size in global settings panel, detailed document can be found at here

    Version 9.0.3

    Support add detailed tip with document links for each wordpress tooltip options, to help users understand how to use wordpress tooltip plugin easier and faster, detailed document can be found at here

    Version 8.9.5

    New option to Enable / Disable access tooltip with tab key to support Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0, detailed document can be found at here

    Version 8.9.1

    New option to link tooltip terms to tooltip  / glossary page automatically, this will help improve SEO rank and prepare for the support tab index of WordPress tooltips, detailed document can be found at here

    Version 8.8.5

    post directory support select posts from category id, category name, support limit post numbers in directory, detailed document can be found at here

    Version 8.7.9

    post directory support select posts from category id, category name, support limit post numbers in directory, detailed document can be found at here

    Version 8.7.5

    WordPress tooltips 8.7.5 — How to Enable / Disable Tooltips for Max Buttons in WordPress?

    Version 8.7.1

    Bulk remove / hide users from member directory in wordpress tooltip plugin, description can be found at here

    Version 8.6.9

    Enhanced the robustness of the program, description can be found at here

    Version 8.6.3

    Updated tooltip core javascript functions to improve UI in front-end, description can be found at here

    Version 8.5.9

    New contact form tooltip addon to add tooltips effect for contact form 7 plugin, detailed document can be found at here

    please check change log at:

    wordpress tooltip change log: