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WordPress Popular Posts is een zeer aanpasbare widget die je meest populaire berichten weergeeft.

Belangrijkste functies

  • Multi-widget capable – You can have several widgets of WordPress Popular Posts on your blog, each with its own settings!
  • Time Range – List those posts of your blog that have been the most popular ones within a specific time range (eg. last 24 hours, last 7 days, last 30 days, etc)!
  • Custom Post-type support – Want to show other stuff than just posts and pages, eg. Popular Products? You can!
  • Thumbnails! – Display a thumbnail of your posts! (see the FAQ section for more details.)
  • Statistics dashboard – See how your popular posts are doing directly from your admin area.
  • Sorteeropties – Sorteer je populaire lijst op reacties, weergaven (standaard) of gemiddelde weergaven per dag!
  • Custom themes – Out of the box, WordPress Popular Posts includes some themes so you can style your popular posts list (see Widget Themes for more details).
  • Use your own layout! – WPP is flexible enough to let you customize the look and feel of your popular posts! (see customizing WPP’s HTML markup and How to style WordPress Popular Posts for more.)
  • Advanced caching features! – WordPress Popular Posts includes a few options to make sure your site’s performance stays as good as ever! (see Performance for more details.)
  • REST API Support – Embed your popular posts in your (web) app! (see REST API Endpoints for more.)
  • Disqus ondersteuning – Sorteer je populaire berichten door Disqus reacties telling!
  • Polylang & WPML 3.2+ ondersteuning – Toon de vertaalde versie van je populaire berichten!
  • WordPress multisite ondersteuning – Elke site op het netwerk kan zijn eigen lijst met populaire berichten hebben!

Andere functies

  • Shortcode support – Use the [wpp] shortcode to showcase your most popular posts on pages, too! For usage and instructions, please refer to the Installation section.
  • Template tags – Don’t feel like using widgets? No problem! You can still embed your most popular entries on your theme using the wpp_get_mostpopular() template tag. Additionally, the wpp_get_views() template tag allows you to retrieve the views count for a particular post. For usage and instructions, please refer to the Installation section.
  • LocalizationTranslate WPP into your own language.
  • WP-PostRatings support – Show your visitors how your readers are rating your posts!

PSA: do not use the classic WordPress Popular Posts widget with the new Widgets screen!

The classic WordPress Popular Posts widget doesn’t work very well / at all with the new Widgets screen introduced with WordPress 5.8.

This new Widgets screen expects WordPress blocks instead of regular WordPress widgets. If you’re using the WordPress Popular Posts widget on your block-based Widgets screen please consider replacing it with the WordPress Popular Posts block instead – it has the same features as the “classic” widget and will likely end up replacing it entirely in the future.

Bjorn van wplearninglab.com was zo vriendelijk om een video te maken waarin werd uitgelegd hoe het nieuwe blok te gebruiken voor alle visuele leerlingen:

If for some reason you prefer using the “classic” WordPress Popular Posts widget with WordPress 5.8 and beyond please install the Classic Widgets plugin.

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WordPress Popular Posts is now also on GitHub!

Looking for a Recent Posts widget just as featured-packed as WordPress Popular Posts? Try Recently!


  • Flame graphic by freevector/Vecteezy.com.


  • De WordPress Popular Posts widget.
  • De WordPress Popular Posts widget in de zijbalk van het thema.
  • Dashboard widget.
  • Statistieken paneel.


Deze plugin heeft 1 blok.

  • WordPress Popular Posts


Please make sure your site meets the minimum requirements before proceeding.

Automatische installatie

  1. Log in into your WordPress dashboard.
  2. Ga naar plugins > Nieuwe toevoegen.
  3. Typ in het veld “Plugins zoeken” WordPress Popular Posts en druk op enter.
  4. Zoek de plugin in de lijst met zoekresultaten en klik op de knop “Nu installeren”.

Handmatige installatie

  1. Download de plugin en pak de inhoud ervan uit.
  2. Upload de wordpress-popular-posts map naar de /wp-content/plugins/ folder.
  3. Activeer de WordPress Popular Posts plugin via het menu “Plugins” in WordPress.

Klaar! Wat is de volgende stap?

  1. Go to Appearance > Widgets, drag and drop the WordPress Popular Posts widget to your sidebar. Once you’re done configuring it, hit the Save button.
  2. Als je een caching plugin geïnstalleerd hebt op je site, schoon dan nu de cache op zodat WPP kan beginnen met het volgen van je site.
  3. If you have a plugin that minifies JavaScript (JS) installed on your site please read this FAQ: Is WordPress Popular Posts compatible with plugins that minify/bundle JavaScript code?
  4. If you have a security / firewall plugin installed on your site, make sure you allow WPP access to the REST API so it can start tracking your site.
  5. Go to Appearance > Editor. Under “Templates”, click on header.php and make sure that the <?php wp_head(); ?> tag is present (should be right before the closing </head> tag).
  6. (Optional but highly recommended) Are you running a medium/high traffic site? If so, it might be a good idea to check these suggestions to make sure your site’s performance stays up to par.

Dat is het!


WordPress Popular Posts kan op drie verschillende manieren worden gebruikt:

  1. Als een widget : versleep het gewoon naar de zijbalk van je thema en configureer het.
  2. As a template tag: you can place it anywhere on your theme with wpp_get_mostpopular().
  3. Via shortcode , zodat je het kan insluiten in een bericht of een pagina.

Make sure to stop by the Wiki as well, you’ll find even more info there!


The FAQ section has been moved here.


25 januari 2022
Hi. He fulfills his task. I am happy with it. Thanks 🙂 WordPress Popular Posts
22 januari 2022
This plug-in can be used with the default features with great results. It is also very customisable for those that know a little about CSS. Don't worry if You're not a CSS expert because the support documentation gives some great information and pointers. I have looked at 6 similar plug-ins and this is by far the best. I'd like to say thank you to the author 🙂
10 november 2021
The plugin is great! And also it's creator is a very professional, responsible man. He always answers quickly, always polite, and I always gives detailed answers for ALL questions. I wish, that every plugin creator would be like that. Good luck and thank you, Héctor!
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If you’re using a caching plugin flushing its cache after upgrading to this version is highly recommended.

  • Fixes an issue where the WordPress Popular Posts block would, under specific conditions, output code that may break the page layout (thanks @shoelaced and @themosaurus for the report!)
  • Verhelpt kleine variabeledeclaratiebug in wpp.js.min.
  • Cleans up inline style tag (thanks @gabu69 and Lohen Florent for the suggestions!)
  • Other minor fixes & changes.

Release notes


  • Voegt de optie sorteren op gemiddelde dagelijkse weergaven van de klassieke widget toe aan het WordPress Popular Posts blok.
  • Adds the WordPress Date Format option from the classic widget to the WordPress Popular Posts block (please see announcements for details).
  • Adds new Content Tags: author_name and author_url.
  • Verbetert het verzamelen van gegevens in de cache.
  • Other minor performances improvements and fixes.

Release notes


  • Fixes a rare issue that prevented some users from seeing the Statistics chart (thanks Zsolt!)

Release notes


If you’re using a caching plugin flushing its cache after upgrading to this version is highly recommended.

  • Widget block: fixes WPP block loading block editor JS files on the front end.
  • Voegt filter hook toe om ondersteuning voor blok-editor uit te schakelen.
  • Improves logic of filter hooks wpp_excerpt_more and wpp_title_more.
  • De sectie parameters is verplaatst naar de wiki (zie https://git.io/JEOrX).

Release notes


If you’re using a caching plugin flushing its cache after upgrading to this version is highly recommended.

  • The widget block is no longer an experimental feature and is now available to everyone (but it’s still a WIP).
  • Widget block: adds AJAX support to prevent caching plugins from caching your popular posts block.
  • Widget block: adds WPML/Polylang support.
  • Widget block: fixes widget heading not displaying.
  • Widget thema’s: laat thema’s het huidige bericht detecteren, zodat het anders kan worden opgemaakt.
  • Fixes wpp_excerpt_more filter hook not working (props to SchweizerSchoggi!)
  • Adds filter hook wpp_title_more to allow customization of the prefix added to shortened post titles.
  • Removes inline JavaScript code from WPP’s dashboard in preparation for WordPress’ CSP adoption.

Release notes

Full Changelog