With Unsplash for WordPress, searching the internet’s largest library of freely usable images for your posts and pages is easier than ever. Right from the WordPress editor, you can access millions of HD photos for free, with no strings attached.


Search for the perfect image for your content from Unsplash directly from your WordPress editor. Keyword search with instant results presents you with a beautiful list of gorgeous images that you can use freely, with no stock image licensing or attribution required.

Adding images to your content

Adding an image to your post is super easy. With one click the image is added both to your post, and automatically downloaded and added to your Media Library. Supports both the Block Editor and Classic Editor.

Features and capabilities provided by the plugin include:

  • Free Images: All images are completely free to use for both commercial and personal uses. No strings attached.
  • Keyword search: Search from our massive library of millions of free to use images using keyword search.
  • Easy to access: The Unsplash tab is presented whenever you want to add an image.
  • Media Library Integration: the images you select are automatically added to your WordPress site’s Media Library.
  • Save time: No more having to source the image you need, download it, and upload it to your Media Library, the Unsplash plugin makes it easy for you and saves you time.
  • Featured images: Support for adding images from Unsplash as your content’s Featured image.
  • Hotlinking: Automatically hotlink images in your site to the Unsplash CDN, reducing your site’s bandwidth usage and speeding up delivery.
  • Performance: Automatically serve the right size image to your users regardless of device and connection speed using Unsplash’s state-of-the-art CDN.
  • Accessibility: Automatically include a relevant alt description for screen readers, visually reduced users, and SEO.
  • Graceful Failover: Intelligent plugin design ensures that your site’s images will continue to appear to the user even if the Unsplash plugin is no longer active.
  • Caption support: For themes that support display of the caption this will be provided automatically.


  • Unsplash for WordPress: The internet's source of freely usable images right inside the WordPress dashboard.
  • Searchable: The entire Unsplash image library is keyword searchable.
  • Auto-import: Published images are automatically downloaded to the Media Library.
  • Classic and Block editor compatible: Add Unsplash images via the Block editor or using the Classic Media button.
  • Performance and Accessibility: The right image size and alt-text automatically added for accessibility and SEO.


  1. Upload de plugin map naar de /wp-content/plugins/ map.
  2. Activeer de plugin via het ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  3. Connect the plugin to the Unsplash.com by logging in and authorizing your site.


Kan ik deze afbeeldingen gratis gebruiken?

All photos published on Unsplash can be used for free. You can use them for commercial and noncommercial purposes. You do not need to ask permission from or provide credit to the photographer or Unsplash, although it is appreciated when possible.

For more details about our licensing please Read our FAQ.

Heb ik een Unsplash account nodig?

Yes, as part of the plugin’s setup, you will be directed to the Unsplash website and be guided through the onboarding process, which will ask you to either sign up for a new account, or log in with your existing account.


15 oktober 2020
Using Unsplash has been great and the integration with WordPress seemed like a dream come true. But it can seriously and negatively impact the performance of your website. Using plugins to compress images and generating webp types is a must-have feature for a quick and well performing website. Instead, this plugin loads the full source images into your page generating tremendous amounts of data traffic you don't want. Especially magazine style pages with lots of images tremendously suffer in performance and speed. Too bad! Un-installed it and speed is back.
22 september 2020
It's a great plugin allowing me to access beautiful imagery. They are very honest about their intent, and there is nothing suspicious about this plugin or Unsplash. I love being able to access some of the worlds most generous photographers with just a few clicks. The images you select to use on your WP site will come with the credit information for the photographer which makes it easier to link with love. I highly recommend the Unsplash plugin! Congrats to the Unsplash team on this plugin!
9 augustus 2020
The more I read about the CDN being used in the plugin (which they don't want switched off), the more worried I've become of any longer term impact to any images I use. I've switched to another plugin which works just as well but without any obvious "extras".
7 augustus 2020
So easy to use, and allows very easily to give credit to those who deserve it. Haven't found a way/shortcode to get a list of illustrations on a dedicated page. Maybe that's possible in V1.1
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