Ultimeter gebruikt een eenvoudige shortcode, widget of blok, om een keuze uit verschillende meters weer te geven (een thermometer en een voortgangsbalk in de Lite versie, met nog drie toegevoegd in de Pro versie). Het stelt je vervolgens in staat om te kiezen tussen percentage- of valuta-eenheden (met veel meer statistieken in de Pro versie). Je kunt het totale (doel)bedrag opgeven, evenals het totale opgehaalde (voortgangs)bedrag. Je kunt zelfs de kleur van de meter kiezen, om deze in lijn te houden met je eigen stijlen.


  • Keuze uit 3 meters
  • Keuze van meterkleur
  • Doel en huidige waarden instellen
  • Keuze uit percentage- of valuta-eenheden
  • Automatische opmaak van valutawaarden
  • Keuze van munteenheid
  • Duplicate meters easily
  • Meerdere meters per pagina of site

Pro functies

  • Many more meter designs, including a radial meter, a vertical progress bar, and a range of inline and text-based meters.
  • Een derde maateenheid met aangepaste waarden – heeft een enkelvoud en meervoud, d.w.z. boxen, tassen enz.
  • Mogelijkheid om aangepaste CSS toe te voegen om nog meer stijlwijzigingen aan te brengen.
  • A new set of Infinite Meters that count up indefinitely.
  • The ability to upload your own image to use as a meter. This could be a photo, or your company logo.
  • Heaps more styling options, such as the ability to color the progress and goal labels, as well as your milestones.
  • Add milestones to your meters, to proudly display key points in your progress.
  • Track WooCommerce sales progress. Pick a product, and the Ultimeter will display the all-time gross sales figure.
  • Fully integrated with GiveWP. Pick a GiveWP form to track, and display your fundraising progress using any Ultimeter.
  • Fully integrated with Charitable Fundraising Plugin. Pick a Charitable Campaign to track, and display your fundraising progress using any Ultimeter.
  • Fully integrated with Gravity Forms. Pick a form to track, and display the total payments or number of entries.
  • A growing collection of WordPress hooks to allow you to configure more of your meter’s content.
  • Track data from any compatible plugin or external data source via an API.
  • Celebrations – add an exciting animation when you reach your target.
  • ‘Boost’ your progress by a user-specified amount. Great for adding offline payments to donation campaigns.
  • Use our Zapier integration to connect Ultimeter to 2000+ other applications. Ultimeter can now track (nearly) everything!
  • (NEW FOR v2.8.0) Real-time updating. No need to refresh the page. Your meters will adjust their progress dynamically (Enterprise Edition)

* Regular updates
* Our awesome email and personal support

To see all the Pro Features, head to the plugin homepage and then compare our simple and affordable plans.


  • Schermafbeelding van de beheerderspagina
  • Schermafbeelding van thermometer meter type op front-end
  • Example of custom image meter
  • Voorbeeld van mijlpalen
  • Voorbeeld van vieringen


Deze plugin heeft 1 blok.

  • Ultimeter


Methode 1:

  1. Ga naar WordPress Dashboard->Plugins->Nieuwe toevoegen
  2. Zoeken naar Ultimeter met de zoekoptie
  3. Zoek de plugin en klik op de knop Nu installeren
  4. Klik na de installatie op de Activeer plugin link om de plugin te activeren.

Methode 2:

  1. Download de plugin ultimeter.zip
  2. Pak het ultimeter.zip-bestand uit en pak de ultimeter-map uit
  3. Upload de plugin map naar je /wp-content/plugins/ folder
  4. Ga naar het WordPress dashboard, klik op Plugins in het menu
  5. Zoek de ultimeter plugin en klik op Activeer link om de plugin te activeren.

Methode 3:

  1. Download de plugin ultimeter.zip
  2. Ga naar WordPress Dashboard-Plugins-Nieuwe plugin
  3. Klik bovenaan op de link Plugin uploaden
  4. Upload het gedownloade ultimeter.zip-bestand en klik op Nu installeren
  5. Klik na de installatie op de Activeer plugin link om de plugin te activeren.


Where can I find answers to common questions?

Head to our useful FAQs here

If you need more, users of our free version can get help over at our support forum. Our premium users are most welcome to contact us directly via our website


19 september 2022 1 reactie
We have been using the custom meter feature for over a year and are pleased with how easy it is to create and use on our website for our fundraising events. I had to ask for support for an issue I was having with our website and received a response the same day. They were able to adjust a feature on our website and got the meter working perfectly. Excellent customer service! Easy integration with our WordPress website.
28 februari 2022 1 reactie
Exactly what I needed for Woocommerce sales progress board. The author was super flexible with a license issue I had.
4 december 2021 1 reactie
As a small non-profit, we were looking for something free yet easy to set up, simple to customize just enough that it looks like it belonged on our website, and painless to update daily to show our progress. Ultimeter was exactly what we needed! Thank you!
1 december 2021 1 reactie
Hi, Quick and good support when having issues. I had an issue with the Zaiper integration and Ben narrowed it down to my worpress API, which was not enabled. BR Johan
19 november 2021 1 reactie
I am involved in a small charity raising money for a PTA for our local primary school. It's really important for funders to see exactly where their money is going and how much is being raised. This plugin is the best of the best of these types of plugins, (I have tried many), it shows the funds being raised in a graphical form (a thermostat, or others) and also allows for milestones to be set (which no other plugin does). If your looking for this type of plugin, this is the only one you will need! Great job devs.
17 november 2021 1 reactie
I was looking for a plugin that would help me to visualize the progress in a modern way. This plugin has it all. The support it also lightning fast. I had a problem that was solved within one day. Thank you very much Best David
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  • Compatibility with PHP 8.1


  • Fix layout bug


  • Bump to WordPress Version 6.0.2
  • Bump to WooCommerce Version 6.8.2
  • Add Real-time updating in Enterprise Edition
  • Check that commas weren’t entered in amounts, and remove if so


  • Bump to WordPress Version 5.9.1
  • Bump to WooCommerce Version 6.2.1
  • Add net option to sales by date
  • Add a ‘less tax’ option to sales by product
  • Update Freemius Library


  • Add CSS to force border-box on radial meters
  • Fix bug with Firefox and WebKit on custom meters


  • Fix bug preventing two radial meters being used on the same page
  • Bump to WooCommerce 5.8.0


  • Fix bug where only a limited number of Gravity Form entries were being processed
  • Remove un-needed admin notices
  • Bump to WordPress 5.8.1
  • Bump to WooCommerce 5.6.0


  • Fixed bug where the wrong currency symbol was showing in the custom meter counter
  • Bump naar WordPress 5.8
  • Bump naar WooCommerce 5.5.1


  • Add international number formatting to custom formats used by all thermometers, progress bar, basic track and radial meters
  • Bump naar WordPress 5.7.1
  • Bump naar Freemius 2.4.2
  • Bump naar WooCommerce 5.2.2


  • Bump naar WordPress 5.6.1
  • Bump naar Freemius 2.4.2
  • Bump naar WooCommerce 5.0.0
  • Nieuwe contactgegevens
  • Nieuwe achtergrondkleur meter


  • Improve international number formatting


  • Bump naar WordPress 5.6
  • Bug opgelost die berichten beperkte tot 5


  • Bump naar WordPress 5.5.3
  • Kleine bugoplossingen
  • Add Pro support for Gravity Forms
  • Add Pro support for filtering multiple Ultimeter amounts
  • Migrate to an enhanced currency selection system
  • Free users can now choose the color of goal and progress labels
  • New 2020 version of the thermometer, with improved styling and three sizes (ideal for widgets and sidebars)
  • Add Pro support for celebrations – display an animated effect when you reach your goal
  • Blokondersteuning toegevoegd
  • Ondersteuning voor widgets toevoegen


  • Bump naar WordPress 5.5
  • Kleine bug oplossing


  • Fix bug where users could duplicate any post, not just Ultimeters


  • Improve display of meter amounts, so they no longer break into two lines
  • Opgelost Bulgaarse valutacode


  • Update contact information
  • Testing to latest WooCommerce and WordPress
  • PHP requirement set to 7.0 in line with WordPress and WooCommerce advice
  • Preparations for disabling of Ultimeter Legacy from version 3.0 onwards


  • Improve number formatting to prevent loss of trailing zeros in float numbers

  • Testing to latest WooCommerce version


  • Remove leftover debug info


  • Bugfix for certain PHP installations


  • Allow for Add-ons to be installed
  • Add WooCommerce version 3.8.0 compatibility
  • Fix undefined variable when no goal amount is specified
  • Allow for decimals to be entered in amount raised meters
  • Allow for 2 fraction digits in current amount so $37.50 doesn’t display as $37.5
  • Update to Freemius library
  • Maak duplicatie van Ultimeters mogelijk
  • Testing to latest WP version


  • Minor bugfix to allow for more products to be used


  • Bug oplossing media uploads
  • Getest tot en met 5.2.3


  • General bugfix that caused white screen on a few installations

2.2 (Major Release)

  • Now uses custom post types to vastly improve Ultimeter creation
  • Nieuwe branding en UI
  • Ability to change radial meter label
  • Better access to help and documentation
  • Copy shortcode straight from Ultimeter post page


  • Add support for WooCommerce


  • Fix bug in Freemius library
  • WP versie 5.2.2 tests


  • Fix incompatibility issue with themes that use break-word
  • Update PHP and WP version tested/required
  • Update links to support pages
  • Create a container around all meters to improve layout customisation
  • Added Milestones pr0 feature


  • Create additional CSS classes for better customisation


  • Support for international currency and percentage formatting
  • IMPORTANT – this is a major change and requires users to update their currency and language settings in the Ultimeter settings page


  • Veiligheidsoplossing
  • Bugfix errors seen only in debug mode


  • Bugfix scalable thermometer in Chrome (thanks Lisa Milligan!)


  • Wijziging van ondersteuningsinformatie
  • Bugfix undefined index errors


  • A brand new resizable thermometer that fits nicely whatever your screen size (Pro only)
  • Ability to round up currency/remove decimal places (Pro only)
  • Bug oplossing niet-gevangen TypeError


  • Compatibiliteit met WordPress 5.0
  • Ongebruikt css/php bestand verwijderen


  • Remove surplus comments


  • Bugfix minor PHP errors


  • Verbetering van de beveiliging


  • Upload your own custom image to use as a meter! (Pro only)
  • Ongebruikte ontwikkelingsbestanden verwijderen
  • Compatibility with Twenty Seventeen theme (v1.6)
  • Code opruimen


  • Bugfix waarbij grote getallen verkeerd werden weergegeven
  • Getest met WordPress 4.9.6


  • De Pro versie staat nu toe om aangepaste CSS in te voeren
  • Bug opgelost waarbij meter altijd boven andere inhoud verscheen
  • Weergave op mobiele apparaten verbeteren
  • Sta meerdere Ultimeters op één site toe


  • Integreer met het Freemius-platform


  • Eerste release.