Tutor LMS – eLearning and online course solution


Tutor LMS is een lichtgewicht, functionele en robuuste WordPress LMS plugin om eenvoudig cursussen online te maken en te verkopen. Alle functies van dit learning management system voldoen aan alle eisen voor een volwaardige online cursusmarkt.

You can create unlimited courses, quizzes, interactive lessons, generate reports, making Tutor LMS the best free WordPress LMS plugin. So, it’s become a breeze to manage educational institutes, online courses, or eLearning websites without writing a single line of code.

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Overall, Tutor LMS is the best WordPress LMS plugin for eLearning enthusiasts. It comes with every core feature you’ll need to build a perfect eLearning website. Additionally, it also has plenty of premium add-ons to empower the core plugin more! A few important add-ons are Course Builder, Certificate, Social Login, Reports, Content Drip, Assignments, Calendar, etc.

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Luister naar wat de mensen hebben te vertellen:

🙆 “Na uren en uren onderzoek en het uitproberen van verschillende LMS-platforms, heb ik besloten om Tutor LMS aan te schaffen. Ik ben een aantal bugs tegengekomen, maar deze werden snel opgelost door hun support team. Ik gebruik het nu al een tijdje en heb de V2-bèta kunnen bekijken. Het zal een geweldige stap zijn en dit geweldige LMS nog beter maken!” —nowhereman78

🙆 “Dit LMS heeft vrijwel alles wat je van een LMS mag verwachten en meer: ​​Cursusbouwer, lessen, verschillende soorten quiz/opdracht, video insluiten, zoom integratie, front-end dashboard, betaling/WooCommerce-integraties en nog veel meer geweldige add-ons Het biedt een gestroomlijnde ervaring en is gemakkelijk te gebruiken voor zowel beheerders, docenten als studenten. Goede ondersteuning en redelijk geprijsd.” —mariusandersen

🙆 “Ik gebruik al een paar jaar op WordPress gebaseerde LMS’en en na slechts een paar weken gebruik is dit mijn favoriet. Laten we hopen dat dat zo blijft.” —terryheick

🌟 Top Features

Here are the most notable features of Tutor LMS:
🏗️ Frontend & backend course builder
📚 Unlimited courses and lessons
🧩 Advance course builder
👁️ Course preview
📊 Frontend student dashboard
📌 Personalized dashboard for each role (admins, instructors, students)
📽️ Video lessons
📹 Multiple video sources (self-hosted, YouTube, Vimeo, embedded video, etc)
👩‍🏫 Unlimited teacher profiles
📝 Lesson management
🏆 Advanced drag-and-drop certificate builder
🧩 Advanced quiz builder
⏱️ Quiz Timer
📝 Quiz Attempts
💳 Centralized monetization settings
💰 Earning & commission allocation
💸 Multiple withdrawal options
📜 Purchase history
🎨 Course customization
📊 Course widget
📝 Instructor registration form
⭐ Course review and rating system
❓ Q&A for students with the course teacher
🎥 Video thumbnail (trailer/teaser)
🚀 Tracking course progress
🌟 Course difficulty level
⏳ Define course duration
🌐 Course marketplace
📋 Add course requirements and instruction
🔦 Spotlight mode
🏗️ Page builder support
📚 Gutenberg compatible
🔐 Content security
📈 Advanced analytics and more
📅 Content drip
👥 Manual enrollment
📊 Creating custom grading scales
🔔 Automated notifications
🎓 Course bundle
👩‍🏫 Multi-instructor system
🔐 Social login functionalities
📧 Email verification
✉️ Email template editor
🔒 Tutor LMS REST API authentication support
👤 Manage active login sessions
📱 Two-factor authentication
🛡️ Fraud protection
🔄 RTL ready
🌐 Multilingual support

You can learn more about our product from our website.

Tutor LMS uitgebreide functies

Tutor LMS is a perfect solution for anyone who wants to create a full-fledged learning management system. Here are some core uses of Tutor LMS:

👥 Blended Learning
📚 Community Education
🏫 Industrial Training
💻 Online Classroom
🎓 Training Courses

These are just a few possibilities! There’s a whole new world of eLearning that’s yet to be discovered using this WordPress LMS plugin.


Tutor LMS has the most minimalistic, functional, and uniform user interface for an LMS plugin. The entire interface has been redesigned with perfectionism in mind. It’s also more accessible now to make things easier for users with disabilities.


With Tutor LMS’s state-of-the-art backend and frontend course builders, creating engaging online courses has never been easier. This advanced WordPress LMS plugin empowers you to design unlimited courses with unlimited lessons, quizzes, assignments, videos, and more. Thus, the instructors will have the flexibility and scalability to meet your teaching goals.

To focus solely on the course-building process, Tutor LMS also lets you hide headers and footers in the course builder for a distraction-free course creation using the spotlight mode. So, whether you’re a seasoned educator or just starting your online teaching journey, Tutor LMS equips you with the tools you need to create dynamic and interactive learning experiences for your students.


With Tutor LMS, you can sell multiple courses in a bundle. Bundling related courses allows you to present them as a cohesive package. It encourages students to explore complementary topics or skills that are highly relevant to your course.

You can also offer these bundles at a discounted price, making them more enticing for learners. Alternatively, bundles can be structured to guide students through a predefined learning path. It will ensure a logical progression of skills and knowledge acquisition. This feature not only increases course accessibility but also enhances the overall learning experience by providing curated learning journeys tailored to students’ needs and interests.


Each student registered on your WordPress learning management system will have a frontend dashboard to see their enrolled courses, progress, results, announcements, etc.


Tutor LMS is the best LMS plugin to create a course marketplace. You can add unlimited courses and instructors using Tutor LMS. As an Admin, you can review instructor profiles before approval, manage instructor’s earnings distribution, set commission rates, deduct charges, and more. Instructors can also withdraw their earnings conveniently via bank transfer, PayPal, eCheck, etc.


Create unlimited quizzes with this WordPress course plugin. You can add questions, set the time limit, restrict attempts, set passing grades, etc, right from this WordPress LMS plugin.

This free LMS plugin supports various quizzes that you can use to fulfill all your quizzing needs. For example, true/false, multiple choice, single choice, matching, Fill-in-the-bluks, etc.


Keep your eLearning students engaged using multimedia lessons, SCORM files, etc. Tutor LMS supports versatile video sources such as Vimeo, YouTube, Bunny Stream, etc. You can also set an introductory video for your course. This video will be set as the featured video of your course.


Conduct live video sessions with students within Tutor LMS courses & lessons and increase interaction with students and connect with them. Instructors can schedule real-time video meetings using integrated platforms like Google Meet, Zoom, etc. Just share the meeting link within the lesson, and students can join your live classes with one click.

Video sessions enable interactive class lectures, discussions, and collaboration. During the live lessons, instructors can use all of the required features to conduct a live class. For example, screen sharing, live question answering, engaging students face-to-face online, etc.


Students can submit questions about courses from their respective profiles even before enrolling in a course. This feature of the Tutor LMS plugin encourages student interactions and helps boost conversion rates.


Tutor LMS supports automatic email notifications for admins, instructors, and students. It is equipped with 37 email triggers and numerous placeholders. You can use those placeholders to send highly customizable and personalized emails right from your LMS plugin.

The built-in email editor of Tutor LMS lets you use those placeholders in both the subject lines and the body of your customized email. A few common automated email triggers are user registration, course enrollment, inactivity reminders, quiz completions, course completions, assignment grading, announcements, etc. This comprehensive system ensures that all user interactions are met with relevant and timely email notifications.


You can monetize your eLearning courses with various monetization plugins such as WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads, Paid Membership Pro, and Restrict Content Pro. These integrations streamline the course selling and commission allocation process, making it easy to manage your financial transactions and track revenue.

With WooCommerce, you can not only sell courses but also generate coupons and invoices too. It will help you to offer discounts and invoices with detailed billing information. Additionally, you can monitor sales data and analytics through WooCommerce, helping you understand your business performance and make informed decisions to optimize your revenue streams.


Tutor LMS is a versatile WordPress learning management system plugin that is compatible with popular page builders like Gutenberg, Elementor, Divi, Oxygen Builder, etc. It also has a dedicated Elementor addons plugin, Divi modules, and Oxygen builder plugin. These plugins allow you to create and customize stunning and responsive course pages for your students.

These integrations ensure seamless design capabilities, enabling you to use each builder’s unique tools and templates. Thus, you can craft a visually appealing and highly functional eLearning platform that aligns with your brand and effectively engages your students.


Tutor LMS ensures the highest level of content security with a comprehensive suite of features designed to protect your eLearning platform. These include copy protection, which prevents unauthorized duplication of your content, and hotlink prevention, which stops other websites from directly linking to your files. Tutor LMS also offers management of active login sessions, allowing administrators to monitor and control user access effectively.

Besides, email verification ensures that only legitimate users can enroll in your courses. Additionally, Tutor LMS includes security measures such as honeypot and reCAPTCHA integration to prevent bots and spam, two-factor authentication for enhanced login security, and regular updates to patch any vulnerabilities. These robust security features work together to safeguard your content and provide a secure learning environment for your students.


This WordPress online course plugin has lots of advanced add-ons to enhance your eLearning platform. A few notable add-ons are Course Bundle, Content Drip, Certificate, Reports, Social Login, Email, Quiz Export/Import, Gradebook, Prerequisite, Google Meet, etc.


Tutor LMS’s Content Drip feature allows you to schedule when your course content will be released. This means you can unlock lessons, quizzes, and other materials based on certain prerequisites or specific future dates. By gradually providing access to new content over time rather than all at once, Content Drip helps keep students engaged and motivated.

Thus, students will regularly receive new materials to work on. It encourages continuous learning and prevents them from feeling overwhelmed. This structured release of content ensures that students stay on track and fully absorb the material at a manageable pace.


With Tutor LMS’s Multi-Instructor add-on, multiple instructors can work together on a single course. They can collaborate to create and manage lectures and quizzes of a single course. Each instructor can track learner progress from their own account.

This teamwork allows for a richer learning experience as instructors bring their unique expertise to the course. It also makes managing the course easier, as responsibilities are shared among several instructors. This feature is perfect for large courses that benefit from diverse teaching styles and knowledge areas.


Tutor LMS offers an advanced drag-and-drop Certificate Builder. You can design a certificate from scratch or use a pre-designed template. It comes with multiple pre-designed templates, plenty of design elements, backdrops, media files, etc. You can also add a QR code to the certificates to ease the verification process. Overall, this tool makes it easy to create stunning and professional-looking certificates for your students.

Besides, students can also share their certificates on social media to showcase their educational achievements. This feature not only motivates students but also helps promote your courses to a wider audience. The Certificate Builder is user-friendly and flexible, allowing you to customize certificates to match your brand and course requirements.

🔗 SINGLE CLICK SOCIAL LOGIN WITH Google, Facebook, and Twitter accounts

Tutor LMS offers one-click login functionality using the Social Login add-on. Students can register and log into your eLearning website using their existing Google, Facebook, and Twitter accounts.


The Reports addon of Tutor LMS offers comprehensive data on student progress, course performance, analytics, and more. Administrators can access detailed information about Courses, Reviews, Sales, and Student data right from their LMS platform. These reports provide valuable insights into course effectiveness, helping instructors implement more informed teaching strategies.

By analyzing student engagement, course completion rates, and other metrics, instructors can identify areas for improvement and optimize their courses for better learning outcomes. With Tutor LMS Reports, instructors have the tools they need to track progress, measure success, and continually enhance their students’ learning experience.


With ChatGPT integration in Tutor LMS, admins can quickly generate content for their courses. It’s like having an AI assistant to craft course content, summaries, and lesson material swiftly.


Tutor LMS eLearning plugin provides multilingual support using WPML, Weglot, TranslatePress, etc. Multilingual courses allow students to access courses in their preferred language.


Tutor LMS provides a seamless migration tool to migrate courses from LearnDash, LearnPress, and Lifter LMS. You can effortlessly transfer all course data, sales data, student data, and relevant information to Tutor LMS for a smooth transition.

Other Notable Features

Here are a few other notable features of this free WordPress LMS plugin.

  • Google Classroom integration

  • Zoom integration

  • Quiz Export/Import

  • Cursus voorbeeld

  • Course Attachments

  • Notifications

  • Calendar

  • BuddyPress support

All of these Tutor LMS features allow the users to design a more powerful and diverse learning management system.


  • Enkele cursuspagina: krijg een gedetailleerde cursus detailpagina om direct de aandacht van studenten te trekken
  • Meldingen: ontvang direct gepersonaliseerde meldingen over belangrijke cursus updates
  • Dashboard: Intuïtieve & gepersonaliseerd dashboard voor instructeurs en studenten
  • Cursus catalogus: stel je voorkeuren in om een mooie cursus catalogus te maken
  • Geavanceerde analyses: verkrijg makkelijker inzicht in rapporten met gedetailleerde geavanceerde analyses
  • Intuïtieve instellingen: moderne en meer flexibele configuratie met intuïtieve backend instellingen
  • Content Drip: Schedule content releases, unlocking lessons, quizzes, etc based on prerequisites or future dates
  • E-mail template: bewerk de inhoud van e-mail templates rechtstreeks vanuit de instellingen om het leven gemakkelijk te maken
  • Course Bundle: Sell multiple courses in bundles as a single product
  • Multi-Instructor: Multiple instructors can collaborate on a single course to create a perfect course together
  • Instructeurs lijst: frontend voorbeeld van de schitterende showcase van instructeurs lijst lay-outs
  • Openbaar profiel (instructeur): de openbare profiel lay-out van de instructeur is prachtig gesegmenteerd met al hun details
  • Kleur preset: vooringestelde kleuren tab om kleur instellingen te configureren voor je gehele site
  • Gradebook: Eenvoudige toegang om je gehele beoordelingssysteem voor je LMS te bewerken
  • Certificaat configuratie: Een pagina voor het instellen van certificaten om de beste certificaten te maken
  • Certificate Builder: Volledig aanpasbare certificaten met behulp van verslepen Certificate Builder
  • Vooruitgang studenten: diepgaande analyse & metrics die de vooruitgang van studenten tonen
  • Type quizzen: een overvloed aan unieke en boeiende quiz types
  • Quiz bouwer: een krachtige quiz bouwer, nu met een vernieuwd uiterlijk
  • Quiz toevoegen: drag & drop editor om moeiteloos quizvragen te maken en te bewerken
  • Quiz aanpassing: handige opties zoals het inschakelen van een tijdslimiet voor een quiz, quiz feedback en meer
  • Quiz poging geschiedenis: gedetailleerde lijst van de geschiedenis van de quiz pogingen, allemaal verzameld op één plaats
  • Cursusvoortgang: de basis voor essentiële functies zoals cursusvoortgang en aankondigingen
  • Cursus curriculum: bekijk in één oogopslag een gedetailleerde lijst van het curriculum van elke cursus
  • Q&A Sectie: boeiende Q&A functionaliteit om betere communicatie te bevorderen
  • Waardering: deel gedachten met de community via Waarderen & Beoordelen
  • Spotlight modus: schakel de spotlight mode in om alle afleiding uit te schakelen
  • Opdrachten: blijf de toets voor met de handige opdrachten functie
  • Q&A lijst: gebruik de Q&A pagina om eenvoudig alle vragen te filteren en beheren
  • Q&A communicatie: geef prioriteit aan belangrijke Q&As en markeer ze als opgelost, zodra ze zijn afgerond
  • Mobiel responsive: zeer responsive UI ontworpen voor een hoogwaardige gebruikerservaring


Deze plugin heeft 3 blokken.

  • Student Registration
  • Instructor Registration
  • Tutor Student Dashboard


20 juli 2024 1 reactie
If u have same problem like me, is this how to fix it:Problem:Found 2 elements with non-unique id #_tutor_nonce: <form class=”tutor-enrol-course-form” method=”post”> <input type=”hidden” id=”_tutor_nonce” name=”_tutor_nonce” value=”e8469416a7″><input type=”hidden” name=”_wp_http_referer”The problem is due to duplicate id so it generates a warning error on the browser.How to fix:Use this method, this is a temporary solution.<script>document.addEventListener(‘DOMContentLoaded’, function() {var elements = document.querySelectorAll(‘#tutor_nonce’); for (var i = 1; i < elements.length; i++) { elements[i].id = ‘_tutor_nonce’ + i;}});</script>
14 juli 2024 2 reacties
Hello, I am experiencing an issue with Tutor LMS Pro regarding the “About Course” section. Currently, this section is not editable by instructors, and I am unable to determine the cause of this problem. Here are some additional details: Tutor LMS Pro Version: 2.7.4 WordPress Version: 6.5 Theme Used: LMS Education ElementorVersion : 0.2.5 I have already tried the following solutions without success: Checked instructor permissions in Tutor LMS > Settings > Course > Course Builder. Configured user roles and capabilities. Updated Tutor LMS Pro, all other plugins, and the theme. Despite these attempts, the issue persists. I would appreciate it if you could assist me in resolving this problem or provide guidance on further steps to take. Thank you in advance for your help. Best regards,
1 juli 2024 2 reacties
I had a problem while creating certificate. I contacted Tutor LMS. Within a day they solved my problem. Thank you team
16 juni 2024 3 reacties
I’ve been using Tutor LMS Pro for about 3 years now, and this plugin always has an issue, whether it’s not allowing my members to login, or it’s giving my website critical error. I don’t recommend anyone to use this plugin, total garbage.
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= 2.7.3 – 9 juli 2024

New: Settings for instructors regarding course deletion.
Update: Removed the “Delete Permanently” option from the “All” tab on the course page.
Update: Security enhancement.
Fix: Fixed the course shortcode parameter functionality.

= 2.7.2 – 6 juni 2024

Fix: An invalid revenue sharing percentage could be set in the tutor settings
Fix: ‘Commission & Fees’ tab renamed to ‘Commission’ to reduce confusion
Fix: Error on Course List page with Restrict Content Pro
Fix: Warning on quiz attempt details page
Fix: Bundle course products were showing on the shop page despite ‘Hide Course Products on Shop Page’ being enabled (Pro)
Fix: Answer Required option not working for Image Matching, Matching, and Ordering quiz types
Fix: Course progress resetting when WC Subscriptions expired (Pro)
Fix: Assignment submission time was not showing WP timezone on the frontend dashboard (Pro)
Fix: HTML text appearing in enrolment box with Paid Membership Pro (Pro)
Fix: Course content access not working for instructors and admins when a course has prerequisites (Pro)
Fix: Error on first-time installation
Fix: Enhanced plugin security

= 2.7.1 – May 14, 2024

New: Added Quiz Details API
Update: Updated several API endpoints and fortified the API infrastructure
Update: Enriched user experience through multiple enhancements
Fix: Fixed WooCommerce conflicts with Tutor LMS API
Fix: Resolved critical security vulnerabilities
Fix: Fixed “Class Not Found” errors in some scenarios
Fix: Resolved various translation-related issues

= 2.7.0 – 24 april 2024

New: Introduced API for accessing course content
New: Added API for student dashboard functionality (Pro)
New: Implemented API for student calendar event list (Pro)
New: Added API for accessing the student’s enrolled courses (Pro)
New: Introduced API for retrieving quiz attempt lists (Pro)
New: Added API for accessing enrolled student lists on a course (Pro)
New: Implemented API for accepting instructor registration applications (Pro)
New: Added API for viewing student order history (Pro)
New: Introduced APIs for profile management (Pro)
New: Implemented APIs for Q&A management (Pro)
Update: Compatibility with WordPress 6.5
Update: Implemented various enhancements to improve the overall user experience
Fix: Fixed the duplicate H1 tags issue on every single page
Fix: Resolved various translation-related issues
Fix: Enhanced security by solving a few vulnerabilities

= 2.6.2 – Maart 11, 2024

Nieuw: API’s voor het mogelijk maken van het indienen van opdrachten door studenten (Pro)
Nieuw: API’s die studenten toestaan cursussen aan hun verlanglijsten toe te voegen (Pro)
Nieuw: API’s die studenten in staat stellen cursussen te beoordelen en te waarderen (Pro)
Updaten: enkele verbeteringen om de algehele ervaring te verbeteren
Oplossing: versterkte beveiliging om gegevensverlies te voorkomen

= 2.6.1 – 19 februari 2024

Nieuw: API-functionaliteit toegevoegd voor het indienen en ophalen van een lijst met quizzen (Pro)
Update: beveiliging verbeterd om veilige indiening van vragen en antwoorden te garanderen
Update: reactiegegevens, uitbreidbaarheid en prestaties verbeterd voor alle API’s binnen de Tutor LMS Free plugin
Oplossing: opgelost probleem dat de fout ‘Resource not found’ veroorzaakte gerelateerd aan ChatGPT (Pro)

= 2.6.0 – 11 januari 2024

New: Added Write and Delete permissions in REST API (Pro)
New: Automatic permalink updates when required
New: Support for quiz base permalink updates
New: Support for assignment base permalink updates (Pro)
New: Added placeholder support on email heading (Pro)
Update: Added PHP 8.1 and 8.2 compatibility
Update: Updated compatibility with the latest WooCommerce database update
Update: The “Restore Default” option for the email trigger’s data (Pro)
Fix: Resolved assignment file upload option disappearance when the max file upload option is set to zero (Pro)
Fix: Resolved issue with JS files translation not working properly (Pro)
Fix: Fixed email logo blurriness and logo not appear on email when hotlink protection is enabled (Pro)
Fix: Resolved the category filters not working on the backend course bundle page (Pro)
Fix: Resolved password strength not showing on registration pages
Fix: Fixed Easy Digital Downloads (EDD) Pro not appearing on the Monetization dropdown menu
Fix: Fixed the issues with blank assignment submissions caused by delayed page loading (Pro)
Fix: Resolved design conflict with block themes in the course content area
Fix: Fixed email not triggering when updating course status from the backend course list page (Pro)
Fix: “All fields required” messages when creating a Zoom meeting with non-English time settings (Pro)

= 2.5.0 – 7 december 2023

New: A revamped design for email with a better user experience (Pro)
New: Default configuration for email templates (Pro)
New: Option to add Alt tag/text for Email logo (Pro)
New: Customize the email template color for each part (header, body, button, footer) (Pro)
New: Option to align email logo, title, body, button, and footer text (Pro)
New: (Triggered Event) Send a test email to a given email address (Pro)
New: (Triggered Event) Reminder email to students to resume the course if they are inactive for a certain period (Pro)
New: (Triggered Event) A welcome email to students after registration (Pro)
New: (Triggered Event) Reminder email for lesson comments (Pro)
New: (Triggered Event) Email notification for instructors if their application gets rejected (Pro)
New: Manual template creation for manually sending email (Pro)
New: (Manual email) Email everyone about any news, event, or manual notifications (Pro)
New: (Manual email) Email only all admins about any updates (Pro)
New: (Manual email) Email all students about any events (Pro)
New: (Manual email) Email all instructors about any events (Pro)
New: (Manual email) Email all instructors of a selected course/courses (Pro)
New: (Manual email) Email all students of a selected course/courses (Pro)
New: (Manual email) Email all students who completed any course. (Pro)
New: (Manual email) Email all students who completed a selected course/courses (Pro)
New: (Manual email) Email all students except selected courses. (Pro)
Update: Custom course slug will be applied in the learning area
Update: Added WordPress 6.4 compatibility
Update: Added MySQL 8 compatibility
Fix: Students getting course access even after the PM Pro subscription had expired issue fixed (Pro)
Fix: New student sign-up mail not being sent to the admin issue fixed (Pro)
Fix: The “Complete Course” button not appearing issue on mobile devices in the learning area fixed
Fix: Email template translation issues and some Email triggers not working issue fixed (Pro)

= 2.4.0 – 16 oktober 2023

New: Display lesson, quiz, and assignment status with colored tick marks in learning area
New: Let students track the course progress on the course detail page with a new “Review Progress” button
New: Showcase Zoom and Google Meet meetings on the Tutor LMS Calendar (Pro)
New: Showcase upcoming lessons and quizzes on the Tutor LMS Calendar upon scheduling them with Content Drip (Pro)
New: Let students share their certificates to social media from the certificate download page (Pro)
New: “Complete Course” button added on learning area upon completing all course content (Pro)
New: Ability to check for admins and instructors if a student has generated a certificate (Pro)
New: Ability to update instructor information and set custom revenue share percentage on a popup (Pro)
Update: Editor support for instructor bio from the backend instructor list
Update: Certificate preview and OTP page are now compatible with Elementor/Divi custom header, footer (Pro)
Update: Optimized certificate download time (Pro)
Update: Enhanced certificate resolution for certificate builder-generated certificates
Update: Tutor Player optimized for Vimeo videos (Pro)
Fix: Ability to complete a course without passing quizzes/assignments with auto-complete enabled on strict mode
Fix: Inaccurate course percentage in some cases
Fix: Pagination issues on the course list page resolved for users who used shortcodes
Fix: The Certificate preview section issues on the course details page on Safari
Fix: Social links not working issue on the Instructor profile page in the mobile view

= 2.3.0 – 20 september 2023

New: Secure your Tutor LMS site content with Hotlink protection
New: Disable right-click for Tutor LMS site content to prevent copying
New: Recommended YouTube videos will be hidden on Tutor Player
New: Added course review pop-up when a course is automatically completed
New: Course permalink base is now updatable
Update: For live lessons, the “Mark as complete” button will only appear once the Zoom/Google Meet meeting has started.
Update: Tutor LMS settings navigation bar is now sticky
Fix: Resolved email formatting issues on Gmail and Outlook web versions
Fix: Resolved the on-site notification system’s incorrect time issue
Fix: Various translation related issues
Fix: Resolved known security issues

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