EWWW Image Optimizer

Smaller Images, Faster Sites, Happier Visitors. Comprehensive image optimization that doesn't require a degree in…

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Imsanity automatically resizes huge image uploads. Are contributors uploading huge photos? Tired of manually resizing…

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Resize Image After Upload

Automatically resize your images after uploading using this plugin. Specify height&width, the plugin will do…

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Advanced iFrame

Include content the way YOU like in an iframe that can hide and modify elements,…

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OTF Regenerate Thumbnails

Automatically regenerates your thumbnails on the fly when thumbnail sizes change.

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Auto iFrame

A quick and easy shortcode to embed iframe's that resize to the content of the…

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WP SmartCrop

WP SmartCrop will crop your images on-the-fly to match your CSS, keeping the main focal…

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An on-demand image generation replacement for WordPress' image resizing.

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Swifty Image Widget

Super simple but powerful widget that allows adding single or multiple images to your widget…

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Square Thumbnails

A plugin for creating square thumbnails from images, without cropping them. It is very useful…

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Easy Font Resize

Allow your visitors to increase or decrease font size of the "main" section of your…

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Post Thumbs

Post thumbs is a plugin that allows you to list thumbnails for each post by…

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Resize on Upload

Provides the ability to set a maximum width or height an uploaded image can be,…

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