Simple Revisions Delete


Let you delete your posts revisions individually or all at once (purge or bulk action). Compatible with Gutenberg (experimental) and classic editor.

What does it do?

Simple Revisions Delete adds a discreet link within a post submit box to let you purge (delete) its revisions via AJAX. Bulk actions also available.

It helps you keep a clean database by removing unnecessary posts revisions. Unlike other similar plugins, it lets you delete only specific posts revisions, not all your site revisions at once.
The plugin is perfectly integrated in the WordPress back-end, and uses native core functions to safely delete revisions.
It is very lightweight, very simple to use, and just does the job!

How does it work?

The plugin adds a discreet link in the post submit box, next to the default revisions counter (see screenshots section).
When you click on it, it will purge the appropriate post revisions via AJAX (no JS is also support).
It also add a new bulk action option in the post/page row view to let you purge revisions of multiple posts at once.

What’s new?

Since v2 you can now purge all your posts revisions from within the Gutenberg editor.
Keep in mind that this feature is experimental. I haven’t yet find any way to make it works in a proper way with the current block editor available methods. I’m using jQuery (and AJAX) which is pretty much a hack (a workaround) and not a clean method considering the langages using by the Block Editor.

Since v1.3 you can delete a single revision at once (see screenshots).

See plugin page

NOTE: There is no admin page for this plugin – none is needed.

Post Types support

The default supported post types are post and page, but you can easily add custom post types or remove default post types with the following hook:

function bweb_wpsrd_add_post_types( $postTypes ){
    $postTypes[] = 'additional-cpt';
    $postTypes[] = 'another-cpt';
    return $postTypes;
add_filter( 'wpsrd_post_types_list', 'bweb_wpsrd_add_post_types' );

See CODEX to add support to all CPTs:

Custom user capability

The default capability to purge or remove rivisions is delete_post, but you can override this with the following hook:

function bweb_wpsrd_capability() {
    return 'edit_post';
add_filter('wpsrd_capability', 'bweb_wpsrd_capability');


The plugin only bears a few sentences, but you can easily translate them through .MO & .PO files. Currently available languages are:

  • English
  • French
  • Deutsch – Thanks to mallard66
  • Dutch – Thanks to jondor

Become a translator and send me your translation! Contact-me


Please ask for help or report bugs if anything goes wrong. It is the best way to make the community benefit!


  • The link location
  • Processing...
  • Done!
  • Bulk action
  • Single revision delete
  • The link location in Gutenberg


  1. Upload and activate the plugin (or install it through the WP admin console)
  2. That’s it, it is ready to use!


Who can purge my posts revisions?

Only users who can delete a post can purge its revisions.

Does it work with multisite?


Does it work if javascript is not activated?

Yes, but only when editing a post, not with the bulk action, nor with the Block Editor.


25 oktober 2020
I came here to give 5 stars. If there is a simple, useful, functional, revision cleanup process, be sure to use "Simple Revision Delete", thank you.
10 augustus 2020
This is exactly what I was searching. The Plugin is super easy to use. After installing, it immediately creates a small link in the side box of the editor of every post beside of the revisions count. I prefer to have control about what I delete, instead of let sweep a plugin over my whole website to delete all revisions at once. You never know, what it deletes really. This plugin gives you control and you see what you delete. Great Job! Thanks for the good work!
24 november 2019
I am very new to this Plugin. I was atracted not just by the reviews done by other users, but by the simplicity and the professionalism of the author, Brice Capobianco. Brice says "Since v2 you can now purge all your posts revisions from within the Gutenberg editor" and completes with an attention for the experimental phase with the Guttemberg Editor. With this in mind I am trying the Plugin in my staging site. So far, it does the job perfectly. It is simple and straight to start using. I did not finnish the test, I just need a bit more time to purge more revisions and compare the performance of the Blog/site before and after cleanning the revisions. I am sure Brice will optimize more if this is technically possible and I will use the Plugin in the next days. Congratulations Brice and warm regards, Pedro
15 november 2019
Does the job, this plugin will now go on all my client sites. When you're building a site you have tons of revisions, so when you launch, you clean up after yourself with easy. Nice work!
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1.5.1 – 09/16/2020

  • Tested on WP 5.5.1 with success!
  • Remove W3 Total Cache fix from 1.3
  • Coding standards improvements

1.5 – 14/11/2019

  • BETA FEATURE : Add Gutenberg editor compatibility
  • Tested on WP 5.3 with success!
  • Replace depreciated jQuery “live” API by “on”
  • readme.txt update

1.4.7 – 11/29/2016

  • Bug fix : fix an issue with WooCommerce duplicate product

1.4.6 – 11/03/2016

  • Change text-domain to take advantage of language packs


  • Better respect WordPress Coding standards
  • readme.txt update


  • Tested on WP 4.3 with success!



  • Fix a bug when clicking on the revision link in the revision’s metabox
  • Change button on single revision delete by a more discreet link
  • Tested on WP 4.2 with success!
  • readme.txt update


  • Fix a bug when W3 Total Cache is activated and plugins updates are available
  • Fix a bug where delete button appears in the admin bottom
  • Minor JS improvement
  • Loader added during single revision deletion
  • Change the default primary button (blue) to normal button (grey) for UX purpose


  • Adding conditionnal extra notice on bulk delete
  • Deutsch translation by mallard66


  • Fixe Transients filtering issue


  • PHP notices fix


  • New screenshot added
  • Readme.txt update


  • Minor PHP fixes
  • JS improvements
  • Works with W3 Total Cache object caching
  • New feature: revisions can be deleted individually
  • User capability support with the new wpsrd_capability hook
  • Readme.txt update


  • URL parameter added on bulk action
  • Readme.txt update for W3 Total Cache issue


  • NEW FEATURE: Bulk revisions delete
  • Plugin file refactoring
  • Custom post type’s support with the new wpsrd_post_types_list hook
  • Readme.txt update


  • Hide revisions metabox on revisions purge success.


  • Better security.
  • Check if revisions are activated on plugin activation
  • No JS is now supported
  • Remove inline CSS
  • Readme.txt update
  • Special thanks to Julio Potier for his help in improving the plugin 🙂


  • First release.