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Maak visueel aantrekkelijke en interessante online cursussen, lessen en quizzen.

Sensei LMS is a teaching and learning management plugin built by Automattic, the company behind, WooCommerce, and Jetpack. In fact, Sensei LMS is used to power all of Automattic’s employee training and courses too.

Jouw kennis is het waard om gedeeld te worden – deel je kennis met de Sensei LMS plug-in.

Powerful LMS Features

  • Sensei LMS integreert probleemloos met je WordPress site en cursussen zien er uitstekend uit met elk thema.
  • Track student progress and performance with detailed reports.
  • Craft engaging lessons with no code required.
  • Embed videos from YouTube, Vimeo, and VideoPress for video-based courses.
  • Add the Course List block to any page or post to display available courses.
  • Pas de look en feel aan je huisstijl en website aan.
  • Enable the optional Learning Mode for a distraction free and immersive learning experience.

Quizzen die versterken

Benut de kracht van quizzen om het begrip van je studenten over sleutelconcepten te versterken en hun voortgang te evalueren.

Choose from many question types and quiz settings, including multiple-choice, fill-in-the-blank, true/false, free response, file uploads, and more.

Ontdek Sensei Pro

Doe meer en verkoop cursussen met Sensei Pro, zoals:

WooCommerce Integration: Set a price and sell courses with just a few clicks. Sensei Pro integrates perfectly with WooCommerce Subscriptions, Payments, Memberships, and Affiliates extensions too.

Content Drip: For each lesson in a course, you can specify when students will be able to access the lesson content, either at a fixed interval after the date they start the course or on a specific date.

Interactive Blocks: Videos, flashcards, image hotspots, and tasklists can be added to any lesson, and any WordPress page or post.

Advanced Quiz Features: Enable a quiz timer and add an ordering quiz question type. With Pro, you can add individual quiz questions to any WordPress content, not just in a quiz.

Groups & Cohorts: Organize students into groups and cohorts to manage access and customize learning experiences.

Course Access Periods: Select a start date, end date, or a specific amount of time that courses will remain accessible to students.

Conditional Content: Hide and show lessons and content in lessons based on groups, enrollment status, and date.

Priority Support: Our team of expert and friendly engineers are standing by and ready to help!

Learn more about Sensei Pro.

Gratis extensies

Certificates: Automatically generate beautiful downloadable PDF certificates for students when they complete a course.

Learn more about Sensei LMS Certificates.

Media & Attachments: Upload media and files like PDFs to a separate uploads area of your course or lesson.

Learn more about Sensei LMS Media Attachments.

Post To Course Creator: Create courses quickly by converting existing blog posts into course lessons in just a few clicks.

Lees meer over Sensei LMS Post to Course Creator.


  • Lesson editor
  • Lespagina met leermodus geactiveerd
  • Quiz editor
  • Course editor


Automatische installatie

  1. Log in op je WordPress beheerderspaneel en ga naar Plugins > Nieuwe toevoegen.
  2. Voer “Sensei LMS” in het zoekveld in.
  3. Zodra je de plugin hebt gevonden, klik je op Nu installeren.
  4. Klik Activeer.
  5. Configureer de instellingen door naar Sensei LMS > Instellingen te gaan.

Handmatige installatie

  1. Download het plugin bestand naar je computer en pak het uit.
  2. Gebruik een FTP-programma of je hosting-configuratiescherm om de uitgepakte map met plugins te uploaden naar je WordPress installatie wp-content/plugins/ folder op de server.
  3. Log in op je WordPress beheerderspaneel en activeer de plugin vanuit het menu Plugins.
  4. Configureer de instellingen door naar Sensei LMS > Instellingen te gaan.


Waar kan ik hulp krijgen voor Sensei LMS?

For the free plugin, please use the Support Forums for any questions that you may have. We monitor the forums regularly and will reply as soon as we can.

You can also check our Documentation on our website for guides, tutorials, and other helpful information.

Waar kan ik bugs melden of verbeteringen bijdragen?

Sensei is developed in public on Github. We welcome anyone to report a bug, submit a pull request, and follow along with our progress.

Visit Sensei LMS on Github.

Werkt Sensei met lidmaatschapsplug-ins?

Sensei LMS can be used in conjunction with Sensei Pro and WooCommerce Memberships to enable you to sell courses as part of a membership plan. See Selling Courses as a Membership for more details.

Hoe blijf ik op de hoogte van nieuwe releases en aankondigingen voor Sensei LMS?

Please visit the Sensei Blog or sign up for our mailing list.


18 november 2022 1 reactie
Ik really liked it. And we were able to convert our wpcourseware lessons to Sensei, how wonderfull. We nearly bought it for 3 sites. There are a few buts: - Lay-out not really attractive and not much possibilities to adjust. - Lay-out of course catalogue is really hideous. - Some translations are so bad, that we are afraid to send the messages to our student (Dutch language). Of-course we can hire a developer to change it all, but after years of experience with other plugins we know everything can be solved, bit it takes a lot of time and energy and every year or so the same issues pop-up. So, no Sensei. Pity. I liked it, its simple and the prices are good. But to many buts.
11 oktober 2022 3 reacties
The LMS actually works well, but the updates are just crap. For example, the latest update simply overwrites all button styles in our website with !important styles. Doubt that there are competent minds at work here and am frustrated by the poor work!
23 augustus 2022
When I thought about offering online courses, I had a lot of choices. One thing I knew: I wanted to integrate it into my website and not use an external platform. At that point we already used WordPress, WooCommerce, as well as Woo Memberships and Woo Subscriptions. I looked at Sensei, because it seemed like a good idea to go with another Automattic product – the same people behind WordPress and WooCommerce. I'm glad we did, even if it didn't seem to be a big priority for Automattic at that point. It was back in early 2017. Lately the team behind Sensei LMS has been on fire – in a good way of course. They have implemented a lot of new useful features like interactive quizzes and learning mode. The transition to the block editor has been great and made several things easier to use. And they are working on more new features and improvements. We use Sensei plus what is now called Sensei Pro. As far as I can see the free version already has a lot to offer. I personally can only recommend to give it a try. And if you encounter a problem, let the Sensei people know. They have been super nice and responsive in my experience.
15 augustus 2022 1 reactie
I have to give this one a 2. There are some great things about the plugin, otherwise it would have been a 0, but there are some terrible ones. No support for the "free" version even though I had to pay for WooCommerce paid courses. I have had to alter the code in the lessons module as I kept getting an array error for the quiz questions. Fortunately, I am a developer, so able to so that. Quiz settings don't save correctly to the database, sometimes takes multiple attempts to have settings save correctly. Lastly, and worst of all is the use of the Gutenberg blocks.
22 mei 2022 1 reactie
This plug-in needs work. The teacher cannot communicate with learners and the learners can't communicate with each other. The grading feature doesn't work properly (says I need to grade quizzes I've already graded) and frankly there needs to be an option to not grade quizzes. I have post-graduate learners for whom there's no correct answer to the gap fill questions I ask. The LMS doesn't allow me to not provide an answer to questions. Also, lesson course media and featured images don't display. I'd also like to be able to post announcements to the dashboard for things like live guest lectures and events or benefits they've earned based upon their participation or achievement levels. Because the plugin does none of this, I'll have to find a developer to customize it or create a program from scratch that does what I want it to do. The good parts are the easy connection with woocommerce, the content drip feature, and the clean learning mode screen. That's why the plugin earned 3 stars.
25 april 2022
Минималистичный по сравнение с его громоздкими братьми. При этом функциональный. Плохо, что отсутствует русский язык. Переведено на 44%, но даже эти проценты оставляют желать лучшего. Особо отмечу наличие режима обучения, когда скрываются все меню и пр., чтобы студент мог сконцентрироваться на курсе.
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2022-11-10 – version 4.8.1
* New: Course Overview block for the Course List block #5996
* Add: Message for users without JavaScript enabled on Sensei Home #6059
* Fix: Course start date reset on lesson completion #6079
* Fix: Contact Teacher block not working #6058
* Fix: Random questions change for answered quizzes #6088
* Fix: Issue with enrolling students in the course view in a course with no students #5583
* Fix: Disable broken sorting under Reports #6094
* Fix: Course List buttons extending outside container #6010
* Fix: Checks for modules when adding author name to module name #6034
* Fix: PHP notice on course category archive view #6069
* Fix: Error when activating Sensei LMS + Sensei Pro (WC Paid Courses) #6080
* Fix: Minor cosmetic changes to task list in Sensei Home #6083

2022-10-27 – version 4.8.0
* New: Onboarding Wizard – replaces the older onboarding with a modern flow to help new users get started.
* New: Sensei Home – replaces the older ‘Extensions’ menu item with links to support, documentation, and a checklist for new users.

2022-10-24 – version 4.7.2
* Fix: Change admin bar visibility only in lesson pages #5909
* Fix container sizing in Video Template #5926
* Fix: Prevent course enrollment if user did not complete prerequisites or if course requires a password #5957
* Fix broken Quiz and Question blocks #5905
* Fix lesson video not showing #5956
* Fix styling for older Learning Mode templates #5969
* Fix lesson action buttons not showing when a quiz block is added #5970
* Fix: Validate colors when saving email template options. #5959

2022-10-11 – version 4.7.1
* Fix: Prevent Learning Mode styles from overriding global styles. #5903