Say what?


An easy-to-use plugin that allows you to alter strings on your site without editing WordPress core, or plugin code. Simply enter the current string, and what you want to replace it with and the plugin will automatically do the rest!

The plugin’s available for forking and contribution over on GitHub

Check out Say What Pro for:

  • String ontdekking en autocomplete – vind de strings die je nodig hebt zonder door de code te duiken. Werkt met server-side en Javascript-rendered strings
  • Verbeterde prestaties met tekstdomein specifieke filters
  • Wildcard string vervangingen – vervang afzonderlijke woorden of fragmenten op je hele site
  • Meertalige ondersteuning – stel verschillende vervangingen in voor verschillende talen op meertalige sites
  • Import/export features – Easy import/export of replacements through the user interface

Ondersteun deze gratis plugin

As a business, we already donate a percentage of our profits from premium plugins to global climate change projects. You’re free to use this plugin free of charge, but if you do, please consider buying the world some trees in return. You’ll be creating employment for local families and restoring wildlife habitats.


  • Finding a string to replace
  • The admin screen - setting up a replacement
  • Het resultaat


  • Install it as you would any other plugin
  • Activeer deze
  • Head over to Tools » Text changes and configure some string replacements


Can I use it to change any string?

You can only use the plugin to translate strings which are marked for translation.

How do I find the string to translate?

You can either have a guess, or checkout the plugin in question’s source code, translatable strings are generally wrapped in __(), _e(), _n(), or _x(), for example:

$foo = __('This is a translatable string', 'plugin-domain');

The article here shows some examples of what you’re looking for. Alternatively, the Pro version of the plugin provides a String Discovery mode which means you can search for strings on your site via autocomplete suggestions.

Is there any support for importing replacements?

“Say What?” has preliminary support for exporting, and importing replacements via The following commands are currently

  • export – Export all current string replacements.
  • import – Import string replacements from a CSV file.
  • list – Export all current string replacements. Synonym for ‘export’.
  • update – update string replacements from a CSV file.

Zie de GitHub homepage voor voorbeelden.

Can I set different replacements for different languages?

Not in the free plugin, however this is available in the Pro version of the plugin


14 oktober 2021
The Pro version has been a huge time saver for me and I've used it all over our site. It's so easy to use - I can literally change the text I need to in about 15 seconds. Worth every penny, and one of the best deals around as far as useful/necessary plugins go. In addition, when I had a question today, support responded very quickly and helped me find the info I was looking for - top notch service!
10 september 2021
After hours of looking through the code, I finally gave up and came to to search for help. I found Say What plugin. It's simple and easy to use (free version)! I was able to tweak the 'wording of WooCommerce' at Checkout. Thank you so much for an awesome plugin! Thank you, Bai!
15 april 2021
Thank you for creating this plugin. Your efforts made the process of changing a few bits of text generated by one of my plugins a breeze! This type of clean solution is why I love WordPress and the talented developer community. Keep up the great work!
16 maart 2021
sometimes you wish to test things out and deleting and creating from scratch a rule is annoying and time consuming! if you could keep it but in a "disabled" state that will neve be executed if you want to, that would be 5/5 for me. 🙂
5 maart 2021
I just changed my review. User error on my part... sort of important to include the context or it won't change the string. This works as it is supposed to.
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  • Reduce size of bundled images
  • Update dev build scripts


  • Improve Javascript performance, and remove lodash dependency (resolves some plugin conflicts)


  • Support for translatable strings rendered through WordPress Javascript framework
  • Supports replacing text in Gutenberg / WooCommerce admin / WooCommerce blocks
  • Update details of Say What? Pro vs free plugin


  • Fix issue where replacement table disappeared at small screen widths
  • WordPress compatibiliteit updaten
  • Changes to donation / upsell content


  • Fix link in documentatie


  • WordPress 5.5 compatibiliteit
  • Changes to Treeware links


  • Ensure help links open in new windows


  • Fix link target in Treeware content


  • Treeware donaties voorstellen


  • Informatie over Pro functies updaten


  • Fix issue adding more strings after downgrade from Pro
  • Update het tekstdomein van de plugin om overeen te komen met de richtlijnen van om vertalingen te vergemakkelijken


  • Alleen documentatie updates


  • Update plugin links, voeg instellingen toe en upgrade link
  • Documentatie over professionele functies updaten
  • Admin styling fixes


  • Fix issues where entities could be double encoded on admin screens.


  • Update naar admin marketingbericht. Geen functionele wijzigingen.


  • Ondersteuning voor _n() en _nx()
  • Support for multi-line strings


Introduce filters that allows back compatibility for plugins that change their text-domain. Props Pippin Williamson


Avoid warnings on initial activation.
Avoid issues where strings contain HTML / entities


Infobox over Pro versie toevoegen


Support for WP-CLI import and export.


Swap database to UTF-8 to fix problems entering non-ASCII strings.


Fix incorrect escaping on the admin screens.


Fix initial DB table creation
Fix translations for strings with no domain


Allow strings with context to be replaced


Documentatie verbeteringen


Avoid wpdb->prepare warning
Minor admin fixes, don’t double translate strings


Fix issue with fields being swapped when first entered


Beta ready for testing and feedback