Newsletter is a real newsletter and email marketing system for your WordPress blog: perfect for list building, you can easily create, send and track e-mails, headache-free. It just works out of box!

Ontdek een compleet herschreven ontwerper

We hebben ons drag and drop systeem opnieuw ontworpen waarmee je nog makkelijker campagne’s kunt maken. Probeer het!


  • Easy-to-use Drag and drop composer to build responsive newsletters
  • Ongelimiteerd aantal abonnees met statistieken
  • Ongelimiteerde nieuwsbrieven met tracking
  • Abonnee spam check met domein/ip blacklist, Akismet, captcha
  • Aflever snelheid instellingen (van 12 emails per uur tot zoveel als je blog aankan)
  • WPML ready, Polylang ready, Translatepress ready
  • Alle berichten zijn volledig vertaalbaar vanuit administratie vensters (geen .po/.mo bestanden om te bewerken)
  • GDPR ready
  • Geavanceerde targeting met lijst combinaties zoals alles, minstens één, niet in enzovoorts
  • Aanpasbare abonnementswidget, pagina of aangepast formulier
  • WordPress Gebruiker Registratie naadloze integratie
  • Single EN Double Opt-In plus privacy checkbox voor EU-wet compliance
  • Abonnee lijsten om je campagnes nauwkeurig af te stemmen
  • PHP API en REST API voor coders en integraties
  • SMTP-klaar
  • Aanpasbare Themes
  • Status scherm om je blog mailing mogelijkheden en configuratie te controleren
  • Compatible met elke SMTP plugin: Post SMTP (Postman), WP Mail SMTP, Easy WP SMTP, Easy SMTP Mail, WP Mail Bank, …
  • Abonnee import vanuit bestand
  • Nieuwsbrief met HTML en Tekst bericht versies

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Gratis Addons

Verbeter de Nieuwsbrief Plugin met deze gratis addons:

  • WP Registration Integratie – verbindt de standaard WordPress en aangepaste registratie met het Nieuwsbrief abonnement. Optioneel importeert het alle geregistreerde gebruikers als abonnee.
  • Archive – maakt een eenvoudige blog pagina met een lijst met al je verzonden nieuwsbrieven
  • Locked Content – geef je premium inhoud pas vrij na het abonneren
  • Newsletter REST API – voegt een laag REST API toe om te integreren met de core services van de Nieuwsbrief
  • BuddyPress integratie – abonnement opt-in op het BuddyPress inschrijf formulier

(voeg ze eenvoudig toe vanuit ons Addons panel)

Professionele Addons

Heb jemeer power nodig? Heb je het gevoel dat er iets ontbreekt? De Nieuwsbrief Plugin mogelijkheden kunnen eenvoudig worden uitgebreid door onze premium, professionele Addons! Laten we er slechts twee van voorstellen : )

  • Extended Composer Blocks – adds new blocks to the drag & drop composer
  • WooCommerce Integratie – abonneer klanten op een mail lijst en maak product nieuwsbrieven.
  • Reports – improves the internal statistics collection system and provides better reports of data collected for each sent email. And retargeting. Neat.
  • Automated – generates and sends your newsletters using your blog last posts, even custom ones like events or products. Just sit and watch!
  • Autoresponder – maakt series emails om naar je abonnees te sturen
  • Leads voegt een mooie popup of vaste bar toe aan je website die de conversie graad van je inschrijvingen zal verhogen
  • Amazon SES en andere mail verstuur service integratie – naadloos Amazon SES integreren en andere email verstuur services met The Newsletter Plugin. Zonder problemen.
  • Contact Form 7 Integratie – integreer het abonneren met Contact Form 7 formulieren
  • Ninja Forms Integratie – integreer de inschrijvingen met Ninja Forms
  • WP Forms Integratie – integreer de inschrijvingen met WP Forms
  • Events Manager en The Events Calendar (Van Modern Tribe) integraties – voeg eenvoudig evenementen toe aan je nieuwsbrieven
  • Google Analytics – volg nieuwsbrief links met Google UTM tracking parameters
  • Abonneer je op Reactie – voegt de abonneer optie toe aan je blog reactie formulier
  • Geolocatie – voegt geolocatie toe om abonnee’s gericht te benaderen op locatie


The Newsletter Plugin provides all the technical tools needed to achieve GDPR compliancy and we’re continuously working to improve them and to give support even for specific use cases.
The plugin does not collect users’ own subscribers data, nor it has any access to those data: hence, we are not a data processor, so a data processing agreement is not needed.
Anyway if you configure the plugin to use external services (usually an external mail delivery service) you should check with that service if some sort of agreement is required.


We geven ondersteuning voor onze plugin op forums en op ons officiële forum.

Premium Users met een actieve licentie hebben toegang tot een-op-een support via ons ticketing systeem.

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  • De responsive email Drag & Drop composer
  • Het plugin dashboard
  • De rapporten extentie


Deze plugin heeft 1 blok.

Newsletter subscription form


Lees de nieuwsbrief FAQ of vraag op het

Newsletter Forum voor hulp.

Voor documentatie kijk je op Newsletter documentation.

Bedankt, het Newsletter team.


18 februari 2020
UPDATE: Stefano Lissa has solved the Spamproblems. I hope the spammers dont find a new way to format their URLs 🙂 OLD: Several users like me have the problem that spammers abuse the newsletter registration (the name field) to send links and spam text via our website to the email the spammers specify. The rudimentary check for "http" in the name and the primitive captcha do not prevent this. The support for this is poor, without real interest to find the problem or to recognize that it is the plugin (see here and here). Even if the plugin offers good features, this is a fatal error which makes it impossible to use - especially if you consider the legal consequences which can occur in the EU for spam mails which are sent via the server of the users of the plugin. Or that your email address will be filtered as spam in the future. Therefore I give the worst rating for the free plugin - the only remedy would be the paid Newsletter-addons, which allow to use other form plugins for the subscription process.
11 februari 2020
Very easy to use, lets to paste or upload email contacts and make custom email templates. Works as advertised very nice plugin. Took me about 5 minutes to learn and set up.
9 februari 2020
Just started using this for our non-profit. While the entire process is involved and must be done with care, the configuration of this plugin seems very intuitive to me. Meaning, easy to understand an follow the logic. A few items lack a clear explanation, but most can be found in their documentation. Up to here this plugin does the "job". I was able to cleanly import our existing list from CSV - NO ERRORS on the FIRST run... (only 4 fields required/accepted). First TEST run was done in under 30 minutes... Thanks - keep it going. NB: I usually read a few reviews before learning how to get a plugin working to see what problems might be common. ONE complained about it "not working with Elementor" - Well, that comment is nonsense, ALL shortcodes and functions work well within my installation of Elementor. Just that you have do it manually since no "specific elements" exist. It's a very comprehensive FREE version and perhaps WE could contribute what we need instead of complaining... (Just my opinion - NOT affiliated or paid!)
2 februari 2020
I use the paid version. Sadly this isn't a serious solution. Here is why: First of all. The only emails you can send are HTML emails. You don't have any flexibility. Your emails will sooner or later land into spam folders eventually. Many users ask them for supporting this years ago, no luck. They just stop replying or close the topic. Others probably stopped asking. Second, terrible support. There is an illusion of the support, but nothing else. Their replies are "It cannot be done" or "We don't support that.", even if you say, "But I really need that feature" as XX other users asked years ago, you have to forget about it or do it yourself. When I send support query, with actually bug fix - Woocommerce support doesn't support product variations - with verbose description and all the details, the support told me "we will consider to support it" as short as this. So I asked "so how I will know the status of this", they reply "if we do there will be mention in changelogs". Great, thanks for nothing, that's the lowest you can treat your client. Seven months later, they still didn't fix it. It took me 15 minutes to edit the code and fix this bug. The current official version still doesn't support that. Third, it's tough to configure. I have IT background, I know how to code, and configure complex systems, but this was a challenge for me to make it work, and honestly, I still don't trust if it will work in every case. I struggle with how many stars should I give it, as I tried to get the most of this plugin because it looks like it has potential, but not caring about paid customers support really pisses me off. The problems doesn't popup on start, but after you put a lot of time in integration it into your website.
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  • Solved hero block media problem not showing


  • Hero block fix


  • Added background selection to the composer
  • Reactivated the Pint theme
  • Improved blocks layout
  • Inline editing for title and excerpt on Posts block
  • Changed the image cropping method on newsletter included images
  • Posts block can now specify an offset to skip the first n posts
  • Fixed the display of multiline title on some blocks (was overlapping)
  • Added the excerpt length on Posts block


  • Antispam on PHP API


  • Default theme thumbnail fix
  • Profile saving antispam check
  • Fixed hero block (button)
  • Added logging on spam checking (enable info lov level to see the spam check results in the logs)


  • Removed the shortcodes from generated excerpt for blog post composer block
  • New media resize to better fit the email layout standards
  • Updated image block
  • Added “Excerpt words” field on “Blog Posts” composer block
  • Added “Posts offset” field on “Blog Posts” composer block
  • Added background color on email


  • Added hook to register custom theme folders
  • Removed old themes
  • Removed packages theme folder scan (so locally added themes are not loaded, see site documentation if you need to create a custom theme)
  • Polylang support on default theme
  • Better error check on addon list retrieval
  • Added language on targeting options
  • Fixed user list pagination
  • Subject replacement for online preview


  • Restored a missing method used by addons
  • Added the changelog.txt file


  • Automatic language detection on subscription when available
  • New statistics panel


  • Fixed error reported in log on wrong subscription calls


  • Improved the antispam check on subscription


  • Added statistics shortcut for sent newsletters
  • Fixed unsubscription from email tracking
  • Password field in smtp configuration
  • Small fixes to header block
  • Fixed the subject on online newsletter view
  • Fixed the subject ideas popup X button


  • Fixed extra profile fields management in REST and PHP API
  • Removed the “read more” added by themes on posts excerpt
  • Core improvements


  • Improved antibot and/or spam subscription checks (please review your security configuration)


  • Fixed email encoding when sent with wp_mail() and an encoding is selected on main settings
  • Optimization on sending process
  • Test newsletter stats cleared when real delivery starts
  • Improved image resize
  • Fixed security page help texts


  • Schedules registration fix


  • Improved error detection
  • Fixed stats collection for Autoresponder
  • Changed the init sequence to grant full load of other plugins (newsletter preview problems on some installations)
  • Better reporting on tests


  • New addons panel


  • Fixes


  • Fixed the missing admin notification when using the internal SMTP


  • Fixed the admin notification email not sent or bot correctly formatted


  • Empty subject fix


  • New mailer infrastructure: better compatibility and performance
  • New [TEST] prefix for newsletter tests
  • Fix on composer subject saving
  • General performance improvements
  • Fixed title display in header composer block


  • Fixed custom blocks style.css loading
  • Fixed loading sequence for Archive Addon
  • Labels translation on profile panel


  • Fixed foreach warning
  • Added IP on subscription via API
  • All addons update logics moved to our free Addons Manager to make Newsletter even lighter


  • Fixed integration with addons manager
  • Support for new addon format
  • Added PHP minimum version declaration


  • Fixed a missing default on profile configuration
  • Fixed the default message template
  • Added image alt on image block
  • Improved addons version check and performances
  • Post block and image block fixes


  • Fixed a version check on main settings


  • Fix for Automated


  • Fixed roles management


  • Improved the Gutenberg block


  • Support for Automated theme regeneration
  • Fixed link tracking


  • Fix to avoid third party plugin notices to interfere with the composer
  • NEW! Added subscription block to the Gutenberg editor
  • Code cleanup


  • Added support for roles


  • Added support for custom blocks


  • Fixed data cleanup for non utf8mb4 database. Emoji not saved solved.
  • Small changes to the addons panel


  • Changed the access control for editors
  • Added the convert to utf8mb4 on status panel
  • Small loading improvements
  • API Subscribe activation message fix
  • Fixed debug notice on composer
  • Fixed alt attribute on social block


  • Specific link tracking patch for ElasticEmail
  • Compatibility code for WP 4.7
  • Fixed minimal widget subscribe button


  • Fixed the wrong edit mode of duplicated newsletters
  • Fixed the alignment of small images on composer
  • Added addons update notice on status panel


  • Fixed the textual part saving
  • Fixed required check on extra field of type “select”
  • Fixed old CTA theme text part


  • Fixed repated CSS inclusion in emails
  • Email body weight optimization
  • Fix warning on posts block


  • Fixed the hero block


  • Fixed link and color picker on text block


  • Fixed posts block (link missing)


  • Fixed new newsletter creating panel “proceed” button


  • The Newsletter Plugin Composer – A new revamped drag & drop composer
  • Several improvements and fixes