Modal Guten Block


This project provides a modal / popup block for the WordPress Gutenberg editor.

  • Multiple methods for triggering modal including button, text link, image link, external class, and page load.
  • User definable modal content using Gutenberg blocks, for example, image, paragraph etc.
  • Support for multiple modal window sizes.
  • Lots of customizable options including Trigger Button Label, Button Color, Trigger Text, Trigger Text Size, Trigger Image, Trigger Class, Modal Delay, Trigger Element Alignment, Overlay Background Color, Title Text Size, Title Font Color, Title Background Color, Title Padding, Border Radius.
  • Supports multiple modals on the same page.
  • ADA compliant.
  • Uses create-guton-block for easy config.


If you like the plugin, consider a donation to support further development. Click here


  • Sample modal window.
  • Modal Guten Block in editor.


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  • Modal Guten Block


From your WordPress dashboard

  1. Visit Plugins > Add New
  2. Search for “Modal Block”
  3. Install the “Modal Block” plugin
  4. Activate “Modal Block” from your Plugins page
  5. Insert Block on your Gutenberg Editor and select “Modal Block” which is located in Widgets.


9 oktober 2021
Thank you for this plugin! Works great and I gladly put in a donation to support your efforts. It is absolutely worth five stars as is, but it would be perfect if I could also trigger a pop-up by clicking on a text link, like a few words in an text block, which is what I do now to link to a URL accessible item. So in addition to the dedicated text trigger option you already have, but which creates a dedicated block. I don't know if that is even possible of course. If not, no problem, still a great plug-in.
7 september 2021
Hey just wanted to say great plugin! I've been looking for a modal block for a while now, and this is fairly close to perfect. There are only two major issues that i can see. Dependency on Jquery. Its not ADA compliant. Jquery - Most of my projects don't use Jquery any more and I'd hazard to say this is becoming true for more and more front end work. I cant justify loading an entire library for 1 modal. ADA compliance - Its best practice to ensure all components are accessible and work at least toward basic ADA compliance. For modals this usually means setting focus and focus trapping within the context of the modal as well as announcing the modal to screen readers.
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  • Fixed issue where clicking on nested content in edit mode resulted in modal edit content box closing.
  • When modal opened focus on first element but do not scroll to it. Stops modal opening at bottom.


  • Fix for when we trigger on image and image is smaller than medium size. In this case we default in the full size image.


  • Make ADA compliant including using button instead of span, setting / returning focus and focus trapping.
  • Add custom class to dialog when modal opens.
  • Add toggle option to disable close on overlay click.


  • Optional display only once for timer based modals. Modal Id links timer modals on different pages to say they are the same. Also ability to say how long before modal is shown again.


  • Change icon to use SVG – use alt tag from trigger image – optional close btn in modal


  • Update for deprecated wp.editor (changed to wp.blockEditor) and core/editor (changed to core/block-editor).

1.0.0 (8/19/2019)

  • First release