Maintenance plugin allows the WordPress site administrator to close the website for maintenance, enable “503 Service temporarily unavailable”, set a temporary page with authorization, which can be edited via the plugin settings. Easy customize the good look on all devices. Add your logo, background image, select the desired color, add text. Maintenance uses Bunny Fonts for EU GDPR compliance.

Need pre-made themes and over 3 million free images to build maintenance, coming soon & landing pages faster? Have a look at WP Maintenance PRO plugin.

If you’re having problems with SSL or HTTPS try our free WP Force SSL plugin. It’s a great plugin to enable SSL.


  • retina klaar HTML/CSS lay-out
  • Full-screen background (Backstretch)
  • Achtergrond vervagen effect
  • Upload je eigen logo
  • Configurable colors: fonts, icons, background
  • Titel, kopregel en tekst aanpassen
  • Login gebruikers op front-end
  • Status beheerbalk
  • 503 fout aan/uit
  • Google analytics support
  • Exclude selected pages from Maintenance mode
  • Ondersteuning voor alle populaire caching plugins
  • mtnc_load_maintenance_page_for_this_user filter for modifying show sees the maintenance page


If you have any problems, questions or recommendations about WP Maintenance please open a ticket in the official support forum. We answer all questions within hours!
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AVG/GDPR compatibiliteit

We are not lawyers. Please do not take any of the following as legal advice.
If you don’t opt to use Bunny Fonts and don’t use Google Analytics then no resources are loaded or shared with 3rd parties. And nothing is tracked. Opting to use any of those services will result in data sharing/tracking as described in their terms of service.
If you opt to activate your PRO license in the plugin admin, some data will be shared with WebFactory Ltd; that’s clearly noted below the license activation form.


  • Maintenance pagina heeft een standaard design
  • Login formulier zit in de onderhoud pagina
  • Maintenance plugin optie pagina


Volg de gebruikelijke routine;

  1. Open WordPress admin, go to Plugins, click Add New
  2. Voer “onderhoud” in bij zoeken en druk op enter
  3. Locate the Maintenance plugin by searching for our mascot, click “Install Now”
  4. Activeer en open de instellingenpagina van deze plugin, in het hoofd WP beheer menu

Of indien nodig, upload handmatig;

  1. Download de plugin.
  2. Pak het uit en upload het naar /wp-content/plugins/
  3. Open WordPress beheer – Plugins en klik op ‘Activeren’ naast de plugin
  4. Activeer en open de instellingenpagina van deze plugin, in het hoofd WP beheer menu


I have activated plugin and don’t see any changes, looks like plugin is not working.

Try to check in different browser. If you a logged as WordPress user you see the website in normal mode.

Will my site remain visible to search engines while maintenance mode is on?

Deze site zal niet zichtbaar zijn voor de zoekmachines als “503 Service Tijdelijk Niet zichtbaar” optie is ingeschakeld.

Where can I find out the username and password to get to the site?

Je kunt je “normale” WP beheerder gebruiken of maak een nieuwe gebruiker aan in het WordPress dashboard – Gebruikers.

If I incorrectly write a login and password I will see the error on the page wp-login?

No, it will be display error on current maintenance page, without redirect to wp-login page.

Ik heb geen antwoord gevonden op mijn vraag, wat moet ik doen?

Please post the question on the support forum.


5 september 2023
Pro Version costs a lot of money and is not working at all. They say it is responsive but actually you will have to work a lot to become themes responsive! Video Background is not working neither. Buttons are there but they will not work, especially the support button! The support is not telling the truth until you ask 5 times! They will not give you back the money neither telling you that after 7 days it is not possible the reimburse... As an agency we believe that we should maintain a certain honesty on this platform!!!
5 juni 2023
It worked, but it was impossible to login. I even tried to empty the memcache that I use. Still didn't work. I wonder where the login credentials were sent. Unfortunately a waste of time. Another thing I didn't like was to just get flashed with the three pricing plans directly without even having used the plugin. When I went to the plugin settings, that came up. Very annoying. If it at least was after a week of using it. I wouldn't recommend anyone to download this. It seem to add problems above the single problem that it needs to solve.I had ChatGPT create a maintenance mode plugin for me instead, a very simple one but it worked. Here is the prompt:"Please write me the full source code for a Wordpress plugin that handles maintenance mode on and off. When it is on, the user will be redirected to another page where there will be only a red text in the middle of the page saying that the site is in maintenance mode and only admins can access the site. If the plugin is disabled, then it shouldn't be seen for normal users."
23 mei 2023 1 reactie
La version gratuite me suffit. La prise en main est immédiate et en à peine 2 minutes, mon site est en maintenance avec une superbe page d'accueil personnalisée.
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  • 31/08/2023
  • fixed reset password URL changed if Maintenance is off


  • 06/05/2022
  • vervangen Google Fonts met de privacy gerichte en AVG/GDPR conforme Bunny Fonts
  • minor fix for image field


  • 06/05/2022
  • introductie van de PRO versie


  • 04/01/2022
  • bug fix for retina image
  • beveiligingsoplossing
  • advertentie voor onze gratis WP Force SSL plugin


  • 23/07/2021
  • beveiligingsoplossing
  • gecontroleerd op compatibiliteit met WP 5.8


  • 06/03/2021
  • JS oplossingen op front-end
  • Contact Form 7 conflictoplossing


  • 20/02/2021
  • ondersteuning toegevoegd voor Cache Enabler plugin
  • opgelost een bug wanneer achtergrondafbeelding niet is gedefinieerd
  • fixed issue on sites with large numbers of posts/pages/CPTs


  • 2021/01/30
  • uitvouw menu toegevoegd
  • added mtnc_load_maintenance_page_for_this_user filter


  • 13/01/2021
  • kleine verbeteringen
  • promo voor WP 301 redirects verwijderd


  • 02/10/2020
  • kleine verbeteringen
  • promo voor WP 301 Redirects toegevoegd


  • 19/08/2020
  • “headers already sent” bug fixed


  • 14/08/2020
  • bug oplossing voor WP v5.5


  • 30/05/2020
  • fouten opgelost
  • integratie met Amelia Booking verwijderd
  • ondersteuning toegevoegd voor WP Rocket Cache plugin
  • probleem met blur opgelost


  • 28/11/2019
  • fouten opgelost
  • integratie met Amelia Booking toegevoegd
  • ondersteuning toegevoegd voor Hummingbird Cache plugin


  • 25/09/2019
  • talrijke bug oplossingen
  • voorbeeldknop toegevoegd
  • 400.000 installaties; 3.790.000 downloads
  • for older changelog entries please refer to https://wpmaintenancemode.com/old-changelog.txt