JournalPress is a WordPress plugin that enabled cross-posting to sites running LiveJournal Server, which in 2024 is basically Dreamwidth (and, ironically, not LiveJournal itself). It is based on the LJXP plugin, however it has a raft of new features including:

  • support for multiple different mirror journals
  • support for scheduled posts
  • support for posts created from interfaces (i.e. XML-RPC, Atom)
  • mood, music and location support
  • per-post-per-journal userpic selection.

Version 1.2

  • Minor bugfixes.

Version 1.1

  • Updated instructions for using API keys.

Version 1.0

  • Significant code rewrite, so make sure to check your settings and journals as some config items may not have migrated exactly as expected!
  • Support for LJ-style cut plugins on the WordPress end removed. WordPress-native <!--more--> still supported.
  • Support for customer user groups for posting locking removed, since the plugin it relied on is super broken.
  • Bulk crossposting options removed.


JournalPress is based off the original LJXP client by Evan Broder, with the LJ Crossposter Plus modifications made by Ravenwood and Irwin. No disrespect is intended towards any of these authors; without their great work, this plugin wouldn’t have been possible (or at least would’ve taken a hell of a lot longer to write).

Big shout-out to everyone who’s kept using this terrible old code all this time. You guys rock!


  1. Upload the journalpress folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory;
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress;
  3. Profit!


Where are my userpics?

Userpics should get automatically added when you add a new mirror journal or community.

If they don’t — or if you’ve upgraded from a pre-0.3 version of JournalPress — you may fix the list manually on the edit journal page. If you add or delete any pics in the future, you will also need to come back to this page in order to update your list.

What about Currents?

There’s current (har har) basic Currents support using the Custom Fields mood, music and location on a post. Note these are case-sensitive, and all lowercase.

My community posts don’t post!

Communities in LJ-land are a bit finicky. Specifically they won’t post if your security is private, and they won’t post under certain backdated conditions.


27 juni 2024 1 reactie
I don’t know about LJ, but it definitely posts to Dreamwidth, as long as you use an API key, instead of your password. It also can handle <!–more–> via link back to the original or LJ-cut, which is more than I can say for SNAP. My sole concern is that wp cron complains about an undefined array key, when JP actually makes a post, but I’m pretty sure I’ll figure out how to fix that if I read the code. It still works. It makes gorgeous posts, it’s lightweight, and it lets you choose which user icon to crosspost with! What’s not to like?
5 oktober 2019
Good Idea, many settings, maybe work at my WP 5.2.3. But when i enter login/password, dont want to connect to LiveJournal Server.
25 februari 2023
<p>Update 24 February 2023: Still working well on WordPress 6.1.1 to talk to Dreamwidth. (I gave up on Livejournal a few years ago, with the Russian law-compliant TOS.)</p> <p>3 September 2016: Still works on 4.5.3. Added a couple of patches to the support section (as a topic) to fix a couple of PHP warnings, one of which I think may turn into a PHP error in PHP7, and at very least the change lets you configure your SQL server more securely without losing functionality. Both are trivial and easy to apply.</p>
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