WordPress Payments Plugin | GetPaid


Lightweight, extensible and very easy to use Online Payments and Invoicing plugin.

GetPaid kan ook als betalingssysteem voor 3de partijen plugins worden gebruikt.


  • Create items with a one-time fee or recurring payments (subscriptions).
  • Add a free trial and/or allow buyers to name their price.
  • Add items to your website via Buy Now Buttons. Customers will be able to buy on your website via several Payment Gateways.
  • Create inline checkout forms to sell your items through an optimized landing page.
  • Create Invoices that you can send to your customers and they can pay online.
  • Offertes en schattingen maken om naar je klanten te verzenden vereist GetPaid quotes add-on
  • Prijsopgaven kunnen worden omgezet in facturen en de klant kan online betalen.
  • Facturen rechtstreeks maken en verzenden om eenmalige of terugkerende betalingen te ontvangen.
  • Accepteer betalingen via Stripe, PayPal Standard, Authorize.net, WorldPay en pre Bank overschrijving (andere betaling gateways beschikbaar als premium add-ons).
  • Export betalingen en andere gegevens via het rapportagesysteem.
  • Beheer belastingen.
  • BTW Moss klacht (Europese Unie BTW-beheersysteem).
  • Easily accept payments and create invoices programmatically through other plugins.

Een betalingssysteem voor andere plugins en Thema’s

GetPaid kan worden gebruikt als betalingssysteem met een afrekenpagina door elke plugin.

hier vindt je instructies over hoe je een plugin te integreren met facturering.

Plugins die momenteel gebruik maken van GetPaid als hun betalingssysteem zijn

  • GeoDirectory – GeoDirectory gebruikt GetPaid om facturen, belastingen, BTW en betalingen te beheren.

Payment Gateways

  • PayPal Standard (built-in) – Accept Paypal and credit card payments (single or recurring) via paypal.
  • Authorize.Net (built-in) – Accept credit card payments (single or recurring) via Authorize.Net.
  • Worldpay (built-in) – Accept credit card payments via Worldpay.
  • Pre Bank Transfer (built-in) – Instruct users how to send you a bank transfer which you can then later mark as paid.
  • Stripe – Accepteer creditcard betalingen (enkel of herhalende) direct op je site via Stripe.
  • PayPal Pro -accepteer PayPal en creditcard betalingen (eenmalig of periodiek) direct op je site.
  • PayFast -Accepteer betalingen via PayFast.
  • Chequebetaling – Accepteer betalingen via cheques
  • Mollie – Accept payment via Mollie (EUR only)
  • GoCardless – Accept payments via GoCardless (direct debits)
  • Sage pay – Accepteer betalingen via Sage pay
  • 2Checkout -Accepteer betalingen (enkel of periodiek) via 2CO.
  • onder rembours – Betalingen accepteren via contant bij aflevering
  • PayUmoney – Accept payments via PayUmoney
  • WebPay – Accept payments via WebPay
  • PayUmoney Latam – Accept payments via PayUmoney Latam
  • PayPal Payflow – Accept credit card payments (single or recurring) directly on your website.
  • Square – Accept payments via Square
  • First Data – Accept payments via FirstData
  • Braintree – Accept payments via Braintree
  • eWay – Accept payments via eWay payment gateway


Er worden regelmatig nieuwe betalingsgateways en add-ons gemaakt. Als er een betaling gateway is die je dringend nodig hebt of een functie ontbreekt waarvan je denkt dat we die moeten toevoegen, neem contact met ons op en we zullen het overwegen.


Ontvang tijdige en vriendelijke ondersteuning voor zowel core plugin en add-ons op onze officiële website, GetPaid ondersteuning


Het werk aan GetPaid (AKA, GetPaid of wpGetPaid) begon in april 2016.
We zijn trots dat de oorspronkelijke basis van de plugin een fork was van EDD met toestemming van Pepijn.
Daarnaast zijn we trots op de code van gesneden facturen door David Grant die meestal werd gebruikt voor zijn mooie factuur lay-out.
We werkten aan de plugin voor meer dan een jaar voor zijn eerste publieke release, we hebben de code gestript om het een eenvoudige lichtgewicht betaling en facturering plugin te maken met veel extra functies die bij de behoeften van onze klanten passen.

This product includes GeoLite2 data created by MaxMind, available from


  • Recurring service subscription.
  • One-time digital product payment.
  • Donations/Fundraising example.
  • Admin payment forms list table.
  • Admin subscriptions list table.
  • Admin earnings report.
  • Sample crowdfunding payment form.
  • Invoice edit screen.
  • Single invoice view page.


Minimaal vereiste gegevens

  • WordPress 4,9 of hoger
  • PHP versie 5,3 of hoger
  • MySQL versie 5,0 of hoger

Automatische installatie

Automatische installatie is de eenvoudigste optie. Om een automatische installatie te doen van WP GetPaid, login op je WordPress dashboard, navigeer naar de Plugins menu en klik op Nieuw toevoegen.

In het zoekveld type WP facturering en klik op zoeken plugins. Als je eenmaal hebt gevonden WP facturering plugin die je installeert door simpelweg te klikken op nu installeren. GetPaid facturering basisinstallatie

Handmatige installatie

De handmatige installatie methode omvat het downloaden van onze Directory plugin en het uploaden naar je webserver via je favoriete FTP applicatie. De WordPress Codex zal je meer vertellen hier . GetPaid basisinstallatie


Automatische updates moeten naadloos werken. Wij raden u altijd een back-up van uw website voordat u een geautomatiseerde update om onvoorziene problemen te voorkomen.


8 mei 2021
I tried to figure it out but just a waste of time. They must create some sort of visuals and guide to show how to use this plugin.
6 mei 2021
We've used this plugin for invoicing for years and it is by far the #1 out there in terms of code quality and support. Easily create invoices from existing users or add one on the fly. Create beautiful PDF versions and collect payments online with Stripe, Paypal etc. This is the one you want if you are looking for a robust invoice and payment method.
4 mei 2021
The support is amazing, they are really looking into the problems and are taking the time to find solutions even when it means to look into issues due to other plugins/themes.
8 februari 2021
Definitely one of the best apps for WordPress. Clean, precise and very good support.
5 februari 2021
This is probably the first time I have left a review on a plugin. I've ran into issues over the past 6+ months I've used it (primarily due to plugin conflicts or my own ineptitude) and they've always responded promptly and in one case even showed me how to fix an issue with a different plugin which isn't even in scope for them. That said, don't get it for the support, get it because it's a great plugin that does what it's advertised to do and does it both super simply and super well.
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Bijdragers & ontwikkelaars

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  • Indicate first renewal date if possible – ADDED
  • Add multiple subscriptions support for compatible payment gateways – ADDED
  • Unable to set decimal quantities when editing an invoice item – FIXED


  • Ability to use payment form fields as email merge tags – ADDED
  • Recurring discounts display payment form fields – FIXED
  • Tax rates per state are now filtered case-insensitively – CHANGED


  • Exclude invoice notes from comment counts – CHANGED
  • Display item tax rates on invoices – ADDED


  • Authorize.NET improvements – ADDED
  • Payment gateways can now only be activated in their respective settings sections – CHANGED
  • Add discount field to default (and new payment) forms by default – CHANGED
  • Hide discount field if there is no published discount code – CHANGED
  • Customers in Canada, Vietnam, Australia, Singapore, Nigeria, Brazil, South Korea, and India are no longer no longer required to provide a VAT number if “Require VAT number” is enabled – CHANGED


  • Invoice paid hooks not fired – FIXED


  • Ability to manually set an invoice’s payment date – ADDED
  • Do not update customer names when their billing details change – CHANGED
  • Support for non-query string webhook URLs – Authorize.NET no longer accepts query strings in webhook URLs – ADDED
  • Display discount code errors below the discount field – ADDED


  • Add note for successful notification emails – ADDED
  • Link to remote subscription from the subscriptions page – ADDED
  • Ability to manually update a subscription’s profile id – ADDED
  • Site admins can now view other user’s suscriptions on the frontend – ADDED
  • Show subscription bill times on invoices and subscriptions – ADDED
  • Trigger js event when form state changes – ADDED
  • Reload page until payment is processed – ADDED


  • Ability to set logo width and height – ADDED
  • Flat amount discount code applies to each item instead of the total – FIXED
  • Ability to programmatically link a payment form and an invoice – ADDED


  • Non-overidden GetPaid templates not working on Oxygen pagebuilder – FIXED


  • Rename improperly named gateways in invoices table – FIXED
  • Oxygen pagebuilder custom templates not working – FIXED
  • Existing invoices with wrong VAT numbers not payable unless a valid VAT number is provided – FIXED
  • Use a datepicker to set the due date – CHANGED
  • PayPal sometimes shows incorrect totals – FIXED
  • Invoices with discount codes do not automatically add the discount code to the payment form – FIXED


  • Sometimes invoice user not changeable for manual invoices – FIXED
  • Improve invoice creation customer searches
  • Improve invoice creation item searches
  • Wildcard information not shown when editing some email templates – FIXED
  • Ability to manually add a discount to a quote – ADDED


  • Lots of customers causes the invoices screen to hang – FIXED
  • New invoice emails not sent for invoices created via admin – FIXED
  • Philippines misspelled – UPDATED
  • Invoice items ordered by ID instead of order added – CHANGED
  • Summer Pro theme sets checkboxes/radio buttons to 100% width – FIXED
  • Changing country recalculates the invoice totals – CHANGED
  • Cancel subscription when all PayPal renewal retries fail – ADDED


  • Subscription emails not editable – FIXED
  • Pre-GetPaid invoices containing discounts do not apply the discount on renewals – FIXED
  • Tool to recalculate discounts for existing invoices that have discount codes but are not discounted – ADDED.
  • Ability to manually add a discount code when editing an invoice – ADDED
  • Item description escapes quotes – FIXED


  • Show admin notice on our settings page if a GetPaid database table is missing – ADDED
  • Better BuddyPress integration – ADDED
  • Ability to manually delete a subscription – ADDED
  • Do not display VAT number input on the address edit form if taxes are disabled – CHANGED


  • Validate minimum amounts without sending the value to the servers – CHANGED
  • Missing state defaults to country when editing an invoice – FIXED
  • Change website name on invoice templates to business name – CHANGED
  • Add the sellers vat number at the bottom of the “from” section and remove from the info section – CHANGED
  • Move the buyers vat number from invoice meta to “To” section – CHANGED
  • If VAT is reverse charged, indicate next to the tax field – ADDED
  • “Same country rule” defaults to charging tax even if VAT number is validated – CHANGED
  • “Recalculate totals” button on the invoice edit page does not use the updated VAT numbers – FIXED
  • Recurring discount code does not update the recurring text – FIXED


  • wpinv_insert_invoice() function does not return created invoice on success – FIXED
  • UK nolonger treated as an EU state and nolonger applies reverse VAT – CHANGED
  • Ability to for customers to edit their billing addresses – ADDED
  • Show total spent on the customers list table – ADDED
  • Show invoice count on the customers list table – ADDED
  • Show registration date on the customers list table – ADDED
  • Ability to search through customers – ADDED


  • Customers list does not display all available customers – FIXED
  • Discounts only usable once if a maximum use count is set – FIXED
  • Remove jQuery block ui dependancy – CHANGED
  • City not showing on invoice edit metabox – FIXED
  • Price inclusive of tax does not update the subtotal on the invoice – FIXED
  • Display subscriptions info on the Gateways overview page – CHANGED
  • Card details validated even if 100% discount is used – FIXED
  • Display an invoice’s date of payment on the admin list table and invoice edit screen – ADDED


  • Fabulous Fluid theme floats payment form paragraphs – FIXED
  • Only migrate an invoice is it’s yet to be migrated – FIXED
  • VAT only reverse-charged if vat numbers are required to be validated – FIXED


  • Taxes calculated on original amount even if discounts have been added – FIXED
  • Invoice totals calculated on the fly instead of displaying the saved total – CHANGED


  • Sometimes PayPal subscriptions generate a renewal invoice instantly – FIXED
  • Only display the discount/fee on a payment form / invoice if we actually have a discount/fee – CHANGED
  • Privacy exporter only exports a maximum of 10 invoices – CHANGED
  • Show login link on invoice page if required – ADDED
  • Display currency in the “minimum amount” error message – ADDED
  • Use a responsive invoice table – ADDED
  • Ability to use decimal item quantities – ADDED
  • Item not updated when only the description is changed – FIXED


  • Incompatibility issues with UX Builder from Flatsome – FIXED
  • Template overides loaded twice – FIXED
  • Taxes sometimes applied even if disabled – FIXED
  • Wrong trial period shown on the item edit page – FIXED


  • Tool to create missing database tables – ADDED
  • Tool to re-copy missing invoices – ADDED
  • Conflict with youzer plugin – FIXED
  • Make it possible to translate the default payment form using WPML – ADDED
  • Invoices edited via admin do not show taxes in the admin unless paid for – ADDED
  • Save default tax rates for fresh installs – ADDED


  • Authorize.NET using the last name as the customer’s address – FIXED
  • Resend invoice button not working – FIXED
  • Send invoice reminder button not working – FIXED
  • Manual gateway renamed to “Test Gateway” – CHANGED
  • VAT validation not working – FIXED


  • Default pages not created for new installs – FIXED
  • Default payment form only created during the first checkout – FIXED
  • Remove PHP notices shown when a logged out users uses a “buy now” button – FIXED
  • Add a tool to generate missing GetPaid pages – ADDED
  • Show notice if some GetPaid pages are not set – ADDED


  • New invoices not visible unless a status is manually set – FIXED
  • Deleting an invoice item updates the total but does not remove the item from the HTML markup – FIXED
  • Subscription not deleted when the recurring item is removed from an invoice – FIXED
  • Prices multiplied by 100 when using a comma as a decimal separator – FIXED
  • Phone numbers not saving – FIXED
  • Payment forms show the current user’s billing details instead of the invoice user’s billing details – FIXED
  • Report graphs not displayed if WordFence is active – FIXED


  • Fix “minimum value” error with number settings fields – FIXED
  • Add the settings REST API endpoint – ADDED
  • Add sales REST API endpoint – ADDED
  • Add top-sellers REST API endpoint – ADDED
  • Add top-earners REST API endpoint – ADDED
  • Add invoice counts REST API endpoint – ADDED


  • Add the raw_html settings field type – ADDED


  • Exclude invoicing pages from Yoast XML page sitemap – CHANGED
  • Bump tested upto WP version – CHANGED
  • Send BCC email to admin for Payment Reminder – ADDED
  • Ability to create payment forms – ADDED
  • If VAT is enabled, you can now disable taxes on a per item basis – ADDED
  • If VAT is enabled, you can now disable taxes on a per invoice basis – ADDED
  • Inovice action buttons not working on the 2019 theme – FIXED
  • Ability to change the invoice date – ADDED
  • CTA for free checkouts changed from “Complete” to “Continue” – CHANGED
  • Unable to checkout when required fields are hidden via CSS – FIXED
  • Buy now buttons shortcode now visible – ADDED
  • Admin menus re-ordered to provide better hierachy – CHANGED
  • Revenue reports – ADDED
  • Yoast SEO 14.1 style conflicts – FIXED
  • Show subscription details on receipt – ADDED
  • GeoIP2 database not downloading – FIXED
  • Pay now link working for logged out users – FIXED
  • Upcoming subscription renewal emails – ADDED
  • Ability to send invoice notifications to other emails (CC) other than the one currently being billed – ADDED
  • VAT Reverse charge notice – ADDED
  • Ability to add descriptions/excerpts to invoices – ADDED
  • Ability to view and edit customers – ADDED
  • Error shows if all discounts are expired – FIXED
  • Some discounts do not have a delete link – FIXED
  • Remove Astra and RankMath metaboxes from the Invoice edit pages – ADDED
  • Change item prices on a per invoice basis – ADDED
  • Improve UI to change invoice item quantities – ADDED
  • Ability to charge hours, quantities or amounts only – ADDED
  • Worldpay – You can now specify an MD5 secret and callback password.
  • Worldpay – invoices are now automatically marked as paid or failed.
  • Authorize.NET – Get rid of the Authorize.NET SDK to improve on speed, size and reduce the required minimum PHP version.
  • Authorize.NET – Allow customers to save their payment profiles for quicker checkouts.
  • Authorize.NET – Replaced the deprecated md5 secret with a signature key
  • Authorize.NET – Improve the subscriptions feature.
  • Admin can now manually renew a subscription – ADDED
  • Ability to enter prices with tax – ADDED
  • All matching tax rates are now applied – CHANGED
  • Ability to calculate tax based on base address instead of shop address – ADDED
  • Invoice exports now include the item ids – ADDED
  • Users can now set a tax rate for all countries – ADDED
  • Users can now set a tax rate for multiple states – ADDED


  • Display customer notes on the invoice print page – ADDED
  • Use Responsive tables for invoice history invoice items table – CHANGED
  • Ability to add item description on the quick add form – ADDED
  • Manual payments now support subscriptions – CHANGED
  • Pass invoice object to wpinv_invoice_is_free_trial filter –
  • PHP 7.4 compatibility – ADDED


  • Show confirmation message when cancelling subscriptions – CHANGED
  • Ability to set the receiver email for admin invoice notifications – ADDED
  • Discount use reports – ADDED
  • Ability to set currency per invoice – ADDED


  • Conflict with Pricing Manager Addon – FIXED


  • Send email notifications for successful renewals – ADDED
  • Remove invoice items (or reduce the number) – Added
  • WPInv_Invoice->setup_status_nicename() now supports quotes – CHANGED
  • Created WPInv_Invoice->is_quote() method – ADDED
  • wpinv_create_invoice() and wpinv_insert_invoice() functions now support creating quotes – CHANGED
  • Invoices api now supports querying items by meta fields and dates – ADDED
  • Return canceled PayPal transactions to the checkout page instead of the payment failed page – CHANGED
  • Discount Object – ADDED
  • AyeCode Connect notice now shows on extensions pages – ADDED


  • Support for group_description for privacy exporters (thanks @garretthyder) – ADDED
  • Default buy now button text – ADDED
  • Users with a manage_invoicing capability can view subscriptions – ADDED
  • Missing “Add New” button on item overview pages – FIXED
  • Change invoice address format based on the customer’s billing country – ADDED
  • More country states – ADDED
  • Rearrange address data into a data folder – CHANGED
  • [wpinv_buy] shortcode now uses label instead of title for the button label – BREAKING CHANGE


  • Extensions page Gateways not able to be installed via single key – FIXED
  • Ability to create, read, update and delete an invoice via REST API – ADDED
  • Ability to create, read, update and delete invoice items via REST API – ADDED
  • Ability to create, read, update and delete discounts via REST API – ADDED
  • Filter invoice address format – ADDED
  • Shortcodes converted to Super Duper widgets – CHANGED
  • Oxygen plugin page builder breaks invoice template – FIXED
  • Error: Call to undefined function wpinv_month_num_to_name – FIXED
  • Users with a manage_invoicing capability can now manage all aspects of the plugin – ADDED
  • Super Duper updated to 1.0.16 – CHANGED
  • Added alternative IP location service for servers with allow_url_fopen disabled – ADDED


  • Super Duper updated to v1.0.15 – CHANGED


  • BuddyPress profile my invoice tab showing count with paid only should show all – FIXED
  • Remove use of WP_Session library and use transient instead – CHANGED
  • Mark invoice viewed when a user view it from invoice history – FIXED
  • 100% discount with first time payment for recurring payment should not redirect to gateway – FIXED
  • Fix 503 error while visiting checkout page if w3 total cache is active – FIXED
  • Problem in submitting the checkout form with full price discount – FIXED
  • Remove Yoast SEO metabox from edit invoice screen – FIXED
  • Allow users to pay what they want – ADDED
  • Display gateway in status column on admin side if invoice paid by offline payment gateways – ADDED
  • BuddyPress profile my invoice tab showing count with paid only should show all – FIXED
  • View invoice link now uses exit instead of wp_die() function – CHANGED


Invalid invoice user id error sometimes when require login to checkout disabled – FIXED
Extensions screen containing all available add ons for UsersWP and recommended plugins – ADDED
Updated Font Awesome version to 1.0.11 – CHANGED
Setting to allow to enable renewal payment email notification which is disabled by default. – ADDED
Export items to CSV export in reports page – ADDED


Invoice history menu item should redirect to my invoices in BuddyPress profile if BuddyPress active – FIXED
Use select2 for dropdown. – CHANGED
Invoice set to paid due to conflict with duplicate page plugin – FIXED
Discount should be calculated based on old item price if the item price changed after invoice created – FIXED
Super Duper updated to v1.0.12 – CHANGED


Checkout fields mandatory is option not working – FIXED
Buddypress profile page invoices tab is not responsive – FIXED
Add classes to invoice page buttons – ADDED
Add invoicing pages to admin menu items metabox – ADDED
filter added to wpinv_get_invoices query params – ADDED
Authorize.net recurring payment only authorize the payment allow capture as well – FIXED
Super Duper updated to v1.0.10 – CHANGED
load vat js files when required – FIXED


Recurring invoice treated as renewal payment for first payment due to delay in IPN – FIXED
Use font awesome library – CHANGED
Option to allow reset invoice sequence – ADDED
Item editable meta value not working after update item – FIXED
Item summary displays warning if not filled – FIXED


Invoice print table design issue on mobile – FIXED
Option to add custom style for invoice print page – ADDED
Setting for transaction type in Authorize.net – ADDED
Invoice not saving due to conflicts with ACFPro – FIXED
Translation typos and consistency – FIXED
Search invoice by user email in admin side invoice listing – ADDED
Column displaying invoice count in admin side users listing – ADDED
Updated to use Font Awesome 5 JS version – CHANGED
Updated invoicing menu icon – CHANGED


Update Authorize.net SSL certificaten- FIXED
Upgrade van oudere versie < 1.0.3 kan soms de sandbox-modus activeren voor actieve betalingsgateways- FIXED
Toon waarschuwing als testmodus actief is voor betaling gateways – toegevoegd


Factuur notities mogen niet worden weergegeven in RSS-feeds-Fixed


Gemaakte factuurdatum mag niet worden bijgewerkt op gepubliceerde factuur- GEWIJZIGD
Weergeven terugkerende ondersteunde gateways in backend item pagina – GEWIJZIGD
Fix front-end stijl conflict-Fixed
abonnement functionaliteit verbeterd – GEWIJZIGD
Optie om bedrijf naam te laten zien af te dwingen – TOEGEVOEGD
Avada ColorPicker conflicten-Fixed
Is het moeilijk om PayPal betaling te linken aan factuur op PayPal site- GEWIJZIGD
Kleurkiezer conflict met Avada thema-Fixed
GDPR compliance-toegevoegd


Betalen oude terugkerende factuur behandeld als vernieuwing betaling en creëert nieuwe factuur-FIXED
BTW velden niet weergegeven op de kassa pagina voor factuur met gratis trial-FIXED
Betaling knoptekst verwarrend wanneer de factuur is niet terugkerend is & totaal is nul-FIXED
wpinv_get_ template_part () niet vinden de sjabloon van de Thema’s-Fixed


Nieuwe valuta’s toegevoegd-TOEGEVOEGD
Optie toegevoegd om gegevens te verwijderen bij uninstall – GEWIJZIGD
Laat laatste sequentiële factuurnummer zien – TOEGEVOEGD
Maak van PayPal landing pagina de factureringspagina- GEWIJZIGD
GD notering is niet vernieuwd op verlenging betaling- FIXED
Veranderende valuta mag niet tot uiting komen in bestaande facturen tot facturen opnieuw worden opgeslagen – Fixed
Negatief totaal als de korting groter is dan artikelprijs -FIXED
Checkout/geschiedenis/succes pagina’s mogen niet worden opgeslagen in cache – FIXED


eerste WP.org release-yay
optie toegevoegd telefoonnummer verplicht /optioneel te maken in adresvelden-veranderd
wp-admin URL param ontsnappen bug- fixed _
wpinv_payment_meta moet altijd terug een array, zelfs indien leeg- fixed
geen manier om de BTW-gegevensinput te verwijderen van de frontend- fixed
Vaste functie toegevoegd om item te maken van array van data- gewijzigd
Fix factuurstatus conflict met andere plugin- gewijzigd
toont onjuiste trial einddatum- gewijzigd
vaste factuur notities moeten niet geteld in WP standaard opmerkingen tellen-gewijzigd
betaling gateways moeten worden verborgen als Factuurtotaal is nul (behalve facturen met gratis proefabonnement)- fixed
toestaan voor sequentiële factuurnummers-veranderd
beperking van de korting op een eenmalig gebruik per gebruiker soms niet werkt- fixed
factuurstatus “pending” veranderd in “WPi-pending”-veranderd
Ajax koop knop shortcode toegevoegd-toegevoegd


Eerste publieke beta release-release


ajaxurl soms niet gedefinieerd op frontend-Fixed
werkt niet als GD niet geïnstalleerd- FIXED
in print factuur weergave gebruik de bedrijfsnaam indien beschikbaar in plaats van de website naam-gewijzigd
factuur link toegevoegd in e-mail te bekijken factuur Print pagina-toegevoegd
in backend-knop toegevoegd om eindfactuur aan gebruiker via e-mail te sturen – toegevoegd
backend de initiële BTW-waarde moet worden toegewezen via de gebruiker land- gewijzigd
in backend knop toegevoegd aan totalen herberekenen voor de factuur-toegevoegd
in staat om nieuwe gebruiker toe te voegen uit te bewerken factuur pagina- toegevoegd
tools toegevoegd aan samenvoegen gd pakketten & facturen-toegevoegd
korting kan worden ingeschakeld/uitschakelen voor relevante item – toegevoegd