Icegram Engage – WordPress Lead Generation, Popup Builder, CTA, Optins and Email List Building


High-converting popups and opt-ins for lead capture, convert email newsletter subscribers and drive more sales – the most-value driven WordPress popup builder plugin.


Icegram Engage is your perfect conversion toolkit for transforming website visitors into loyal subscribers and customers. This powerful WordPress lead capture plugin offers a wide range of popups, floating bars, slide-ins, exit triggers, e-commerce popups and other marketing tools to engage your audience effectively.

With advanced targeting options, split testing, call to action and high-converting mobile-responsive templates, Icegram Engage makes it easy to communicate with your visitors and convert them into valuable customers.

Do all this and more without knowing a single line of code.


👉 Best Popup plugin ever come across!
I really love this plugin. It’s one of the best popup plugins I have ever used. I have tried other prominent plugins, but none has provided such top-notch performance. I use this plugin on almost all of my websites. It’s definitely worth buying compared to other high-priced plugins with fewer functionalities.


👉 Great plugin for lead generation
We’ve been using Icegram Engage as well as the compatible Email and Newsletter plugin from Icegram for blog subscription and lead generation forms. It’s easy to set up and it does what it’s supposed to do. Thank you!


👉 Great even for a novice!
An easy-to-use plugin that even a novice can figure out. Very pleased with the various features this plugin offers. – JConstantin99


Icegram Engage gives you access to many optin popups, CTA plugins, and lead conversion tools to boost your revenue and email list. Create any type of popup – email opt-ins, full-screen overlays, sticky notices, slide-ins, hello bars or header/footer bars and get more email subscribers.

Lead generation campaigns and popups for every need

  • Convince and Convert visitors to leads with crafted marketing templates

  • Direct website visitors with header/footer bars

  • Communicate with customers through support pages/landing pages

  • Attract audience with CTA or Call-to-Action elements

  • Reduce bounce rate with relevant resources/lead magnets

  • Retain customers with interactive mini-games & coupon codes

  • Grab attention with sticky notes & hello bars

  • Create urgency and FOMO with countdown timers.

The ultimate WordPress popup builder plugin:

Icegram Engage popup maker provides these mobile-responsive opt-ins, so you don’t need to worry about user expereince.

  • Lightbox popups
  • Email opt-in popups
  • Lead gen popups
  • Video popups
  • Exit-Intent popups
  • Scroll-Triggered popups
  • Timed popups
  • Click-Triggered popups
  • Full-Screen overlay popups
  • Slide-In popups
  • Ecommerce popups
  • Entry popups

Coupled with smart targeting rules and personalization, you can show the right messages to the right people at the right time in the right place.

Beyond popups, Icegram Engage has other lead capture message styles

  • Action bars / Header-Footer bars / Hello bars
  • Toast Notifications
  • Slide-ins/Messengers
  • Full-Screen Popus / Overlays / Welcome Mats
  • Inline Blocks
  • Tabs
  • Sidebars
  • Interstitials
  • Ribbons
  • Stickies
  • Badges

It seamlessly integrates with all popular email marketing platforms, offers in-depth analytics, and provides excellent support. Plus, it’s available for free, making it a must-have tool for boosting website conversions.

Drive leads for your brand affordably with Icegram Engage. Build your newsletter list and improve the return rate of loyal visitors with this CTA plugin. Acquire high-quality leads without spending a dime.


👉 Wonderful plugin: My Game Changer from 2020!
I discovered Icegram plugins at the start of 2020. I have tried many related plugins.
I ended up buying two of Icegram’s plugins.
Very impressed. – oneirishrover

Learn how to install the Icegram Engage plugin and get started – Installation Guide

View all documentation to harness the power of optins – Knowledge Base


Icegram Engage is a responsive lead capture plugin with growth-focused features and no bloats.

1. Seamless integration with top email marketing platforms

Connect effortlessly with leading Email Service Providers (ESPs), including Icegram Express, MailChimp, AWeber, Campaign Monitor, ActiveCampaign, AWS, Sendgrid, Constant Contact, MailPoet, GetResponse, InfusionSoft, Sparkpost, and more. Automate email campaigns when new leads arrive. Set up autoresponders to automate your email campaigns whenever a new lead arrives.

2. Diverse popup styles and opt-in forms

Create a variety of lead conversion forms, from eye-catching popups to mobile-responsive lightbox subscription boxes, CTAs, action bars, and more – all with Icegram Engage, and all for free.

3. Mobile responsive templates and themes

Icegram Engage gallery offers a wide range of mobile-responsive templates, ensuring your messages look flawless on any device. Seamless viewing, every time.

4. Unlimited popups and lead acquisition campaigns

With Icegram Engage, you’re not limited by the number of lead acquisition campaigns. Experience the freedom of a truly free WordPress opt-in plugin.

5. Precise targeting and display rules

Reach your audience with pinpoint accuracy. Target specific pages and device users, and schedule campaigns with unmatched precision.

6. 50+ High-converting templates

Take your business to the next level with our premium collection of 50+ high-converting opt-in popups. Skyrocket your lead generation efforts without breaking the bank. Explore all templates and demos in our Template Gallery.

7. Advanced customization options

Tailor your campaigns with custom CSS & JS code for a truly personalized touch without installing any third-party plugin.

8. Eye-catching popup animations

Grab your visitors’ attention with eye-catching animations for your email popups, messages, and action bars.

9. Lazy load for enhanced performance

Keep your website running smoothly by using the “Lazy Load” option to load Icegram Engage campaigns after default scripts. Avoid conflicts with our “Lazy Load” option.

10. Smart retargeting for better user experience

Personalize campaigns based on visitor sessions, days, or even years. Engage your audience with CTA buttons and trigger retargeting for better user experiences.

11. Use shortcodes for easy campaign display

Effortlessly display messages, campaigns, CTAs, and popups on any page or blog post using our handy shortcodes.

12. Professional popups with no enforced branding

Most of the popular plugins out there in the same space force users to display their brand under the “powered by” section. Icegram Engage is an open-source WordPress lead generation popup plugin that puts your brand first – no forced branding.

13. Duplicate campaigns with a single click

Save time on repetitive tasks by duplicating existing campaigns effortlessly.

14. Sleek user interface and elegant design

With Icegram Engage, you can effortlessly create unlimited popups and captivating Calls-to-Action (CTAs). This user-friendly WordPress popup plugin is tailor-made for lead generation.

15. WPML plugin compatibility

Icegram Engage seamlessly integrates with the latest WPML plugin, allowing you to provide regional language content to your audience.

Unlock the full potential of your WordPress website with Icegram Engage. Download now and experience the future of popup marketing!

Explore Icegram Engage’s official features page for detailed info.


👉 5X More Engagement than Optinmonster
When COVID-19 hit, Icegram Engage became our go-to weapon. It’s not just about surviving; it’s about thriving, and Engage has made that possible. This incredible tool has taken our member outreach to unprecedented heights, all while keeping things incredibly user-friendly. Explored all the popup plugins out there & this is the best WordPress popup plugin I have ever used..Plus it is easy to use and the free themes are fun to help fit our messages as we need them. Wave goodbye to the competition, including Optinmonster – Icegram Engage is the unbeatable choice! – mimdoc


👉 5+ Years of Outstanding Performance!
Five years of phenomenal results, satisfaction and counting! Icegram Engage has never let me down. It’s an incredible popup plugin & still the best! – Markarayner


  • Bloggers

  • Freelancers with little or no money

  • Small businesses 

  • Business consultants

  • Store owners

  • E-commerce websites 

  • WooCommerce users

  • Developers

  • Journlalists

  • Educational institutions / coaches

  • NGOs / Non-profits

  • Affiliate mareketers

  • Marketing agencies

And, this is how Icegram Engage caters to them all

  • Lead optin for bloggers

  • Business messages for entrepreneurs

  • Call back for business consultants

  • Retaining coupons for store owners

  • Action bars for journalist websites

  • Review modules for health sectors

  • Advanced blocks for developers

  • Non-intrusive popups for agencies

  • Lead magnets for fitness gurus

  • CTAs for affiliate marketers

Some of the major use cases are narrated here — Icegram Engage Use Case [best pop-up examples included]


While the free version of our plugin provides valuable features, Icegram Engage Premium takes your experience to the next level, offering an …


  • Different Icegram Engage messages
  • High converting design templates
  • The Icegram Engage workflow
  • Editing an Icegram Engage campaign - add multiple messages, edit them, full HTML editor, themes and more
  • Target your Icegram Engage message using these display rules


  1. Unzip and upload contents of the plugin to your /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activeer de plugin via het ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Click on ‘Icegram Engage’ option within WordPress admin sidebar menu


Messages look broken / formatting is weird…

This is most likely due to CSS conflicts with the current theme. We suggest using simple formatting for messages. You can also write custom CSS in your theme to fix any problems.

Extra Line Breaks / Paragraphs in messages…

Go to HTML mode in content editor and pull your custom HTML code all together in one line. Don’t leave blank lines between two tags. That should fix it.

How do I add custom CSS for messages?

You can use custom CSS/JS inline in your message HTML. You can also use your theme’s custom JS / CSS feature to add your changes.

Optin Forms / Mailing service integration…

You can embed any opt-in / subscription form to your Icegram Engage messages using HTML code. You may even use a shortcode if you are using a WP plugin from your newsletter/lead capture service.

Use the “Embed Form” button above the text editor to paste in HTML code from your mailing list service and let Icegram Engage automatically “clean it up” for usage in Icegram Engage messages.

Preview does not work / not refreshing…

Doing a browser refresh while previewing will not show your most recent changes. Click the ‘Preview’ button to see a preview with your latest changes.

Can I use shortcodes in a message?

Yes! Messages support shortcodes. You may need to adjust CSS so the shortcode output looks good in your message.

I can’t find a way to do X…

Icegram Engage is actively developed. If you can’t find your favorite feature (or have a suggestion) contact us. We’d love to hear from you.

I’m facing a problem and can’t find a way out…

Contact Us, provide as much detail of the problem as you can. We will try to solve the problem ASAP.


24 juli 2023
This plugin always works how it's supposed to, I haven't had any issues with sending (though that will depend on your hosting), and the support is usually very fast.
19 april 2023
I'm using it for exit intent popups on desktop and for sticky bars on mobile, works very well for me!
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3.1.22 (28.02.2024)

  • Fix: Improved security related to XSS [Thanks to Patchstack team]

3.1.21 (17.01.2024)

  • Fix: Improved security related to XSS [Thanks to Patchstack team]

3.1.20 (19.12.2023)

  • Fix: Improved security related to XSS [Thanks to Patchstack team]

3.1.19 (01.12.2023)

  • Fix: Improved security related to XSS and nonce validations [Thanks to Patchstack team]

3.1.18 (14.11.2023)

  • Fix: Small bug fix

3.1.17 (25.10.2023)

  • Fix: Uncaught TypeError: in_array() in some usecase while editing campaign

3.1.16 (12.10.2023)

  • New: Added new Gallery templates
  • Update: WordPress 6.3.1 compatibility check

3.1.15 (05.07.2023)

  • Update: UI/UX improvements

3.1.14 (22.06.2023)

  • Fix: PHP notice for undefined var ‘form_arr’
  • Fix: Console error for undefined icegram_writepanel_params on some screens

3.1.13 (01.06.2023)

  • Fix: Issue with duplicate campaign save
  • Fix: Message “Show After” settings UI issue in Firefox

3.1.12 (18.05.2023)

  • Update: Form integration improvements
  • Fix: Improved security related to XSS [Thanks to WPScan team]

3.1.11 (09.05.2023)

  • New: Display rules summary on all campaigns list screen
  • New: Option for font-family settings

3.1.10 (18.04.2023)

  • Update: WordPress 6.1.2 compatibility check

3.1.9 (23.03.2023)

  • Update: Compatibility with latest WPML

3.1.8 (16.03.2023)

  • New: Added rule “After the visitor came from x page”

3.1.7 (03.03.2023)

  • New: Styling options for Countdown timer

3.1.6 (09.02.2023)

  • New: ‘On Click’ option in Show Trigger

3.1.5 (30.01.2023)

  • New: Option to load display rules from other campaign

3.1.4 (19.01.2023)

  • New: Added feedback tab
  • Fix: Contact Form 7 compatibility issue
  • Update: Improved page load performance on campaigns screen

3.1.3 (29.12.2022)

  • Enhancement: Onboarding UI/UX improvements

3.1.2 (16.12.2022)

  • New: Introduce Icegram dashboard
  • Fix: User capability issue with Icegram Engage account connection [Premium]

3.1.1 (08.12.2022)

  • Fix: UI/UX issues on campaign settings screen

3.1.0 (18.11.2022)

  • New: Added BFCM Gallery items

3.0.13 (03.11.2022)

  • Fix: Countdown timer not showing on Mozilla Firefox browser
  • Fix: UI/UX issues on campaign settings screen

3.0.12 (20.10.2022)

  • New: Templates for Halloween
  • Update: UI improvements

3.0.11 (12.10.2022)

  • Enhancement: Gallery Templates for Halloween
  • Update: UI improvements

3.0.10 (06.10.2022)

  • New: Added new Gallery templates

3.0.9 (29.09.2022)

  • Update: UI improvements

3.0.8 (15.09.2022)

  • New: Target campaigns to any post with “Where” conditions

3.0.7 (08.09.2022)

  • New: Added content locker setting for campaigns

3.0.6 (25.08.2022)

  • Fix: Icegram Express form was not rendering properly in Icegram Engage message

3.0.5 (19.08.2022)

  • New: Added new Gallery templates

3.0.4 (11.08.2022)

  • Fix: Jquery error while selecting form position

3.0.3 (04.08.2022)

  • Update: UI improvements

3.0.2 (28.07.2022)

  • Fix: WPForms integration issue
  • Fix: Icegram Express GDPR link issue
  • Update: UI improvements

3.0.1 (21.07.2022)

  • Fix: Icegram Express form integration was not working in some cases
  • Fix: Warnings on campaigns dashboard

3.0.0 (14.07.2022)

  • New: Admin UI for campaign settings

2.1.10 (09.06.2022)

  • Update: Admin campaign settings UI improvements

2.1.9 (01.06.2022)

  • Update: WordPress 6.0 compatibility check

2.1.8 (30.05.2022)

  • Fix: Improved security related to XSS [Thanks to WPScan team]

2.1.7 (18.05.2022)

  • Update: UI/UX improvements

2.1.6 (26.04.2022)

  • Update: UI/UX improvements

2.1.5 (14.04.2022)

  • Update: UI/UX improvements

2.1.4 (07.03.2022)

  • Fix: Classic Post Editor not showing
  • Fix: UI issue with Contact Us popup on Docs & Support screen

2.1.3 (05.03.2022)

  • New: Added onboarding campaign creation guide

2.1.2 (04.02.2022)

  • Update: UI/UX improvements

2.1.1 (01.02.2022)

  • Update: UI/UX improvement for countdown timer [PRO]

2.1.0 (27.01.2022)

  • New: Added countdown timer feature [PRO]

2.0.7 (08.12.2021)

  • Fix: Improved security related to XSS [Thanks to Patchstack team]

2.0.5 (18.11.2021)

  • Enhancement: Revised Gallery Templates for BFCM
  • Fix: Improved security related to XSS and nonce validations [Thanks to Patchstack team]
  • Fix: Secured Icegram Engage from reflected XSS vulnerability [Thanks to WPScan team]

2.0.4 (21.10.2021)

  • Enhancement: Revised Gallery Templates for Halloween

2.0.3 (17.08.2021)

  • Fix: Improved security related to nonce in Settings and Subscription form
  • Fix: Secured Icegram Engage from Stored XSS vulnerability

2.0.2 (27.07.2021)

  • Update: UI/UX improvements
  • Fix: Icegram Engage account connection issue [Premium]

2.0.1 (23.07.2021)

  • Update: WordPress 5.8 compatibility check
  • Update: UI improvements

2.0.0 (21.07.2021)

  • Update: UI improvements

1.11.0 (17.07.2021)

  • Update: Performance improvements
  • Update: UI/UX improvements


  • Update: WordPress 5.7 compatibility check
  • Update: UI improvement


  • Update: WordPress 5.6 compatibility check


  • Update: WordPress 5.5.3 compatibility check
  • Update: UI improvements


  • Update: UI improvements


  • Fix: Jquery issue with WordPress 5.5


  • Fix: Compatibility issue with WordPress 5.5


  • Fix: Icegram Engage campaign not working issue.


  • Update: Improve performance by loading JS/ CSS whenever required
  • Fix: Icegram Collect Shortcode issue


  • Fix: Campaigns were not showing if display rules are set to role specific
  • Update: WordPress 5.4 compatibility test


  • UI enhancements


  • Fix: Icegram Express form was not visible when Icgram Express Premium plugin activated


  • Fix: Form color field was not rendering properly
  • Enhancement: Added Christmas Gallery Items


  • Fix: Security issues


  • Added Black Friday Cyber Monday Gallery Items


  • Enhancement: Revised Gallery Templates for Halloween


  • New: Added featured gallery items


  • Enhancement: Revised Gallery templates

  • Fix: Fatal error ‘ES_DB_Forms’ class not found.


  • New: Icegram Express is the recommended method of adding forms in Icegram Engage


  • Fix: Fixed security issue in the gallery

  • Fix: Fatal error “IG_Tracker_V_1_0_1” class not found.

  • Fix: Fatal error “IG_Tracker_V_1_0_1” class not found.


  • Enhancement: Revised Gallery templates


  • Fix: Fixed gallery not loading issue


  • Update: Now supports multi roles for the user in campaign display rules


  • Enhancement: Revised Gallery Templates for Black Friday and Cyber Monday


  • Enhancement: Revised Gallery Templates for Halloween


  • Enhancement: Revised Gallery templates


  • Fix: Fixed popup blocker issue while previewing campaign
  • Update: Compatibility with latest WPML
  • Enhancement: Revised Gallery templates


  • New: Added customizable Gallery templates to the Gallery
  • Update: Compatibility with latest Icegram Express


  • Update: Compatibility with latest GDPR


  • Update: Now supports Icegram Collect forms in a multisite environment.


  • New: Improved the UI/UX of the Icegram Engage Gallery


  • Enhancement: Revised Gallery templates


  • Fix: “The plugin does not have a valid header”


  • New: Added Christmas Gallery templates


  • Update: Compatibility with WordPress 4.9


  • New: Added Black Friday and Cyber Monday Gallery templates


  • Fix: MailPoet 3 anti-spam field was visible with Form embed functionality


  • New: Added Halloween Gallery templates


  • Enhancement: Revised Gallery templates

  • Fix: “Blank / White Screen of death” / Fatal error: Can’t use function return value in write context


  • Enhancement: Revised Gallery templates


  • Fix: compatibility with Contact Form 7(v4.8)


  • New: Added new templates to Icegram Engage’s Gallery
  • Fix: Single gallery template wasn’t loading on refresh


  • Enhancement: Search bar, filters added to Icegram Engage’s Gallery


  • Enhancement: Small improvements for Call To Actions


  • New: Directly choose Gallery Template while creating a New Campaign



  • Update: Mobile Detect Library updated to version 2.8.24
  • Fix: Forms that were embedded in mobile popups at “0 seconds”
  • Fix: Resolve conflicts with WordPress themes using Magnific popup library


  • Fix: Action bar was not getting close.


  • Enhancement: Merged all addons in one


  • Enhancement: Small improvements in responsiveness of Popups and Action bars


  • Fix: Popup with time delay more than “0 seconds” were also converted to action bar if Behavior triggers were installed


  • Enhancement: No Google penalty for mobile popups, an automatic solution


  • New: Revamped the old admin UI and made it more user-friendly and simple

  • Fix: Solve “Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘&&’ (T_BOOLEAN_AND), expecting ‘)'”


  • Update: Icegram Collect form compatibility with Icegram Engage’s Remote addon


  • Fix: Secured Icegram Engage from XSS vulnerability(Thanks to Ipstenu (Mika Epstein))


  • Fix: Compatibility with Icegram Engage’s CTA add-on and Icegram Collect


  • Update: Performance enhancements
  • Fix: Gallery is not getting loaded with https site



  • New: Added the Gallery of ready to use Icegram Engage Campaigns
  • Fix: Font was not getting loaded for convert theme(popup)


  • New: Added quick action for campaign preview
  • Fix: For new message delay time -1 were not getting set


  • New: Two step – click triggered – optins
  • Enhancement: Complete revamp of popup themes – Airmail, Convert, Inspire, Persude
  • Fix: Clicks were not getting tracked for button[type=submit] with inner HTML


  • New: Support for custom JS and CSS in message
  • New: Added German translations
  • Enhancement: Revised Addons and Docs page inside the plugin
  • Enhancement: Prevent false Impression count on crawling in analytics
  • Fix: For …