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Speel .mp3, .wav, .ogg audiobestand in WordPress. Een eenvoudige, toegankelijke, makkelijk te gebruiken & volledig aanpasbare audiospeler die werkt op alle apparaten. Je kunt een mooie audiospeler afspelen en insluiten in het bericht, pagina en widgets gebieden en template bestanden. Het heeft tonnen van opties die passen bij de behoefte van je audiospeler.

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How to use it?

Hier is een korte tutorial.

[audio_player src="video src" width="100%"]


  • Sluit audiospeler in bericht, pagina, widget gebied en thema templates in
  • The audio player is compact so it does not take a lot of real estate on your webpage.
  • Ondersteuning play inline.
  • Controle over alle knoppen.
  • Shortcode gestuurd. Dus het is krachtiger.
  • Gemakkelijk te gebruiken, wat betekent dat je geen expert hoeft te zijn om deze plugin te gebruiken.
  • HTML5 compatible so the audio files embedded with this plugin will play on iOS devices
  • Works on all major browsers – IE7, IE8, IE9, Safari, Firefox, Chrome
  • The audio player is responsive.
  • If you do podcasting then this audio player can be used to embed the audio files on your WordPress posts or pages
  • If you are selling audio files from your site then you can use this plugin to offer a preview
  • Use the autoplay option to play an audio/mp3 file as soon as the page loads
  • Ability to specify both the MP3 and Ogg versions of your audio files. The plugin will play the appropriate one based on the device.
  • Licht gewicht

Pro Version Features

Wat is er nieuw in PRO?

  • Kleur aanpassing opties.
  • Toon vooruitspoelen en terugspoelen knop
  • Verhoog de laadsnelheid van de pagina door de opties van de Preload te wijzigen.
  • Geen advertenties
  • Hide / Show Restart Button
  • Verberg / toon downloadknop.
  • Verberg / toon afspeelknop
  • Verberg / toon de voortgangsbalk voor audio.
  • Verberg / toon afspeelduur in de speler.
  • Verberg / toon mute-knop.
  • Verberg / toon de volumeregeling.
  • Toon / verberg knop Instellingen in de speler.
  • Stel een knop in om de audiosnelheid te regelen.
  • Player with single Play Button.

How to use

  • After installation, you can see a sidebar menu in the dashboard called “HTML5 Audio Player”
  • Add one or more players from there.
  • You will get Shortcode for every player On the player list.
  • Kopieer shortcode voor de speler die je wil publiceren
  • Plak de shortcode in een bericht, pagina en widgetgebied om ze te publiceren. Als je een speler wilt publiceren in een template bestand, gebruik dan
  • you can also use this shortcode [audio_player src=”″ width=”100%”]
  • Veel plezier!

Gutenberg blok

  • Deze plugin voegt een Gutenberg blok genaamd HTML5 audiospeler toe onder de Algemeen categorie
  • Go to your WordPress Admin interface and open a post or page editor.
  • Klik op de plusknop in de linkerbovenhoek of in de hoofdtekst van het bericht/pagina.
  • Search or See in Common Block Category and select HTML5 Audio Player.
  • Klik op het pictogram om toe te voegen.
  • Select A Player
  • Publiceer en geniet!

  • Voor hulp bij de installatie klik je op de tab Installatie


Like that plugin? Hate it? Want a new feature? [Send me some feedback](mailto: “Send feedback”)


  • Sidebar menu
  • UI
  • Player configuration
  • Shortcode Generator


Deze plugin heeft 2 blokken.

  • Audio Player Listen music on the web.
  • HTML5 Audio Player


This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working.


  1. Upload plugin-directory to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. De plugin activeren via het ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Use the shortcode on the page, post, or in widgets.
  4. If you want Player in your theme php, Place <?php echo do_shortcode('YOUR_SHORTCODE'); ?> in your templates


How do I install this plugin?

You can install it as other regular WordPress plugins. No different way. Please see on installation tab.

Can I play a video such as a mp4 file?

No, But you can try my other plugin called “HTML5 Video Player”

Welk type audio kan ik afspelen?

Je kunt .mp3, .oog en .wav audiobestanden afspelen.


26 september 2023
I am using the pro version. While it does a good job in general, I've found several bugs since I started using it. Unfortunately, the team behind the plugin is not responsive and weeks can go by before someone gets back to my emails. I am currently waiting for support. Quite a frustrating experience.
4 september 2023 1 reactie
You can use it but don't expect too much. You can create many combinations with these setting elements. However, the possibilities to implement your own ideas are very limited. Inconsistent availability of features and colors across player variants. There is potential, but more talent, skills and willingness to make a good product are needed.
20 juli 2023 2 reacties
DescriptionThe plugin does not validate and escape some of its shortcode attributes before outputting them back in a page/post where the shortcode is embed, which could allow users with the contributor role and above to perform Stored Cross-Site Scripting attacks. Proof of Concept[h5ap_inline_player src="invalid' onerror='alert(1)'"] Information from Wpscan
7 april 2023 2 reacties
I bought the PRO version and I accidentally forgot to deactivate the license before migration. I wrote to the support to please help me because I was unable to activate the license on my new site. It took them 2 weeks to respond, "you can activate the license key now". I couldn't, so I wrote them again to check it please. Never got a reply, it has been almost a month. Very disappointed.
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2.2.19 – 3 Feb, 2024

  • Fixed: m4a issue in safari

2.2.18 – 27 Jan, 2024

  • Feature: Quick Player / New Shortcode Added
  • Fixed: Deprecated: Creation of dynamic property

2.2.17 – 4 Dec, 2023

  • Fixed: File does not exist

2.2.16 – 22 Nov, 2023

  • Fixed: default player not working

2.2.14 – 25 Sep, 2023

  • Fixed: call to undefined function str_contains

2.2.13 – 20 Sep, 2023

  • Fixed: Deprecated error from Codester

2.2.12 – 18 Sep, 2023

  • Option to set initial volume in Elementor addon


  • Elementor Addons Added
  • Gutenberg Block Added


  • solve audio player duration stuck issue


  • Enabled Direct file download with the original file name.
  • Fix a minor issue
  • Improved performance


  • Add support for Gutenberg Block


  • fix player position issue
  • Change player skin to modern one.
  • improved performance


  • Initiële versie