Hello Dolly


Dit is niet zomaar een plugin. Het symboliseert de hoop en het enthousiasme van een hele generatie, opgesomd in 2 woorden en gezongen door Louis Armstrong: Hello Dolly. Na activatie van deze plugin zie je rechtsboven op je beheerpagina’s telkens 1 zin uit dit liedje Hello, Dolly.


Stupid wanna-be-dictator idiot jerk forces all WP users to hate Hello Dolly!

If this plugin were only included when you installed WP the first time, I doubt many people would say anything bad about it. But since some Stupid wanna-be-dictator idiot jerk forces it to be reinstalled with every update, it Hello Dolly has become synonymous with stupidity, tyranny, and axxholes!

I stop it by erasing the content of the hello.php so it is empty and assigning it 0400 privileges. Even WP can’t add it back to my sites.

Louis Armstrong is great! Why not add a plugin about “It’s a Wonderful World” and not replace it for anyone who removes it!

BTW, How much does this idiot pay WordPress to force this garbage on us?

Please stop reinstalling this garbage

This plugin is junk and serves no purpose, and to make matters worse, WP insists on reinstalling upon version upgrades, even if the plugin has been deleted.

Take a hint when people keep repeatedly deleting it – don’t reinstall it again, and again, and again.

I don’t think it should be on default install 🙂

I understand this is useful for devs, but since devs users are much fewer than simple webmasters, I don’t see why it should be on default install. I’m using wordpress for a long time and I am grateful about the amazing free CMS, but I’ve always uninstall it and it seems that there are a lot of people that don’t find it useful.
I guess a simple checkbox before installing that you can mark if you want it installed would be enough. But not by default on every site.

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