Deze plugin is niet getest met de laatste 3 grotere versies van WordPress. Mogelijk wordt het niet meer onderhouden of ondersteund. Ook kunnen er compatibiliteitsproblemen ontstaan wanneer het wordt gebruikt met recentere versies van WordPress.

Gravity Forms CLI Add-On


The Gravity Forms CLI Add-On allows WP-CLI users to manage forms and entries and more on the command line.


Form Management

Entry Management

Getting started

  • wp help gf
  • wp help gf form
  • wp help gf form field
  • wp help gf form notification
  • wp help gf entry
  • wp help gf entry notification
  • wp help gf install
  • wp help gf setup
  • wp help gf license
  • wp help gf tool

Form Management

wp gf form [command]


  • create – Creates a new form.
  • delete – Deletes a form.
  • duplicate – Duplicates a form.
  • edit – Launch system editor to edit the Form configuration.
  • export – Exports forms to a Gravity Forms Form export file.
  • form_list – Lists the forms with entry count and view counts.
  • get – Returns the form JSON.
  • import – Imports forms from a Gravity Forms Form export file.
  • update – Updates a form.

Field Management

  • wp gf form field [command]
  • wp gf field [command] (alias)


  • create – Creates a field and adds it to a form.
  • delete – Deletes a field.
  • duplicate – Duplicates a field.
  • edit – Launch system editor to edit the Field configuration.
  • get – Returns the JSON representation of a field.
  • list – Displays a list of fields for a form.
  • update – Updates a field.

Notification Management

  • wp gf form notification [command]
  • wp gf notification [command] (alias)


  • create – Creates a new notification.
  • delete – Deletes a notification.
  • duplicate – Duplicates a notification.
  • edit – Launch system editor to edit the notification configuration.
  • list – Lists the notification.
  • get – Returns the notification JSON.
  • update – Updates a notification.

Entry Management

wp gf entry [command]


  • create – Creates a new entry from either a JSON string with the raw entry or from field-value pairs.
  • delete – Deletes an entry.
  • duplicate – Duplicates an entry
  • edit – Launch system editor to edit the JSON representation of the Entry.
  • export – Exports entries.
  • get – Returns a JSON representation of an entry.
  • import – Imports entries.
  • list – Displays a list of entries.
  • update – Updates an entry.

Entry Notifications

wp gf entry notification [command]


  • get – Returns the notifications for the given entry.
  • send – Sends the notifications for the given entry.

License Management

wp gf license [command]


  • update – Updates the license key for the installation.
  • delete – Deletes the license key for the installation.

Misc Tools

wp gf tool [command]


  • clear-transients
  • empty-trash Delete the trashed entries.
  • verify-checksums Verify Gravity Forms files against the checksums.
  • system-report Outputs the system report from the Forms > System Status page. Supports “status” as an alias.

Installing Gravity Forms and Add-Ons

The above commands all require Gravity Forms to be installed. However, if Gravity Forms is not installed then you can use this add-on to install it along with all the other official Gravity Forms add-ons.

The install command will download and install the latest version Gravity Forms available for auto-update and then run the database setup. The license key will be saved in the plugin settings.

A valid license key is required either in the GF_LICENSE_KEY constant or the --key option.


  • wp gf install --key=xxxxx
  • wp gf install --key=xxxxx --activate
  • wp gf install gravityformspolls --key=xxxxx
  • wp gf install gravityformsquiz --key=xxxxx

Once installed, the database can be set up or upgraded separately using the setup command. The command will not re-run the setup unless the --force flag is set.


  • wp gf setup
  • wp gf setup --force

Gravity Forms and official add-ons can be updated using the update command.


  • wp gf update
  • wp gf update gravityformspolls

Check the current version using the version command.


  • wp gf version
  • wp gf version gravityformspolls


  1. WordPress 4.2+
  2. Gravity Forms
  3. WP-CLI version 1.0+


If you find anything that needs fixing please open a support ticket at

If you have any ideas for improvements please submit your idea at


wp plugin install gravityformscli –activate or

  1. Download the zipped file.
  2. Extract and upload the contents of the folder to /wp-contents/plugins/ folder
  3. Go to the Plugin management page of WordPress admin section and enable the ‘Gravity Forms CLI’ plugin


16 juli 2021 7 reacties
Rocket don't give support The plugin destory my website after try to uninstall - but THEY DON'T CARE! Don't use it...
14 september 2017
a great timesaver when bootstrapping a fresh install with WP-CLI, I'm assembling a library of previous form exports and then running the required imports as part of my setup batch file.
3 september 2016 1 reactie
It's awesome. Makes people like me who are constantly in a CLI window drool. Yep, it's the bees knees.
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  • Fixed an issue where the version comparison performed when using wp gf update with an add-on slug uses the Gravity Forms version number.
  • Added support for using --version=beta with the wp gf install and wp gf update commands. Add-On beta releases are not currently supported.
  • Fixed a fatal error which can occur when using the wp gf version command with an add-on slug when Gravity Forms is not active or not installed.


  • Fixed an error occurring when using the wp gf form notification create command.


  • Updated Gravity API domain.
  • Updated the ids format of the wp gf entry list command to support the page-size and offset args. Credit: Ulrich Pogson.
  • Updated the form export command to support the optional filename arg e.g. wp gf form export 1 --filename=testing.json. Credit: Timothy Decker.
  • Fixed an issue where the wp gf install command could not network activate plugins.
  • Fixed an error occurring when using the wp gf form notification update command without the notification-id arg.
  • Fixed an issue with the wp gf entry export command.


  • Added support for start_date and end_date filters for the entry export command. e.g. wp gf entry export 11 --start_date="2018-11-01" --end_date="2018-11-11"
  • Added the wp gf tool system-report command and the wp gf tool status alias for outputting the system report from the Gravity Forms 2.2+ System Status page.
  • Fixed an issue with the wp gf install command ending with an error message when no error occurred.
  • Fixed an issue where old messages could continue to be displayed in the admin following a license key change.
  • Fixed an “invalid synopsis part” warning and an “unknown parameter” error with the wp gf form field update command.
  • Fixed the wp gf form update command using the wrong argument to get the existing form which could result in a form not found error.
  • Fixed an issue with the wp gf form create command where missing field IDs are added automatically.


  • Added the wp gf license command.
  • Fixed an issue with updating forms from an export file.


  • Added the --file arg to the wp gf form update command to allow forms to be updated from an export file.
  • Fixed a fatal error when using the install command.


  • Added the wp gf form notification command.
  • Added the wp gf entry notification command.
  • Added the wp gf version command.
  • Added the wp gf update command.
  • Updated the install and update commands to download the latest hotfix version by default.
  • Fixed an issue with wp gf form export <form-id> where the form ID is ignored.


  • Updated the install command to pass the --force value to the setup command.
  • Updated the output when forcing the setup.


  • Added the wp gf setup command
  • Fixed an issue with the install command where the database was not setup until visiting the WP dashboard.
  • Updated the WP-CLI requirement to 1.0+


  • Added support for the WP-CLI package index.
  • Fixed entry export.


  • All new!