Exxp verbindt je WordPress blog met de Hive blockchain.

Het maakt een automatische back-up van je berichten op de Hive blockchain. Daarmee verbetert je SEO en krijg je de mogelijkheid cryptomunten (tokens) te verdienen.

Je profiteert ook van een reactie sectie, die wordt geleverd door Hive. Je verhoogt daarmee de interactie met je blog, doordat je berichten op verschillende sites gepubliceerd worden. Mensen kunnen op elke site reageren op je blogartikelen.

Ontdek meer mogelijkheden op de Discordserver https://discord.gg/Ar8KmzB en op onze site: https://exxp.io

Functionaliteit :
• Automatisch plaatsen van berichten op de Hive blockchain
• Conversie en opschonen van tekst, zodat het netjes wordt weergegeven op verschillende websites
• Automatische positieve stem op eigen bericht
• Voegt een link toe naar het originele blogbericht
• Maatwerk tags voor elk artikel
• Standaard tags, wanneer je geen extra tags opgeeft bij een artikel.
• Optioneel plaatsen van bericht
• Bulk plaatsen van berichten
• Plannen van berichten
• Ondersteuning van meer hive account tegelijkertijd
• Optioneel toevoegen van de uitgelichte afbeelding bovenaan de Hive artikel
• Filteren op basis van de WP categorie
• Aanpasbare footer op Hive


30 december 2022
A bit buggy but managed to work. doesn't post to hive if you blog from your smartphone using the wordpress app though
20 oktober 2020
I started blogging three years ago with both a Wordpress site and my boyfriend got me to create an account on a crypto site, as well. Initially I would copy and paste the blogs I wanted shared on both, but with this plugin I save time and energy being able to automatically post my WP blog straight to the Hive blockchain! The team has created a fantastic tool, with plenty of settings to adjust your tags and create custom footers to appear when your post hits the blockchain, in addition to a number of other small, yet important, details. The new exxp.io dashboard is also a great addition with the ability to access your blockchain information right there! I have only just scratched the surface on exploring it all, but can't wait to look into it more.
19 oktober 2020
I've used variations of this plugin for the last couple of years and found it a great way to connect my WordPress blog to another audience on blockchain based blogging sites, where I've made new friends and, dare I say it, monetised my blog which I never thought would happen. There's a lot more potential for you to boost your blog site which you'll see when you install it and log in on their website to see how it can help you - nothing to lose, everything to gain. Great development work from Martin and Fredrik - keep it up!
19 oktober 2020
I have been using the forerunner of this plugin for more than two years and I just love it. It has made my entry into the world of both blockchains and crypto (blogging) seemless and happy. This new iteration has some exciting features that will make all bloggers very happy because it will ensure that content (and hard work) is kept for posterity. Finally, and it must be said, the team is approachable and helpful if there are glitches (which have often been my fault), and not just that, they solve the problems. Thanks, Martin and Fredrik!
19 oktober 2020
I've been using this plugin (originally released under a different, blockchain name specific version) for a couple of years now, and it is by far my favorite WordPress plugin! Not only am I able to easy crosspost my blog posts from my self-hosted site to my crypto blog on the Hive blockchain, the team behind this (Martin & Fredrick) have been incredibly responsive and helpful whenever any kind of issue arises. And now with the new dashboard, I have all the tools I need to take my blogging to the next level! Thank you so much for all your amazing work!
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