Events Manager – Calendar, Bookings, Tickets, and more!


Events Manager is een volledig uitgeruste evenementenkalender, boekingen en registratiebeheer plugin voor WordPress, gebaseerd op de principes van flexibiliteit, betrouwbaarheid en krachtige functies!

Belangrijkste functies

  • Beautiful calendars, search pages, lists, grids and booking forms to enhance your site events.
  • Easy event registration (single day with start/end times)
  • Recurring and long (multi-day) event registration
  • Bookings Management (including approval/rejections, export CVS, and more!)
  • Meerdere tickets
  • Fully-featured graph and statistics including bar/line/pie with comparison and stacking
  • MultiSite Event Support
    • Cross-Network Event Sharing – show your events and booking fromss on other subsites or main site
    • Network-wide Global Booking Management
    • BuddyPress and BuddyBoss Support
    • Create modular (independent) event subsites or inter-networked events
  • Multiple Location Types
  • BuddyPress & BuddyBoss Support
    • Submit Events
    • Groepsevenementen
    • Persoonlijke evenementen
    • activiteiten stroom
    • meer onderweg
  • Inzendingen voor gasten/leden
  • Toewijzen event locaties en bekijken beurzen van locatie
  • Evenementcategorieën
  • Maak eenvoudig aangepaste evenementkenmerken (bijvoorbeeld dresscode)
  • Google Maps (zie onze aanbevelingen voor API-gebruik)
  • Geavanceerde machtigingen – beperkt gebruikersbeheer van evenementen en locaties .
  • Widgets voor evenementen, locaties en kalenders
  • Nauwkeurige controle over hoe elk aspect van je evenementen worden weergegeven op je website, eenvoudig templates wijzigen vanuit de instellingenpagina’s en template bestanden
  • iCal Feed (enkele en alle evenementen)
  • Toevoegen aan Google Agenda-knoppen
  • RSS feeds
  • Compatibel met SEO plugins
  • Tijdzone-ondersteuning – maak evenementen in verschillende tijdzones
  • Tal van template tags en shortcodes voor gebruik in je berichten en pagina’s
  • Actief onderhouden en ondersteund
  • Veel documentatie en tutorials
  • En veel meer!

Gegevensprivacy en GDPR-conformiteit

Wij bieden de tools om je te helpen GDPR compatibel te zijn, inclusief:

  • exporteren/wissen van gegevens via het WordPress Privacy Gereedschap, inclusief boekings-, evenementen- en locatiegegevens
  • toestemming selectievakjes op onze boekings-, evenementen- en locatieformulieren op de frontend
  • instellingen om te bepalen wat kan worden geëxporteerd/gewist en waar/wanneer om toestemming moet worden gevraagd
  • voorbeeldtekst voor het privacybeleid van je site, waarin wordt beschreven wat Events Manager met persoonlijke gegevens doet

Premium Features

We have a premium Pro add-on for Events Manager which not only demonstrates the flexibility of Events Manager, but also adds some important features including but not limited to:

  • WooCommerce integration (sold separately)
  • PayPal, Stripe, en offline betalingen
  • Aangepaste boekingsformulieren
  • Aangepaste formulieren voor individuele deelnemers
  • Printable Invoices and Tickets
  • Send PDF tickets/invoices by email automatically
  • Check In/Out
  • QR Scanning
    • Manage bookings on your phone
    • Check In/Out users
  • Waitlists
  • Automation (NEW!) – ultimate flexibility in automation!
    • Triggers:
    • X time before/after events start
    • When a booking status changes
    • When a booking was booked x time ago
    • Actions
    • Send Webhook (Zapier, MS Automation and many other services)
    • Send Email
  • Waardeboncodes
  • Aangepaste boekings-e-mail per evenement en gateway
  • Snellere ondersteuning via privé pro forums

For more information or to go pro, visit our plugin website.

Additional Plugin Integrations

Whilst there’s many third party integrations with our own plugin, here’s some we’ve integrated ourselves!


  • Innovative responsive calendar with rings to show eventful dates, colored by category, clickable to expand more event information.
  • Completely customizable event widgets/blocks and shortcodes.
  • Beautiful event pages which can be completely customized via our settings page.
  • Share your events to popular calendar clients.
  • Display information about your location in widgets, blocks and shortcodes too.
  • Full-featured statistics and insights into your ticket sales via multiple graph types, including comparison and stacking.
  • Easily skip to the future with our new calendar navigation and search filters.
  • Easy-to-use search filters, whether on the phone or desktop.
  • Search for events and locations within a search radius using Google geo searches.
  • Intuitive search UI for your visitors.
  • QUickly switch between search views.
  • View your events on a Google Map, filter with searches.
  • Multiple calendar styles, fully responsive according to the width of the calendar.
  • Responsivve way for mini-calendar to intuitively show dates with many events within a quick glance.
  • Responsive lists that adapt to the size of its containing content.
  • Clean forms for submitting and managing events, as well as booking events for users.
  • Dashboard graph widget for quick review of your event bookings with tons of meaningful data views.
  • Grid view for displaying your upcoming events at a glance


Events Manager works like any standard WordPress plugin, and requires little configuration to start managing events. If you get stuck, visit the our documentation and support forums.

Whenever installing or upgrading any plugin, or even WordPress itself, it is always recommended you back up your database first!


  1. Ga bij het installeren naar Plugins > Nieuwe toevoegen in het beheergebied , en zoek naar evenementen manager.
  2. Klik op installeren, eenmaal geïnstalleerd, activeren en je bent klaar!

Once installed, you can start adding events straight away, although you may want to visit the plugin site documentation and learn how to unleash the full power of Events Manager.


  1. When upgrading, visit the plugins page in your admin area, scroll down to events manager and click upgrade.
  2. WordPress will help you upgrade automatically.

Upgraden van versie 4 naar 5

Please read these instructions.


Zie onze FAQ pagina, die regelmatiger wordt bijgewerkt.


28 februari 2024 1 reactie
In the file: plugins\events-manager\buddypress\bp-em-core.phpLine: 60 remove comment and editing and maintenance works perfectly//quick link shortcut - may need to revisit this//$bp->{$this->id}->link = trailingslashit($bp->loggedin_user->domain).BP_EM_SLUG.'/'; EventsManager Versión: 6.4.7 - Buddypress Versión: 12.3.0 and BP Clasic Versión: 1.4.0 (for events to work in groups)
25 februari 2024
<font _mstmutation="1" _msttexthash="6643" _msthash="408">Idealna wtyczk</font>a<font _mstmutation="1"></font>
22 februari 2024
The plugin is one of my favourite ones. You can customize it and I like the design.
20 februari 2024
The plugin itself offers some good options, but is flawed in some places and not fully thought through. The support is extremely poor. Enquiries before purchasing the Pro version simply go unanswered and replies from Pro support take several weeks and are then not helpful. I am therefore now once again looking for a professional solution with good support.The plugin is well suited for simple ticket sales without high demands. Therefore 2 stars.
19 februari 2024
As a small mountain guide agency from the Elbe Sandstone Mountains in Saxon Switzerland, we can only recommend the plugin and thus the Events Manger Pro. We have been using the plugin for over a year on our website and use it to manage our entire booking process for our public tours. We have also had to deal with a few technical challenges and have been in contact with the support team, which works wonderfully and is very helpful. Only a kind of channel manager function for the distribution of events via other platforms would still be good and useful, but perhaps development will bring it. In any case, we are very satisfied and are therefore happy to give it 5 stars! 🙂
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  • Fixed PHP warning on my-bookings page.
  • Fixed ticket selection dropdown not showing max spaces if EM_Bookings::$disable_restrictions is enabled (such as for manual bookings).
  • Fixed export and view setting overlays not working for booking admins table front-end after filtering once or more.
  • Fixed issues with category/tag selection in Firefox.
  • Added responsive options to the search form, allowing search form fields to stack on smaller screen sizes and also choose which main search options are hidden.
  • Fixed localized times via #_EVENTDATES_LOCAL not working in AJAX calls such as searches or pagination
  • Fixed cache PHP error in taxonomy objects if accessing a blank taxonomy
  • Fixed 2 vulnerabilities, reported by PatchStack and WordFence

  • Fixed issues with multiple bookings and anonymous bookings that could rewrite the user name of the account making the booking with the latest user information.
  • Fixed setting is_available to EM_Ticket not having any effect due to protected visibility, which can cause unpredictable behavior.
  • Fixed form .em-ajax-form not outputting the correct notice box on success.
  • Added JS for em-cancel button to include custom data into AJAX via the data- attribute.
  • Added em_my_bookings_booking_action_links filter allowing for array insertion of action links for my booking page bookings.

  • Fixed telephone field auto-enabling and ignoring EM_PHONE_INTL_ENABLED constant introduced in 6.4.6

  • Fixed booking summary showing for free events despite setting set to no.
  • Fixed edge cases where bookings do not get deleted properly due to unloaded ticket data.
  • Fixed various PHP warnings.

  • Fixed array meta key retrieval and saving issues introduced in version 6.4.6.
  • Fixed first-time installation PHP errors and errant update notices.
  • Added em_booking_form_js_fields_change_match filter allowing for programmatic listening of custom field changes to update the booking form summary section.
  • Fixed front-end display issues of bookings containing two ticket types.
  • Fixed search form button not enabling after changing search params when advanced search is disabled.


  • fixed fatal error caused by use of Pro function in settings page when Pro isn’t activated, bug introduced in EM 6.4.5
  • fixed XSS vulnerability, disclosure to be followed
  • fixed minor security vulnerability allowing anauthorized logged-in users to dismiss EM admin notices
  • fixed OAuth errors (such as with PayPa) due to implementations not requring a scope credential
  • fixed PHP Warnings in event editor frontend,
  • fixed EM Notices appearing twice on booking forms in backend for manual bookings in Pro,
  • fixed datetime offset issue when migrating old EM versions without timezones
  • fixed file loading issues in some server edge case environments by providing absolute include paths in events-manager.php
  • fixed multiple PHP Deprecated dynamic variables warning for PHP 8.2 by adding a $fields_shortcuts static map for short variable names, as well as storing unknown ‘dynamic’ variables into a dynamic_variables protected property array via __set() and __get() in EM_Object
  • changed preference for $shortnames map of field shortcuts for $fields_shortcuts although still supported in EM_Object but preferable to use one static storage for performance improvements
  • fixed issues with storage of booking and attendee/spaces meta data
  • developers should be aware that storage of array meta data going forwards takes the format of _key|subkey for associative or _key| for sequential arrays, if you stored array keys with an underscore, or subkeys with underscores, please review EM_Object::process_meta() and EM_Booking::process_meta() and the function comments for a better understanding of what to do, as a future update may involve an SQL migration script to migrate old meta fields into the new format
  • added sorting option on event search forms – enabled by default on first install, disabled for existing sites updating,
  • added international phone number picker – BETA – requires activation via define(‘EM_PHONE_INTL_ENABLED’, true); in wp-config
  • fixed PHP 8.2 warnings in tickets
  • fixed ordering issues in attendee booking editor displays
  • added ical output filters em_ical_output_content_description and em_ical_event_output_content


  • added RSVP functionality (re-confirming a booking)
  • add uncancel option so users can undo a cancellation if spaces still available
  • switched my bookings page action links to a button dropdown rather than loose links
  • fixed class static binding issues with EM_OAuth libraries causing problems in Zoom-enabled bookings
  • fixed tippy dropdown button width issues


  • fixed session wakeup issues for the EM_Booking object due to recent atomic tickets update,
  • fixed EM_Tickets_Bookings and EM_Ticket_Booking possibly returning erroneous booking property
  • added JS booking form helper functions em_booking_form_unhide_success, em_booking_form_enable_button, em_booking_form_disable_button,
  • added backwards compatibility for booking ajax responses including the ‘result’ property rather than the new ‘success’ property
  • fixed calendar navigation issues showing default calendar size according to responsive sizing even when using forced calendar_size=”large”
  • fixed advanced filters button in calendar not working when search forms disabled in settings page
  • moved advanced search trigger button html/php into separate template
  • fixed view of calendar changing to default events list format if default search forms disabled in settings
  • fixed error messages when updating Events Manager
  • moved default view setting to events formatting section, outside of search form options
  • fixed booking forms not always auto-hiding after submission is complete,
  • fixed scrolling overflow issues for skeleton loaders on booking form

For changelog of 6.4.3 and lower, see the earlier reamde.txt.