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The best WordPress Knowledge Base plugin

Instantly create an online self-service Knowledge Base for your users, customers and employees.

✅ Why Choose Echo Knowledge Base?

  • It’s an easy-to-use plugin for your WordPress website.
  • Choose from ready to use professional designs.
  • Match your theme with a simple visual Editor, no coding required.
  • Organize your articles and categories into five levels of hierarchy.
  • All essential features are free, plus get access control and more with add-ons.
  • Friendly and timely support from our team.

* Basis lay-out – Demo 1 hier
* Basis lay-out – Demo 2 hier
* Tabs lay-out – Demo 3 hier (Multi product voorbeeld)
* Tabs lay-out – Demo 4 hier (Multi product voorbeeld)
* Categorie lay-out – Demo 5 hier

Bekijk hier onze knowledgebase documentatie


  • Set up in 5 minutes
  • Organiseer je documentatie per team, product en dienst door het gebruik van de tabs lay-out
  • Gecodeerd voor de beste SEO resultaten
  • Een snelle zoekbalk met vermelde resultaten
  • Vijf niveaus van hiërarchische documentatie
  • Artikelen en categorieën alfabetisch, chronologisch of in welke volgorde dan ook sorteren
  • Voeg tags, kruimelpad, terug knop en reacties aan je documenten toe
  • Navigation sidebar listing categories and articles
  • Includes auto-generated TOC
  • Supports RTL, WCAG accessibility, WPML and Polylang
  • Responsive design that works with any theme
  • Shortcode en templates die zijn ontworpen voor veel gestelde vragen


  • Choose from 26 professional pre-made designs, no coding required.
  • Enjoy a variety of colors, styles, and layouts.
  • Switch between designs with a single click.
  • Choose from Basic, Tabs, and Category Focused Layouts.


  • Compatible with Elementor and Templates
  • Works with Beaver Builder, Divi, Visual Composer, and others.


  • Enjoy an easy and simple visual Editor.
  • Change any text labels shown on the front-end.
  • Set colors, styles and enable or disable features.
  • Change typography (font family and size) for article and category names, TOC, breadcrumbs, and more.


The free Help Dialog plugin offers a chatbot-like dialog for better customer support and increased leads and sales. The Help Dialog shows FAQs, search, and a contact form. Learn More

🚀 Add-ons functies

  • Beheer toegang en machtigingen op basis van groepen, WordPress gebruikers en rollen en aangepaste rollen.
  • Beheer openbare en privéartikelen en wie artikelen kan lezen, schrijven en bewerken.
  • Maak meerdere kennisbanken met afzonderlijke artikelen, categorieën, tags en meer.
  • Indelingen van zijbalk en raster maken.
  • Importeer artikelen en categorieën.
  • Vote on articles, add a feedback form, and learn from analytics.
  • Gebruik widgets en shortcodes voor categorieën, artikelen en de zoekbalk.
  • Artikelen vervangen door PDF’s, externe documenten, videokoppelingen en meer.
  • Filter zoeken op categorie.
  • Gebruik Geavanceerde zoekanalyses om de meest populaire en lege zoekopdrachten te bepalen.
  • Migrate, create and copy articles and images from your Knowledge Base.

Use Cases

  • Veel gestelde vragen (FAQs)
  • Interne kennisbank voor medewerkers en teams op een intranet
  • Externe kennisbank voor klanten
  • Documentatie over producten en diensten
  • Producthandleidingen
  • E-commerce websites
  • Normen en beleid bij overheidsinstanties
  • Scholen en hogescholen (eLearning)

Geniet van vele andere functies om u te helpen betere documentatie te bouwen:

  • Categorieën koppelen aan de pagina categoriearchief
  • Teller van artikelen in categorieën
  • Aanpasbare artikel slug om categorienaam op te nemen
  • De lengte van de lijst van artikelen onder elke categorie beheren.
  • Upload custom images for categories
  • Ontwikkelaar hooks in artikel weergave.
  • And much more.


Bekijk onze PRO Bundle.

Access Manager
Met Access Manager kunnen beheerders, bedrijven en organisaties de toegang tot hun privé-kennisbank beheren en beperken op basis van WordPress-gebruikersaccounts. Toestemming verlenen met behulp van rollen en groepen.

Elegante lay-outs
Elegante lay-outs voegt raster- en zijbalklay-outs toe. Gebruik Rasterindeling of zijbalkindeling voor de hoofdpagina van KB of combineer basisindelingen, tabbladen, raster- en zijbalkindelingen op verschillende manieren. Leer meer.

Meerdere kennisbanken
Maak meerdere kennisbases, een voor elk product, dienst, onderwerp of afdeling. Elke Knowledgebase heeft afzonderlijke artikelen, URL’s, KB-hoofdpagina en beheerdersschermen. Leer meer.

Geavanceerd zoeken
Verbeter de zoekervaring van gebruikers en bekijk zoekanalyses, waaronder populaire zoekopdrachten en zoekopdrachten met geen resultaten. Leer meer.

Artikel waardering en feedback
Laat je lezers waarderen de kwaliteit van je artikelen en inzichtelijke feedback sturen. Gebruik analytics op de meeste en minst gewaardeerde artikelen. Leer meer.

Voeg Knowledgebase Search, meest recente artikelen en andere widgets en shortcodes toe aan je artikelen, zijbalken en pagina’s. Leer meer.

Links editor voor PDF’s en meer
Stel artikelen in op koppelingen naar PDF’s, pagina’s, berichten en sites. Kies op de hoofdpagina van DE KB pictogrammen voor je artikelen. Leer meer.

Articles Import and Export
Import and export articles and their content, comments, categories, tags, and attachments. Migrate and copy articles between KBs. Edit articles outside of WordPress. Learn More.

  • (PRO) Grid Layout – Demo 5 hier
  • (PRO) Zijbalk Layout – Demo 8 hier
  • (PRO) Links – Demo 9 hier


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Show IDs reveals IDs on admin screens, including posts, pages, custom post types and taxonomies, and others. Learn More

✅ The Content Down Arrow is coming soon.


  • Basic Layout example with images

  • Tabs Layout example with images

  • Categories Focused Layout example with icons

  • Article page with breadcrumb, back button, print button, Table of Content, widgets, and more

  • Stijlen voor pagina categoriearchief

  • Drag and drop to reorder articles and categories

  • Change colors and styles easily in KB visual Editor

  • Adjust the width and content of sidebars with KB visual Editor

  • PRO version: Advanced Search with analytics showing popular and not-found searches

  • PRO version: Elegant Layouts with Category sidebar and list of articles

  • PRO version: Access Manager to restrict access to knowledge base content

  • PRO version: Advanced Search and Sidebar from Elegant Layouts

  • Tabs Layout example


Deze plugin heeft 1 blok.

  • Knowledge Base Plugin for Documentation and FAQs


U de Knowledge Base voor documenten en veel gestelde vragen installeren vanuit uw WordPress-dashboard of handmatig uploaden via FTP.

OPTIE 1: Knowledgebase plugin installeren vanuit WordPress Dashboard

  1. Navigeer naar Plug-ins -> Nieuw toevoegen.
  2. Zoek naar ‘Knowledge Base for Documents and FAQs’ en installeer de plugin.
  3. Activeer de plugin via het ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  4. Optionele stap: configureer de plugin in het Beheer menu, in Kennisbank -> KB configuratie pagina.

OPTION 2: Plug-insbestanden handmatig uploaden

  1. Download het plugin bestand van de plugin pagina:
  2. Pak het bestand uit.
  3. Upload de map ‘echo-knowledge-base’ naar uw map ‘/wp-content/plugins’ (wijzig de naam van de map niet).
  4. Optionele stap: configureer de plugin in het Beheer menu, in Kennisbank -> KB configuratie pagina.


Waar vind ik volledige documentatie over uw knowledgebase?

Volledige doorzoekbare documenten zijn te vinden op Knowledge Base


17 september 2022
I was looking for a knowledge base plugin that supports multiple KBs and at the same time has separate taxonomies controls over different KBs' category slugs (that means I can use the same category slug names in different KBs because they belong to different custom taxonomies). I purchased BetterDocs Pro but it couldn't meet this need. Refunded BetterDocs Pro and turned to Echo KnowledgeBase. Works perfectly as I need it and provides tons of control in every aspect of the system. I believe it's a much more capable product than most other KB competitors on the market. There were some incompatibility issues with my current site builder but after reporting them, the developer addressed these issues and fixed them fairly quickly. Very responsive and effective support team! I've purchased many premium plugins and Echo KB is one of the best. Highly recommend it!
19 augustus 2022
I'm a complete beginner with Knowledge Base, and we're setting it up for a non-profit organisation's website. The first 20 minutes, and I had the KB app looking and working with our template. We came across a small challenge and reached out to support. Echo Plugins support responded within 24 hours... a few emails to and from, and the challenge was swiftly resolved. Thank you Echo Plugins!
13 juni 2022
We tried a half-dozen knowledge base and help desk plugins. For our project, the best solution was the Echo Knowledge Base with the Basic Add-ons and related Creative Add-ons. Some of the functionality we like: the search tool is fast and accurate a tree-view of all categories and articles is available sub-categories are supported page-level table-of-contents widget floats along with each article can modify look of pages using either built-in editor or CSS styles The support has been top-notch. I've sent a few tech support emails to them, and they've all been answered within 24-48 hours. One was a bug-report, which they fixed and posted a new version in about a week (excellent). A few were enhancement requests, two of which they said they'd attempt to get to, and another they showed me a nice work-around for. In addition, they appear to be actively working on improvements to the product, which is important to the success of any software project.
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Release Date: Aug 23, 2022

  • Update: New UI for simple KB configuration
  • Update: Improve debugging
  • Update: Contributor can see a list of KBs
  • Update: full width when printing article
  • Fix: Cleanup and minor fixes


Release Date: June 25, 2022

  • Update: Option to show article title with Current Template
  • Fix: Cleanup and minor fixes


Release Date: May 23, 2022

  • New: Convert Posts and CPTs to KB Articles
  • New: KB Block Theme template
  • New: Article list indentation
  • Update: WordPress 6.0
  • Update: list available shortcodes and widgets
  • Fix: Cleanup and minor fixes


Release Date: Apr 2, 2022

  • New: Convert Posts and CPTs to KB Articles
  • New: Add backend mode to the Editor
  • Fix: Article content output for Current Template
  • Fix: Cleanup and minor fixes


Release Date: Mar 5, 2022

  • Fix: Article content output for KB Template
  • Fix: Cleanup and minor fixes


Release Date: Feb 25, 2022

  • Update: Article content output for KB Template
  • Fix: Cleanup and minor fixes


Release datum: 18 februari 2022

  • New: Articles Index Directory shortcode
  • Fix: Cleanup and minor fixes


Release datum: 2 febrauri 2022

  • Fix: Category private articles query.


Release datum: 31 jan. 2021

  • Fix: Revert change to article content output.


Release Date: Jan 30, 2022

  • New: navigation sidebar with categories and articles
  • Update: Various fixes and improvements.


Release Date: Nov 26, 2021

  • New: control speed of TOC scrolling
  • Update: Add import/export add-on links
  • Update: Allow private articles
  • Update: Various fixes and improvements.


Release Date: Nov 11, 2021

  • Update: Setup Wizard improvements.
  • Update: Various fixes and improvements.


Release Date: Oct 12, 2021

  • Fix: search finds only publish posts
  • Fix: Cleanup and minor fixes


Release Date: Sep 30, 2021

  • Update: resolve rare update issue


Release Date: Sep 30, 2021

  • Update: Add more access control settings
  • Fix: Cleanup and minor fixes


Release Date: Sep 17, 2021

  • Fix: Issue with post being array
  • Fix: Cleanup and minor fixes


Releasedatum: 16 september 2021

* New: Access control – choose what Authors and Editors can change and if they can view analytics
* New: On the Category Archive Page, the author, date and category can be turned on or off
* New: Option to include or exclude articles in child categories on Category Archive Page
* Fix: Cleanup and minor fixes


Release datum: 19 augustus 2021

* Update: do not include articles in child categories on Category Archive Page
* Fix: Cleanup and minor fixes


Releasedatum: 20 mei 2021

* New: Typography font options for text
* New: Custom icons for sub-categories in Categories Layout
* Update: RTL compability
* Fix: Cleanup and minor fixes


Releasedatum: 2 mei 2021

* Update: Accessibility
* Update: RTL compability
* Fix: Cleanup and minor fixes


Release Date: Apr 9, 2021

* Update: RTL compability
* Fix: Cleanup and minor fixes


Release datum: 27 maart 2021

* New: Search hit and miss counter
* Update: RTL compability
* Fix: Cleanup and minor fixes


Release Date: Feb 28, 2021

* Fix: Issue with Multi-network and editor


Release Date: Feb 28, 2021

* Update: preparation for WordPress 5.7
* Update: theme presets
* Fix: Cleanup and minor fixes


Release Date: Feb 5, 2021

* Fix: Frontend Editor loading
* Fix: Cleanup and minor fixes