CSS & JavaScript Toolbox


Add CSS, JavaScript, HTML, PHP, and other content to your site.
Then choose exactly where on your site you want it to go.


  • Front-end modifications
  • Adding functionality
  • Adding widgets or code scripts
  • Fast site development


  • Powerful code editor
  • Assignment management system (choose where your code/content goes)
  • Code/script library management


  • Add code/content globally
  • Add code/content via shortcodes, widgets, Gutenburg blocks, etc
  • Add code/content via tags, URLs, regular expressions
  • 8 additional hooks for more precise assignments
  • Assignment invert feature (run code everywhere but…)
  • More editor tools (code auto complete, beautify/minify, etc)
  • Revisions system
  • Backup and export/import system

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  • Code Block Editor
  • Code Block Assignment Panel
  • CJT Main Admin Toolbar
  • Code Block Toolbar
  • Code Block Editor Tools
  • Assignment Panel for Pages
  • Assignment Panel for Posts
  • Assignment Panel for Categories
  • Assignment Panel for Custom Posts
  • Assignment Panel for Auxiliary Assignments
  • Assignment Panel for Tags
  • Assignment Panel for Advanced Assignments
  • Assignment Panel Inverter
  • Code Block Information


  1. If you’re upgrading from older versions its highly recommended to backup your database before upgrading.
  2. Upload the ‘css-javascript-toolbox’ folder to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory
  3. Activeer de plugin via het ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  4. Click ‘CSS & JavaScript Toolbox’ link in the main navigation (left side of your Dashboard).


19 maart 2020
I needed to get custom js code in the header on certain pages, this plugin enabled me to do that quickly - very happy!
31 augustus 2018
This is one of the most unintuitive plugins you will run across. It uses non-Wordpress standard UI, it creates a load of tables in your DB (17 tables), it is completely bloated for its intended functionality. It gets 2 stars because it DOES work.
7 mei 2018
Just add your code, click on the "save" button and then see the changes. I've been able to customize my theme exactly the way I want it. I would definitely recommend this plugin to everyone. Just TRY it and you will absolutely love it.
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  • Removed: Auxiliary and Advanced tabs are removed for CJT new installs. Existing CJT users with active code blocks still get them
  • Enhancement: All mouse hover-over popups are faster and more responsive


  • Fixed: URL Assignment tab is now working as expected
  • Fixed: Inverter functionality was not being displayed in the frontend


  • Added: New links for CJT PLUS license validation


  • Added: 8 More Hooks (Body Open, Before Post Content, After Post Content, Before Post, Excerpt, After Post Excerpt, Before Posts List, After Posts List, Before Post
  • Enhancement: Assignments Panel
  • Enhancement: Templates Panel
  • Enhancement: Code Files Panel
  • Enhancement: Revisions Panel
  • Enhancement: Code Block Toolbar
  • Enhancement: Code Block InfoBar (added Shortcode copy feature)
  • Enhancement: Group Font Size Buttons
  • Enable/Disable: Toolbox menu when block is saved
  • Fix: Framework incompatibility version
  • Fix: Metabox Block InfoBar elements
  • Fix: Minifier was not working
  • Moved: Code Block Toolbar buttons
  • Moved: Code Block Toolbar editor menu (i.e. File, Edit, Settings) to Editor Toolbar as buttons
  • Removed: Clear Block (clears all Code Block code) Editor Toolbar button
  • Removed: Footer/Header All batch buttons
  • Show: Incompatible Hooks “Warning” Notice


  • Fix: Styling fixes for WordPress version 5.5
  • Enhancement: Updated ACE Editor to v1.4.12
  • Enhancement: Improve snippet manager
  • Enhancement: Add placeholder option
  • Added: Option to disable auto-indent
  • Added: New language modes
  • Fix: Double space being converted to dot on mobile keyboards
  • Fix: Backspace not working with some mobile keyboards


  • Improved variable security throughout the plugin.
  • Fix: Bugs fixed.
  • Fix: PHP notices and warnings fixed.


  • Fix: SQL vulnerability for uninstaller.


  • Added: Editor status bar to quickly display info regarding the block.
  • Enhancement: Updated ACE editor to v1.4.5
  • Enhancement: Detailed data about the assignment of the block in the info popup.


  • PHP 7.2+ fixes
  • Sanitisation on GET functions


  • Fix: WordPress Vulnerability report


  • Fix: CSS & JavaScript Toolbox not showing


  • Enhancement: START and END comments for CJT Assignments, CJT Shortcodes, and CJT Metabox code blocks. You can now go into the Page Source and perform a search for these comments to quickly find your code block within the source code.
  • Removed: Admin notice “CJT plugin is no longer supported”


  • Added: Admin notice “CJT plugin is no longer supported”


  • Fix: Development log files created at production


  • Added: “CJT Plugin will not work” admin notice displayed when PHP version < 5.3
  • Enhancement: Dashboard statistics Metabox display more fields
  • Fix: WordPress Plugin compatibility for commonly detected conflicts
  • Fix: SQL errors commonly appears in Error log file
  • Fix: Dashboard statistics Metabox exception when CJT server is not reachable
  • Fix: Dashboard statistics Metabox blocks count include backups block
  • Updated: ACE Editor updated to the last version


  • Added: PHP version check on activation
    Fix: Fatal error: ‘break’ not in the ‘loop’ or ‘switch’ context in /path/to/wp-content/plugins/css-javascript-toolbox/controllers/block.php on line 145
  • Added: Display notice during installation steps on network-level errors. Resolves endless spinner issue
  • Compatibility: 100% compatible with BulletProof Security (BPS) security plugin. No need for any bypass rules


  • Compatibility: Fully tested with WordPress 4.3.1
  • Enhancement: CJT core upgrades and enhancements


  • Compatibility: Fully tested with WordPress 4.3
  • Added: List of future deprecated features


  • Added: Support us link on Dashboard Metabox
  • Added: Support us link on CJT Header


  • Removed: CJT License Setup form. CJT is now 100% Free
  • Fix: Multi-site CJT Network extensions not loading


  • Fix: Fresh installer stopping when “Adding WordPress built-in scripts and styles as CJT Templates”
  • Added: Dashboard Metabox notices when CJT is not yet installed


  • Added: Show premium extensions list in Dashboard Widget instead of Scripts Packages
  • Enhancement: Framework update to make CJT functionality more extendable
  • Removed: Code Editor Toolbar buttons and code block ‘File’, ‘Edit’ and ‘View’ menu are moved to separate extensions
  • Removed: Editor Themes switcher list are moved to separate extension
  • Removed: Import and Export Tools are moved to separate extension
  • Fix: Conflict with other popular themes like X Theme


  • Fix: Block Code file name moving away when open/close Block metabox
  • Fix: Shortcode list is too small for Shortcode names
  • Updated: CJT Framework for packages and extensions updates


  • Added: Show Latest News on Dashboard Widget


  • Added: Add Statistics Dashboard Widget that shows few useful fields.


  • Performance: Processing and Memory optimisation for better performance.
  • Enhancement: Block Box Themes Support.
  • Enhancement: 32 Themes is now supported to be applied for the whole block box.
  • Enhancement: Applying theme per browser. Allow for assigning appropriate theme for different devices.
  • Enhancement: Assigned/All mode switchers for assignment panel list. You can show all items even not selected ones or show only assigned to the block.
  • Enhancement: Bullet-Proof Assignment Panel layout so it would always reserved even if another Plugin wrongly load jQuery TABS/ACCORDION Styles.
  • UI & Graphics: General UI enhancements.
  • Updated: Code editor updates.
  • Enhancement: Turns CJT Block into a tiny Project that host Multiple “Managed” Code-Files instead of just one.
  • Enhancement: No need to create a Block for each Language Type and assign them to the same WordPress Page. One Block with Multiple Code Files solved that by creating only one Block for each assigned request.
  • Enhancement: Code Files Support Language Type, Code, Description and TAG fields.
  • Enhancement: Write Design-Time Organised Code by separating them into code-files (JS, CSS, PHP, HTML) and CJT will merge them all at run-time.
  • Enhancement: There is no need to write , or tags when writing Javascript, CSS or PHP Codes. Code File assigned language would take care of that.
  • Enhancement: Control/Modify auto-added , or TAGS by modifying Code File TAG field.
  • Enhancement: Automatically Change Code Editor language to currently active Code File language.
  • Enhancement: Manage Code Files without leaving the Block Page.
  • Enhancement: Block revision is now created based on the Current Active Code File. Therefore each Code File has its own revision
  • Enhancement: Its now possible for multiple Authors to work on the same Block by creating Multiple Code-Files.
  • Enhancement: Add Multiple Code Files to CJT Packages.
  • Feature: Block File, Edit and View Menus.
  • Feature: ‘Load Local’, ‘Load Url’ and ‘Reload’ to load Block Code from Local File, Url and Reload From Server respectively.
  • Feature: Save/Download Block Current Active Code File.
  • Feature: Undo, Redo, Find, Find Next, Find Previous, Replace, Goto Line, Goto Line Up, GoTo Line Down, GoTo Next Error, GoTo Previous Error, Fold, Fold All, UnFold, UnFold All, To Lower Case and To Upper Case Edit Menu functions added.
  • Feature: ‘Settings’ Edit Menu item for Fully Customize Code Editor Fonts, Show/Hide Print Margin, Keybinding Methods, Show/Hide Scroll, Scroll Speed, Readonly, Show/Hide Gutter, TAB Size, New Line Mode and much more!
  • Enhancement: Show/Hide StatusBar via View StatusBar Menu.
  • Enhancement: CJT Website is now support Full documentation Tutorials that expose many internal features/possibilities that can be archived by CJT.
  • Enhancement: Code Blocks disappeared after upgrading to WordPress 3.9 and sever running PHP >= 5.5.
  • Enhancement: Packages Management System (BETA)
  • Enhancement: Define Shortcode Parameters by creating package and input their values from the CJT Shortcode Parameters form.


  • Enhancement: Editor enhancements and updates.
  • Enhancement: Framework updates (Allow installing New CAC extension).
  • Fix: Safari Browser pagination icon position.


  • Fix: Assignment Panel Pagination Icon position fixed for Safari browsers.
  • Remove: New Block Form Activate, Location Hook and Initial position fields.
  • Remove: Block Revisions.
  • Remove: Blocks Backup and Restore.
  • Remove: Assignment Panel Select-Childs Checkboxes.
  • Remove: Minimize and Maximize All.
  • Remove: Batch Process (Delete All and Delete Empty).
  • Remove: Output Location Switch (Header and Footer).
  • Remove: State Switch (Activate, Deactivate and Invert).
  • Remove: Shortcode TinyMCE button (Community users has to write Shortcode manually).
  • Remove: Don’t load more assignment objects by scroll (Community users has to use the pagination list).


  • UI & Graphics: UI Compatibility with WordPress >= 3.8.
  • Deprecated: New Block Form Activate, Location Hook and Initial position fields.
  • Deprecated: Block Revisions.
  • Deprecated: Blocks Backup and Restore.
  • Deprecated: Assignment Panel Select-Childs Checkboxes.
  • Deprecated: Minimise and Maximise All.
  • Deprecated: Batch Process (Delete All and Delete Empty).
  • Deprecated: Output Location Switch (Header and Footer).
  • Deprecated: State Switch (Activate, Deactivate and Invert).
  • Deprecated: Shortcode TinyMCE button (Community users has to write Shortcode manually).
  • Deprecated: Don’t load more assignment objects by scroll (Community users has to use the pagination list).


  • Fix: Break WordPress frontend page pagination by issuing 301 redirect.


  • Fix: Validate block name when editing and adding blocks.
  • Fix: Code Blocks is not being applied on WPEngine servers and other servers related to the MYSQL query error.
  • Fix: Load block code one time after its first time opened as it was loaded every time the block is opened.
  • Enhancement: Show User-PHP code errors only when WP_DEBUG is set to TRUE.
  • Enhancement: Auto-Size edit-block-name text field to fit the current block-name, therefor display the name without the need of moving the cursor to the end.
  • Enhancement: Disable new-block form fields while saving prevent user from duplicating block when traffic is slow.


  • Enhancement: Initially don’t load Block assignment panel items: Speed up Blocks page loading time when its initially opened, also affect the browser performance as the items is not loaded or rendered before its required.
  • Enhancement: Initially don’t load Block code for the closed/minimised Blocks: Loading those Blocks will be done through AJAX once the Block is opened by user.
  • Enhancement: The ability to ‘Cancel’ revision mode and get back to the normal mode without refreshing the whole page.
  • Update: Animate Block ‘Save’ button for not-saved Blocks.
  • Update: The Assignment-Panel is now Loads the assigned items only when enter the revision and backup modes.
  • Update: Set assignment-Panel Advanced-TAB as the default active TAB.
  • Add: Few helper links to the CJT official website at the top of the Blocks page.
  • Fix: Block ‘Save’ and ‘Save All Changes’ buttons are stay enabled after updating Block Assignment-Panel items and revert them back again. The buttons is enabled even if the Block content has not been changed.


  • Enhancement: Uninstaller is now configurable so that admin can specify is to wipeout the data or not! This is really great for manual upgrade to the PE versions!


  • Enhancement: Accept Shortcode parameters and segments. Provide PHP framework for code blocks to define, validate and reading Shortcode parameters.
  • Enhancement: Allow using block ‘name’ in additional to ‘id’ when using Shortcodes.
  • Fix: Failed to work with non-ascii (e.g Arabic) characters.
  • Enhancement: Viewing block info is now showing Shortcode using block ‘name’ instead of ‘id’.
  • Enhancement: Embedded Shortcode with its closing tag as the Shortcode content is now being used by the handler blocks.
  • Enhancement: Revert block Shortcode ‘force’ parameter default value to ’true’ therefore allow using multiple Shortcode for the same block without setting ‘force’ attribute.


  • Fix: CJT hijacks Plugins page after activate or deactivate a Plugin.


  • Fix: PHP code is not getting evaluated when CJT code Block delegated using Shortcode.


  • Fix: Add ACE Editor PHP Worker as it was missing.
  • Enhancement: List only Public Custom Posts that can be accessed through WordPress URL under Assignment Panel Custom Posts Tab. Therefor enhance performance for sites that has ‘Log’ custom post that might has hundreds or records read for every code block.


  • Enhancement: Suppress PHP errors displayed under STRICT PHP configuration like PHP >= 5.4.x and therefor boost performance, increase result and security reliability!
  • Fix: Installer operations state is cleared after the install/upgrade is interrupted, cause the repeats/re-executes of the install/upgrade operations.


  • Fix: text-area HTML tag break down CJT Block code.


  • Fix: Conflict with other Plugins!
  • Fix: Javascript exception thrown when dismissing the install/upgrade notice.
  • Enhancement: Disallow (with user notice) upgrade/downgrade if the target version is not being supported, therefore saving user data!
  • Enhancement: Don’t break down the site if manual upgrade/downgrade process is uncompleted! Allow user to revert back manually or disable the Plugin.
  • Enhancement: E_ALL complain! Suppress all notices when WP_DEBUG set to true, allow better development, fast performance and error handling.


  • Enhancement: Core code is 100% re-written for optimum performance and future enhancements, and is 100% based on MVC (Model–view–controller) design.
  • Enhancement: 100% Using Web 2.0
  • Enhancement: Applying code blocks to the requests are now enhanced to boost performance.
  • Feature: The ability of interacting with admin pages too – not only the website side as in the previous versions.
  • UI & Graphics: Light-weight and smart user-interface.
  • Enhancement: Multiple operations can be executed at a time! For example, you can work on a code block while another block(s) is saving.
  • Enhancement: Code block data is automatically revisioned after saving.
  • Enhancement: Hot Key added for saving code block.
  • Fix: Empty code blocks can now exist.
  • Enhancement: Interaction with each code block from a simple smart graphical Toolbox using Web 2.0
  • Feature: Delegate code block using Shortcodes. You can do that manually or through CJT smart TinyMCE dropdown list button.
  • Feature: Integrate ACE Editor to provide syntax highlighting and correction while writing codes!
  • Feature: Syntax highlighting for 4 languages: CSS, HTML, JavaScript and PHP.
  • Enhancement: Entire plugin is now extensible! CJT supports installed extensions to extend or enhance its features.
  • Feature: Batch operations (Toggling On and Off, Activate, Deactivate and Revert states, Delete empty and Delete all) toolbox allow for batch update of all code blocks.
  • Enhancement: Rename and save code block name.
  • Enhancement: You can now save multiple backups.
  • Feature: Activate and Deactivate code blocks feature.
  • Fix: blocks order was correctly displayed from the admin side, but had no effect while applying blocks to the website side.
  • Enhancement: Templates system is totally removed and will be presented with many enhancements via a separate extension.
  • Feature: Allow assigning code blocks to Posts and Custom Posts.
  • Feature: Apply ‘Category’ block to all the child posts (or sub-posts) within that category.
  • Feature: Assignment Panel smart feature to assist while working with hierarchical items (sub-pages, sub-categories, etc).
  • Enhancement: Auxiliary tab has been added to the Assignment Panel in order to organise all the predefined items (or requests) under a single tab.
  • Enhancement: Moved and added: ‘Front Page’, ‘All Pages’ and ‘All Posts’ predefined items to appear under the Auxiliary tab.
  • Feature: Auxiliary Assignments. Blog Index, All Categories, Recent Posts, Entire Website, Website Backend, Search Pages, All Archives, Tag Archives, Author Archives, Attachment Pages and 404 Error
  • Feature: Support of regular expressions for defining code block Point-To-Hook
  • Security: Only administrators can execute CJT backend operations.
  • Feature: Each block now has an Information metabox (Author, created date, modification date, and Shortcode).
  • Enhancement: Create New Code Block dialog with initial properties ‘Name’, ‘State’ and ‘Position’
  • Fix: Internal error detection routine for detecting AJAX errors that may have occurred away from users view
  • Added: CJT User Manual PDF file added to the /docs folder
  • Added: New WordPress Dashboard menu item to embrace all CJT plugin pages
  • Enhancement: Added separate installer and upgrade pages for both CJT v0.3 and v0.8 to allow watching of the installation processes
  • Enhancement: Added an uninstaller to completely erase all CJT data from the system
  • Compatibility: 100% tested and working with BulletProof Security (BPS) plugin after applying simple Ajax bypass rule


  • Enhancement: Template code can be modified
  • Feature: Code block Header and Footer feature so you can select which hook to output CSS/JS code
  • Enhancement: Code blocks can be re-ordered via click-n-drag
  • Enhancement: Code blocks can be given names, which can be edited and saved
  • UI & Graphics: New icons and improved user interface
  • Enhancement: Multilingual support. Only English translation is shipped with this version
  • Enhancement: Style overriding. Any higher-ordered/positioned code blocks style syntax will override lower-ordered/positioned code blocks style syntax
  • Feature: Built-in scripts bundled with WordPress can be used simply by checking them
  • Feature: Backup and Restore code blocks data
  • Fix: New code blocks are not toggling unless the page is refreshed
  • Fix: CSS/JS template ‘extra slash character’ issue
  • Fix: Code block deletion issues
  • Fix: Code is not applied to the URL list except the last URL
  • Fix: Cannot use string offset as array error
  • Fix: Invalid argument supplied foreach() error


  • Launch: This is the very first release of CSS & JavaScript Toolbox