CookieYes | GDPR Cookie Consent & Compliance Notice (CCPA Ready)


The CookieYes GDPR Cookie Consent & Compliance Notice plugin will assist you in making your website GDPR (RGPD, DSVGO) compliant. In addition to compliance with this GDPR WordPress plugin also supports cookie compliance in accordance with the LGPD of Brazil, CNIL of France, and California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) which is a state statute intended to enhance privacy rights and consumer protection for residents of California.

The plugin is one of the best WordPress GDPR compliance plugins as it comes with a host of features some of which are listed below.

Key Features

  • The plugin will enable a WordPress cookie notice with Accept and Reject options. The cookies are not rendered by default and only upon user consent. (The cookie value will be set to ‘null’ by default; it takes a value ‘yes’ when the user clicks ‘Accept’ and ‘no’ upon ‘Reject’. Your developer can check this value to set a cookie accordingly.)

  • The plugin allows single click automatic scanning and categorization of cookies.

  • Lets you display the list of cookies on your cookie policy page by using a shortcode.

  • This GDPR plugin adds a subtle cookie banner to your WordPress website either in the header or footer so you can show your compliance status regarding the new GDPR law.

  • With the help of this WordPress GDPR plugin, you can fully customise the cookie notice style so it blends with your existing website: change the colours, fonts, styles, the position on the page and even how it behaves when you click “Accept”.

  • You can choose to make the cookie notice bar disappear after a few seconds (completely configurable) or to accept on scroll.

  • It also has a Cookie Audit module so you can easily show what cookies your site uses and display them neatly in a table on your Privacy & Cookies Policy page.

  • The plugin can be configured to have a CCPA ‘Do Not Sell My Personal Information’ control to the cookie notice.

  • Assists in compliance of CNIL – A french administrative regulatory body

  • Helps in compliance with POPIA (Protection of Personal Information Act) – South Africa’s data protection law

  • Integrates seamlessly with Official Facebook Pixel, Smash Balloon Instagram Feed & Twitter Feed.

Additional Features

  • Fully customisable to look just like your own website’s style: customise the colours, styles and fonts
  • Put the cookie bar in either the header or the footer
  • (Optional) accept cookie policy if the user scrolls
  • (Optional) automatically close the cookie notice bar after a delay (delay is configurable)
  • (Optional) cookie banner can be permanently dismissed or accessible through a “show again” tab
  • (Optional) “show again” tab is fully customisable including position shown on page and styles
  • Verkorte code voor “Cookie Audit” om een opgemaakte ‘Privacy & Cookie Beleid’ in te voegen
  • WPML compatible
  • qTranslate and Polylang support

The CookieYes GDPR Cookie Consent and Compliance Notice Plugin Uses The Following Cookies

  • viewed_cookie_policy – Is de primaire cookie die de toestemming van de gebruiker registreert voor het gebruik van de cookies bij ‘acceptatie’ en ‘afwijzing’. Het houdt geen persoonlijke gegevens bij en wordt alleen ingesteld na actie van de gebruiker (accepteren/afwijzen).

  • cookielawinfo-checkbox-necessary/cookielawinfo-checkbox-non-necessary – Registreert de standaardknopstatus van de overeenkomstige categorie. Het werkt alleen in coördinatie met de primaire cookie.

  • CookieLawInfoConsent – Records the default button state of the corresponding category & the status of CCPA. It works only in coordination with the primary cookie.

Another best part of this GDPR compliance plugin is that it seamlessly integrates with and supports WPML and qTranslate so your translation needs are covered.

You can get more information and read more about the EU Cookie Law

Cookieyes GDPR Cookie Consent & Compliance Notice plugin user guide will help you with the setup of the plugin.

Our javascript solution for running third-party scripts will also be helpful.

CookieYes GDPR Cookie Consent & Compliance Notice Plugin Premium Version Features

  • Beheer cookie lijst (Naam, CookieID, Beschrijving, Tijdsduur, Categorie, Header script, Footer Script)
  • Beheer cookie categorieën.
  • Scan and auto block scripts – Google Analytics, FB Pixel, Google tag manager, Hotjar, Instagram, etc.
  • Location based exclusion of cookie notice for EU countries.
  • Provide the users with the granular control over the cookies/scripts used by the website.
  • Option to renew consents when there is a change in policy.
  • Optionally log users’ consent and export into a CSV file.
  • Customize the privacy overview in the cookie banner settings popup.
  • Export/import cookies and related information via CSV file.
  • Scan and import/export the cookies.
  • Toestaan dat de cookie berichtinstellingen pop-up getoond wordt waar bezoekers opt-in of toestemming geven voor cookie categorieën.
  • Add CCPA ‘Do Not Sell My Personal Information’ control to the cookie notice.
  • Volledig aanpasbaar om eruit te zien zoals je eigen site stijl: pas de kleuren, stijlen en lettertypes aan.
  • Put the cookie banner in either the header or the footer, as pop-up or even as widget.
  • Compatibility with major caching servers and plugins.
  • Cookie policy generator.
  • Cookie banner preview in admin settings.
  • (Optional) accept cookie notice if the user scrolls.
  • (Optional) automatically close the cookie bar after a delay (delay is configurable).
  • (Optional) cookie banner can be permanently dismissed or accessible through a “show again” tab.
  • (Optional) “show again” tab is fully customisable including position shown on page and styles.
  • “Cookie Audit” shortcode to construct a nicely-styled ‘Privacy & Cookie Policy’.
  • WPML, qTranslate, Polylang compatible.

For complete list of features and details, Please visit GDPR Cookie Consent Premium Plugin for more details



  • Cookie compliance notice on the user-end
  • Cookie Settings options of the cookie notice
  • Cookie audit for transparency
  • GDPR plugin WordPress admin panel
  • Cookie consent notice behavior settings
  • Cookie notice - customization options
  • Cookie notice - change consent options
  • WordPress cookie notice - customize buttons options
  • WordPress CCPA compliance - customize button options
  • Manage cookies for cookie compliance
  • Add cookie scripts for consent management
  • Change necessary cookie descriptions
  • Add a privacy policy overview


Automatic installation

The automatic installation is the easiest way to install the plugin. You can install the plugin within your WordPress dashboard from the same browser window.

From your admin dashboard, go to Plugins > Add New. From the search box, type “GDPR Cookie consent” or just “gdpr” and then search. Click the install button on the GDPR Cookie Consent by WebToffee and then activate the plugin.

Manual installation

In the manual installation, you will need to download the zip file of the plugin from the plugin page in You can upload the file directly from your WordPress dashboard, or using an FTP application.

When doing a manual installation

  1. Upload the plugin folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activeer de plugin via het ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.

Plugin updates

For every update of the plugin, you will be notified of the installed plugins page. You can directly update the plugin from your dashboard. We recommend that you keep the latest version of the plugin so that you can avail yourself of the new functionalities and security features.


There’s a lot of help available on the main plugin website. See the FAQ on the main website and the setup guide for GDPR cookie compliance.

The cookie notice header isn’t displaying ?

First check you have installed the plugin and have activated it in the plugins panel.
To check if it is switched on or not, go to ‘GDPR Cookie Consent > Cookie Law Settings’ and then enable the cookie law.

The cookie notice header doesn’t work on my browser ?

Please report a bug on the support forum. Be sure to include the following information:

  • Your URL (I will need this in order to help you!)
  • WordPress version e.g. 4.2.2 (found in bottom right hand corner of the dashboard)
  • Browser e.g. FireFox, Chrome, IE
  • Describe the problem

The more information you give, the quicker we can respond.

What does this plugin do?

This plugin will:

  1. Add a cookie banner to the top/bottom of all pages on your website, notifying the visitor that you have a clearly defined privacy and cookie policy.
  2. Allow you to record which cookies your site uses, and:
  3. Neatly display a list of these cookies (via a shortcode). You can put this list on your Privacy & Cookie Policy page, for example.

Does this plugin block all cookies?

Nee. Deze plugin blokkeert cookies door optioneel de scripts te laden. Hiervoor moet je alle cookies toevoegen middels de cookie toevoegen functie. Het is momenteel technisch niet mogelijk om alle cookies op je WordPress site te blokkeren zonder eerst wijzigingen aan te brengen aan alle plugins die cookies gebruiken. Geen enkele opzichzelfstaande plugin gaat zover.
Een meer realistische benadering voor eigenaren van WordPress sites is om de scripts die cookies plaatsen (voor bijvoorbeeld :, Google Analytics trackingcode) te verplaatsen naar de GDPR Cookie Consent plugin (binnen de niet-noodzakelijke cookie-categorie) en bezoekers vervolgens de controle te geven door toestemming te geven.

Do visitors now have to accept/refuse cookies in order to use websites?

Nee. Alleen de ‘functionele’ cookies zullen geladen worden totdat de gebruiker toestemming geeft.

Does this plugin stop cookies from being stored?

We bieden je de faciliteit om cookies en bijbehorende scripts toe te voegen (Dit werkt als de cookies worden toegevoegd door scripts in de site header of de site footer zoals met Google analytics, Hotjar, etc.). In onze premium versie kunnen gebruikers per categorie de cookies weigeren die ze niet willen hebben. In zulke gevallen zullen alle cookies onder de categorie worden geblokkeerd. In de gratis versie kun je nog steeds de scripts blokkeren, maar zal de gebruiker niet de mogelijkheid hebben per categorie te blokkeren.

Maar als een andere plugin scripts toevoegd of een cookie gebruikt, dan hebben we daar geen controle over. Wij hebben niet de mogelijkheid om te achterhalen welke plugins je gebruikt noch hoe deze werken, het blind blokkeren/verwijderen van cookies op een WordPress website/blog zou mogelijk/waarschijnlijk je site onbruikbaar maken. Grotere websites met hoge budgetten zullen waarschijnlijk investeren in een technologie die dat slim kan doen, maar deze plugin tracht je te helpen door tot een bepaald niveau te voldoen aan de privacy wet zonder drastische acties te ondernemen.

Does this plugin guarantee that I comply with this law?

Nee. Als generieke plugin kunnen we niets weten over je specifieke omstandigheden. Het kan worden gebruikt als onderdeel van een algemeen actieplan om te voldoen, maar alleen installeren en niets meer doen, helpt niets. In alle gevallen moet je het gebruik van cookies op je eigen site beoordelen en een gepaste manier van handelen bepalen. Als je op zoek bent naar gespecialiseerd juridisch advies met betrekking tot je site, moet je altijd een advocaat raadplegen. Zie voor meer informatie over wat nodig is.


22 oktober 2021
If you are not one to customize, truly plug and play
22 oktober 2021
While I would appriciate a few more available options, such as changing the color and the design, or additing an icon with cookies, it's a pretty good plugin that works out of the box. Keep up the good work!
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  • Fix: Removed extract() function from the shortcodes module to improve security.


  • Enhancement: Disable cookie bar on page builders.
  • Tested ok with WordPress version 5.8


  • Bug fix: Do not sell option appears before Accept all button option on the admin settings.
  • Tested ok with WordPress version 5.6
  • Enhancement: Added escaping to input attributes.


  • Enhancement – Default cookie banner message update.


  • Enhancement – Added reject button by default
  • Enhancement – Help text improvements


  • Enhancement – New shortcode [cookie_accept_all] to add accept all button to the banner
  • Enhancement – MonsterInsights integration
  • Enhancement – New filter wt_cli_set_secure_cookies to set plugin cookies as secure
  • Fix – Site map issue with cookie category
  • Fix – Cookie categories are not ordered properly in secondary languages


  • Introduced website cookie scanner
  • Introduced dynamic cookie categories


  • Tested ok with WordPress version 5.6


  • Renamed show again tab to revisit consent
  • New shortcode wt_cli_manage_consent option for revisit consent


  • Fix: Editors unable to access the dashboard due to recent security update


  • Improvement: Option to change the title for necessary and non-necessary categories
  • Improvement: Added support for Official Facebook Pixel, Smash Balloon Instagram Feed & Twitter Feed plugins.


  • Fix – Conflict with the Divi page builder


  • Fix – Javascript error on IE after 1.8.9 update
  • Fix – Conflict with the theme customizer
  • Tested ok with WordPress version 5.5
  • Updated translation files for Finnish


  • Included support for CCPA ( Do not sell personal information )
  • Added javascript-based solution for running third-party scripts
  • Added support for external integration to modify the default behaviour of the plugin


  • Introduced ‘wt_cli_enable_cache_flush’ filter to enable / disable cache flushing
  • Cookie elements are excluded from the Google search engine indexing (<! – googleoff: all ->)


  • Tested ok with WordPress version 5.4.0


  • [Bug fix] Privacy overview is not visible if the content is in Cyrillic alphabets
  • [Improvements] Fixed compatibility issues with Decorator – WooCommerce Email Customizer


  • Bug fix w.r.t the plugin release version 1.8.4


  • Defaulted privacy overview heading tag to H4
  • Introduced ‘wt_cli_change_privacy_overview_title_tag’ filter to change privacy overview heading tag
  • Introduced ‘wt_cli_add_custom_cookie_categories_name’ filter to change cookie category names


  • PHP 7.4 compatibility
  • Security fix


  • Tested ok with WP 5.3


  • Added option in admin to modify the default button state of the non-necessary cookie category
  • [Bug fix] Show more / show less issue when custom text editor is used in the privacy overview content.
  • Updated translations
  • Read me updates


  • [Bug fix] Warning fixes


  • Fixed W3C Validation issues
  • [Bug fix] Hide non-necessary category on cookie settings popup if it is not enabled
  • [Bug fix] Translation issue with category cookies


  • Fixed issues with translations
  • [user_consent_state] added missing space in user consent states
  • Fixed issues with web accessibility


  • Introduced new cookie settings popup option
  • Added a shortcode [cookie_settings] to control settings
  • Option to add descriptions for both necessary and non-necessary cookies
  • Tested ok with WP 5.2
  • [Bug fix] Responsive styling issues for cookie audit table winter theme


  • Updated translation files for German, Danish, French, Dutch & Spanish
  • Added support for Portuguese
  • [Bug fix] [cookie_audit] shortcode conflict with heading


  • Defaulted the minimize cookie bar option for Read more link to disabled state.
  • The cookie message bar has been defaulted to include Reject option in addition to Accept.


  • Cookie policy generator
  • Added a shortcode [user_consent_state]
  • Updated shortcode [cookie_audit] with option to configure columns
  • Margin option added in all button shortcodes
  • Introduced an option to hide cookie bar on policy page
  • Tested ok with WP 5.1


  • Translation updated – Danish, French, German
  • Readme updates
  • Minor UI changes


  • Tested ok with WordPress version 5.0.2
  • Compatibility added for Pixelyoursite plugin


  • Cookie notice as Widget option added


  • Bug: Submenu sorting issue for custom user roles


  • Bug: submenu sorting issue for non administrator accounts
  • Bug: Flashing the cookie bar on page load.


  • New enclosing shortcode added for better control of third party content. [cookie_after_accept]..content goes here..[/cookie_after_accept]
  • Basic support included for Litespeed cache, WP Super Cache, Site ground cache, Endurance Cache, WP Fastest Cache.
  • Option to choose from the built-in pages for ‘Read More’ link.


  • Corrected German translations (thanks to Max B)
  • Bug in ‘Show cookie bar on selected pages’ Filter fixed
  • W3TC page cache compatibility added


  • In the previous update a title with default text ‘This website uses cookies‘ would get added to the existing cookie bar. In this update this title will get removed to that it is blank by default. In case you need this to be added again you need to explicitly add suitable content for the title.
  • Addressed the conflict with [cookie_reject] shortcode for previous users who had the reject button option enabled.
  • Optimized the plugin js and css assets to render only in plugin pages.


  • Improved UI.
  • Enhancements to cookie message bar – included title and option for overlay layout.


  • Filter added. (filter to edit audit table head)


  • Class change.
  • Bug fix.


  • Styling issues with winter style of cookie audit table shortcode fixed.
  • Functionality issues with reject button on open URL fixed.
  • Text corrections


  • Issue with reject button colour fixed.


  • Filter to display cookie bar only on selected pages.


  • Issue with dual accept button.


  • Issue with the plugin interfering with breadcrumb fixed.


  • Support for underline tag in the message bar.


  • Danish translation added


  • Changed Reject button colour for Open URL and Close Header options.
  • Padding for message header
  • Audit table mobile view compatible


  • AVG updates over vereisten.


  • Tested OK with WordPress 4.9.5
  • AVG updates over vereisten.


  • Bug fix: Buttons now handle apostrophes correctly
  • Bug fix: Added to table head for [cookie_audit] table for W3 Validator (thanks to davidebabylonia for finding and suggesting the solution)


  • Minor bug fix: adds version number to cli-admin.css


  • Bug fix: HTML5 validation fix for shortcode links (thanks to davidebabylonia)
  • Added JavaScript version number for greater compatibility


  • Major update: the cookie bar is now inserted into the page via wp_footer rather than using jQuery (for better performance and greater browser compatibility)
  • Update: if the cookie bar is in the header, there is now an option to fix the bar to the header using position:fixed


  • jQuery ‘reload’ bug fix on accept


  • Bug fix: fixed browser compatibility issue in cookielawinfo.js


  • New feature: accept policy & close cookie bar on scroll (an option available under Italian law)
  • New feature: if cookie bar is set to header it is fixed to the top of the screen (using CSS “position:fixed”)


  • Bug fix: changed filename from wpml.xml to wpml-config.xml


  • Fixing header/SVN tagging issue


  • Adding WPML support (wpml.xml)


  • Bug fix: removed extra ‘{‘ from cli-tables.css
  • Bug fix: fixed cookie_button shortcode text bug
  • Modified help pages, text and contact information


  • Added plugin settings page link to plugins.php
  • Bug fix: custom posts bug affecting some other plugins


  • Removed 3rd party JavaScript “jQuery.cookie” which can cause issues with certain versions of Apache server
  • Added native JavaScript cookie getter/setter
  • Removed JavaScript debug routine
  • Replaced JavaScript ‘eval’ with JSON.parse() for improved security: requires IE8+ (all other browsers fine though- who would have thought?)
  • Improved JavaScript performance and compatibility by removing global variables and running as inline function


  • New feature: auto-hide cookie bar after (configurable) delay
  • New feature: added responsive design to cookie audit table (thanks to Mark Wiltshire)
  • Upgrade: now using WP3.5 color picker
  • Bug fix: Cookie Audit table now shows maximum of 50 posts (was 10, which was a bit restrictive)
  • Bug fix: Cookie Law Info now only visible to admins
  • Bug fix: fixed typo on Dashboard help section for the [delete_cookies] shortcode
  • Bug fix: fixed “invalid header” bug
  • Performance enhancement: removed jQueryUI from admin panel and added custom (slimline) code
  • Performance enhancement: compressed CSS a bit
  • Performance enhancement: cookie audit CSS is now only downloaded on the page on which it is needed


  • Fixed bug where JavaScript generated an http 404 error.


  • Improved design & appearance
  • Cookie Law Info bar can be shown in header or footer
  • Customise fonts
  • New animations on page load / close header
  • Option to switch off “show again tab” – or position it anywhere horizontally in the header or footer. Additionally the styling has been improved and you are now able to customise the message.
  • New button styles: better styling and effects, greater control
  • Customise your message using HTML and 5 shortcodes with quick-start default options
  • “Cookie Audit” module – document the cookies your site uses then display them in your privacy policy via a shortcode
  • Enhanced dashboard
  • Enhanced help section
  • Refactored codebase, improved jQuery performance
  • Bugs fixed: no more slashes in Message Box


  • First public release.