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Code Snippets is een gemakkelijke, schone en eenvoudige manier om code snippets op je site uit te voeren. Het maakt het overbodig eigen snippets toe te voegen aan het functions.php bestand van je thema.

Code Snippets Pro is now available, with full CSS, JavaScript, Gutenberg and Elementor integrations.

A snippet is a small chunk of PHP code that you can use to extend the functionality of a WordPress-powered website; essentially a mini-plugin with less load on your site.

Most snippet-hosting sites tell you to add snippet code to your active theme’s functions.php file, which can get rather long and messy after a while.

Code Snippets changes that by providing a GUI interface for adding snippets and actually running them on your site just as if they were in your theme’s functions.php file.

Quick overview of Code Snippets by Imran Siddiq

Code Snippets provides graphical interface, similar to the Plugins menu, for managing snippets. Snippets can be activated and deactivated, just like plugins.

The snippet editor includes fields for a name, a visual editor-enabled description, tags to allow you to categorize snippets, and a full-featured code editor. Snippets can be exported for transfer to another site, either in JSON for later importing by the Code Snippets plugin, or in PHP for creating your own plugin or theme.

Comprehensive Code Snippets tutorial with practical examples by Ferdy Korpershoek

If you have any feedback, issues, or suggestions for improvements please leave a topic in the Support Forum, join the community on Facebook, or check us out on GitHub.

Als deze plugin je bevalt, of als hij op een of andere manier nuttig voor je is, overweeg dan om hem op te beoordelen.


Code Snippets kan in onderstaande verschillende talen worden gebruikt dankzij de volgende vertalers:


  • Beheren bestaande plugins
  • Voeg een nieuwe snippet toe
  • Bewerk een snippet
  • Importeren van snippets vanuit een exportbestand


Automatische installatie

  1. Log in op je WordPress beheer
  2. Klik op Plugins
  3. Klik op Nieuw toevoegen
  4. Zoek naar Code Snippets
  5. Klik op Nu installeren onder “Code Snippets”
  6. Activeer de plugin

Handmatige installatie

  1. Download de plugin
  2. Pak de inhoud van het zipbestand uit
  3. Upload de inhoud van het zip-bestand naar de map wp-content/plugins/ van je WordPress-installatie
  4. Activeer de Code Snippets plugin vanuit de ‘Plugins’ pagina.

Het netwerk activeren van Code Snippets via het netwerkdashboard zet een speciale interface aan voor het uitvoeren van snippets over het hele netwerk.


Een volledige lijst van onze Veelgestelde Vragen (FAQ) vind je op

Hoe kan ik mijn site herstellen als deze is gecrasht door een buggy snippet?

You can recover your site by enabling the Code Snippets safe mode feature. Instructions for how to turn it on are available here:

Raak ik mijn snippets kwijt wanneer ik het thema verander of WordPress update?

Nee, de snippets worden opgeslagen in de WordPress-database, los van het thema en niet beïnvloed door WordPress upgrades.

Kan de plugin volledig worden verwijderd?

Wanneer je de optie ‘Installatie ongedaan maken’ inschakelt op de plugin’s Instellingen pagina, zal Code Snippets alle gegevens opschonen wanneer ze worden verwijderd via het WordPress ‘Plugins’ menu. Dit omvat alle opgeslagen fragmenten. Als je de fragmenten wilt behouden, moet je ervoor zorgen dat ze eerst worden geëxporteerd.

Kan ik fragmenten die ik heb gemaakt kopiëren naar een andere WordPress-site?

Ja! Je kunt een enkele snippet afzonderlijk exporteren via de link onder de naam van het fragment op de pagina ‘Snippets beheren’ of meerdere snippets in bulk exporteren met de functie ‘Bulkacties’. Snippets kunnen later worden geïmporteerd via de pagina ‘Importeer snippets’ door het exportbestand te uploaden.

Kan ik mijn snippets naar PHP exporteren voor een site waar ik de Code Snippets plugin niet gebruik?

Ja. Klik op de selectievakjes naast de snippets die je wilt exporteren,kies vervolgens Exporteren naar PHP in het menu Bulkacties en klik op Toepassen. Het gegenereerde PHP-bestand bevat de code van de geëxporteerde snippets, evenals hun naam en beschrijving in de opmerkingen.

Kan ik snippets netwerkbreed op een multisite installatie draaien?

Je kunt snippets uitvoeren op een volledig multisite netwerk door Code Snippets netwerk activeren via het netwerk dashboard. Je kunt Code Snippets ook alleen op de hoofdsite activeren en vervolgens afzonderlijk naar je keuze op andere sites.

Waar worden de snippets opgeslagen in mijn WordPress database?

Snippets worden opgeslagen in de tabel wp_snippets in de WordPress database. De tabelnaam kan verschillen, afhankelijk van waarop je tabelvoorvoegsel is ingesteld.

Waar kan ik terecht voor hulp of met suggesties voor nieuwe functionaliteit?

Je kunt hulp krijgen met Code Snippets, bugs of fouten rapporterenr, en nieuwe functies en verbeteringen voorstellen ofwel op de WordPress ondersteuningforums of op GitHub

Hoe kan ik bijdragen aan de ontwikkeling van de Code Snippets plugin?

De beste manier om dit te doen is de repository op GitHub te forken en een pull request te sturen.


17 mei 2023
Great plugin. Works perfect without any problems.
27 maart 2023 2 reacties
This is one of my favorite plugins! Easy to use an effiicient. And on top a really outstanding support by the plugin-author @bungeshea Thanks 🙂
23 maart 2023 1 reactie
This is one of our highly recommended tools. I’ve been in IT Management and Consulting for over 40 years. It's lightweight and easy to use as it's reasonably intuitive. I used to have to document where custom coding resided but now, I don't have to. Also, storing the snippets with its export function is easy and it’s great for versioning, if needed. I also can use it for temporary code fixes issued by any support team. I no longer have to insert coding directly into my templates or other php files. I strongly recommend the pro version for the advantages of handling all types of code like PHP, JS, CSS, and HTML. It also has a great feature where you can just disable a script from running if you want; so, you don't have to delete it and then reinstate it for the future. I list it as a basic requirement for Food Blogs in the topic category of Food Blog Resources. Case Examples: Kadence, SEOPress, and ContentViews support team gave us some scripting to run in various places within the site.™ recently awarded it the Business Resources 5-Star Award, where there’s a complete writeup on it recently.
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Bijdragers & ontwikkelaars

“Code Snippets” is open source software. De volgende personen hebben bijgedragen aan deze plugin.


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Bekijk de code, haal de SVN repository op, of abonneer je op het ontwikkellog via RSS.


3.4.0 (17 May 2023)

  • Added: Proper WordPress REST API support for retrieving and modifying snippets.
  • Improved: Better compatibility with modern versions of PHP (7.0+).
  • Improved: Converted Edit/Add New Snippet page to use React.
    • Converted action buttons to asynchronously use REST API endpoints through AJAX.
    • Load page components dynamically through React.
    • Added action notice queue system.
    • Replaced native alert dialog with proper React modal.
  • Improved: Catch snippet execution errors to prevent site from crashing.
  • Improved: Display recent snippet errors in admin dashboard instead.
  • Improved: Updated editor block to use new REST API endpoints. (PRO)
  • Improved: Change colour of upgrade notice in Pro plugin. (PRO)
  • Improved: All available snippet data is included in export files.
  • Improved: Only import specific fields from export file, even if additional fields specified.
  • Fixed: Issue preventing editor colorpicker from loading correctly. (PRO)
  • Improved: Added help links to content snippet options.
  • Improved: Pass additional attributes specified in [code_snippet] content shortcode to shortcode content.
  • Improved: Make shortcode attributes available as individual variables.
  • Improved: Allow boolean attributes to be passed to code snippets shortcodes without specifying a value.
  • Improved: Replace external links to Pro pricing page with an upgrade modal.
  • Fixed: Issue preventing linting libraries from loading correctly in the code editor.

3.3.0 (09 Mar 2023)

  • Fixed: Do not enqueue CSS or JS snippet file if no snippets exist. (PRO)
  • Improved: Added additional editor shortcuts to list in tooltip.
  • Added: Filter for changing Snippets admin menu position. See this help article for more information.
  • Added: Ability to filter shortcode output. Thanks to contributions from Jack Szwergold.
  • Fixed: Bug causing all snippets to show in site health information instead of those active.
  • Fixed: Unnecessary sanitization of file upload data causing import process to fail on Windows systems.

3.2.2 (17 Nov 2022)

  • Opgelost: plugin mist een geldige header fout bij activering.

3.2.1 (05 Oct 2022)

  • Opgelost: probleem waardoor enquête herinneringsbericht niet genegeerd kan worden.
  • Added: Ctrl+/ or Cmd+/ as shortcut for commenting out code in the snippet editor.
  • Added: Additional hooks to various snippet actions, thanks to contributions made by ancient-spirit.
  • Added: Fold markers, additional keyboard shortcuts and keymap options to snippet editor,
    thanks to contributions made by Amaral Krichman.
  • Improved: Removed duplicate tables exist query. (#).
  • Improved: Enabled ‘add paragraphs and formatting’ option by default for newly inserted content snippets.
  • Added: WP-CLI commands for retrieving, activating, deactivating, deleting, creating, updating, exporting and importing snippets.
  • Fixed: Path to iron visible when updating the pro plugin.

3.2.0 (22 July 2022)

  • Fixed: Remove default value from SQL columns to improve compatibility with certain versions of MySQL.
  • Fixed: Delay loading snippets in Gutenberg editor blocks. (PRO)
  • Added: Option to show and hide line numbers in Gutenberg source code editor block. (PRO)
  • Added: Support for highlighting HTML, CSS, JS and embedded code in the front-end PrismJS code highlighter.
  • Added: Additional features to front-end PrismJS code highlighter, including automatic links and a copy button.
  • Added: Support for multiple code styles in the source code Gutenberg editor block. (PRO)
  • Toegevoegd: beheer bericht ter aankondiging van de release van Code Snippets Pro.
  • Fixed: Inconsistencies with translations between different plugin versions.
  • Fixed: Issue with Content Snippet shortcode information not displaying.
  • Toegevoegd: knop voor het kopiëren van shortcode tekst naar klembord.
  • Improved: Include Code Snippets CSS and JS source code in distributed package.
  • Improved: Don’t delete data from plugin if deleting Code Snippets Free while Code Snippets Pro is active.
  • Improved: Streamlined user interface and experience in Gutenberg editor blocks. (PRO)
  • Added: Option to choose from 44 different themes for the Prism code highlighter in the source editor block and Elementor widget. (PRO)
  • Improved: Compatibility of Elementor widgets with the latest version of Elementor. (PRO)
  • Improved: Replace icon font menu icon with embedded SVG icon.

3.1.2 (3 July 2022)

  • Updated external links and branding for Code Snippets Pro.
  • Improved: Add link URLs to settings pages, as an alternative to in-page navigation.
  • Fixed: Various fixes to block editor scripts. (PRO)
  • Fixed: Improved visual style of Gutenberg editor blocks. (PRO)

3.1.1 (13 Jun 2022)

  • Fixed: Download snippets feature not including snippet content.
  • Opgelost: uitlijning van ‘extern openen’ dashicon.
  • Improved: Added additional parameters to code_snippets/export/filename filter.

3.1.0 (17 May 2022)

  • Fixed: Caching inconsistencies preventing snippets and settings from refreshing on sites with persistent object caching.
  • Verbeterd: vereenvoudigde database queries.
  • Added: More comprehensive cache coverage, including for active snippets.
  • Added: Icon to ‘Go Pro’ button indicating it opens an external tab.
  • Improved: Allow display styles in snippet descriptions.

3.0.1 (14 May 2022)

  • Fixed: Incompatibility issue with earlier versions of PHP.

3.0.0 (14 May 2022)


  • Added: HTML content snippets for displaying as shortcodes or including in the page head or footer area.
  • Added: Notice reminding users to upgrade unsupported PHP versions.
  • Added: Visual settings to add attributes to shortcodes.
  • Toegevoegd: shortcode knoppen aan de inhoud editors voor berichten en pagina’s.
  • Toegevoegd: basis REST API endpoints.
  • Added: Snippet type column to the snippets table.
  • Added: Snippet type badges to Edit and Add New Snippet pages.
  • Added: Setting to control whether the current line of the code editor is highlighted.
  • Added: Display a warning when saving a snippet with missing title or code.
  • Added: Add suffix to title of cloned snippets.


  • Improved: Updated plugin code to use namespaces, preventing name collisions with other plugins.
  • Improved: Added key for the ‘active’ and ‘scope’ database table columns to speed up queries.
  • Improved: Redirect from edit menu if not editing a valid snippet.
  • Verbeterd: activeringsschakelaar verplaatst naar een eigen tabelkolom.
  • Improved: Updated code documentation according to WordPress standards.
  • Improved: Added snippet type labels to the tabs on the Snippets page.
  • Verbeterd: instellingenpagina opgedeeld in tabs.
  • Improved: Use the version of CodeMirror included with WordPress where possible to inherit the additional built-in features.
  • Improved: Added hover effect to priority settings in the snippets table to show that they are editable.
  • Fixed: Snippets table layout on smaller screens.


  • Removed: Deprecated functions and compatibility code for unsupported PHP versions.
  • Verwijderd: optie om snippet scopes uit te schakelen.

Nieuw in pro

  • Added: CSS style snippets for the site front-end and admin area.
  • Added: JavaScript snippets for the site head and body area on the front-end.
  • Added: Browser cache versioning for CSS and JavaScript snippets.
  • Added: Support for exporting and downloading CSS and JavaScript snippets.
  • Toegevoegd: ondersteuning voor het markeren van code op de front-end.
  • Added: Editor syntax highlighting for CSS, JavaScript and HTML snippets.
  • Added: Button to preview full file when editing CSS or JavaScript snippets.
  • Added: Option to minify CSS and JavaScript snippets.
  • Added: Gutenberg editor block for displaying content snippets.
  • Added: Gutenberg editor block for displaying snippet source code.
  • Toegevoegd: Elementor widget voor het weergeven van inhoud snippets.
  • Added: Elementor widget for displaying snippet source code.

2.14.6 (13 May 2022)

  • Opgelost: probleem met de verwerking van geüploade importbestanden.
  • Opgelost: probleem met het verwerken van tag filters.

2.14.5 (10 May 2022)

  • Fixed: Incompatibility issue with older versions of PHP.

2.14.4 (5 May 2022)

  • Fixed: Prevent array key errors when loading the snippet table with unknown order values.

2.14.3 (10 Dec 2021)

  • Fixed: Potential security issue outputting snippets-safe-mode query variable value as-is. Thanks to Krzysztof Zając for reporting.

2.14.2 (9 Sep 2021)

  • Fixed: Prevent network snippets table from being created on single-site installs.
  • Added translations:
  • Added: Support for :class syntax to the code validator.
  • Toegevoegd: PHP8 ondersteuning aan de code linter.
  • Added: Color picker feature to the code editor.
  • Added: Failsafe to prevent multiple versions of Code Snippets from running simultaneously.

2.14.1 (10 Mar 2021)

  • Added: Czech translation by Lukáš Tesař.
  • Fixed: Code validator now supports function_exists and class_exists checks.
  • Fixed: Code validator now supports anonymous functions.
  • Opgelost: probleem met het opslaan van de instelling voor verborgen kolommen.
  • Fixed: Replaced the outdated tag-it library with tagger for powering the snippet tags editor.
  • Toegevoegd: code richting instelling voor RTL gebruikers.
  • CodeMirror geüpdatet naar versie 5.59.4.
  • Added: Additional action hooks and search API thanks to @Spreeuw.

2.14.0 (26 Jan 2020)

  • CodeMirror geüpdatet naar versie 5.50.2.
  • Added: Basic error checking for duplicate functions and classes.
  • Updated Italian translations to fix display issues – thanks to Francesco Marino.
  • Fixed: Ordering snippets in the table by name will now be case-insensitive.
  • Toegevoegd: extra API opties voor het ophalen van snippets.
  • Fixed: Code editor will now properly highlight embedded HTML, CSS and JavaScript code.
  • Changed the indicator color for inactive snippets from red to grey.
  • Fixed a bug preventing the editor theme from being set to default.
  • Added: Store the time and date when each snippet was last modified.
  • Toegevoegd: basis foutcontrole bij het activeren van snippets.
  • Opgelost: zorg ervoor dat geïmporteerde snippets altijd inactief zijn.
  • Fixed: Check the referer on the import menu to prevent CSRF attacks. Thanks to Chloe with the Wordfence Threat Intelligence team for reporting.
  • Fixed: Ensure that individual snippet action links use proper verification.

The full changelog is available on GitHub