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Checkout X for WooCommerce


Checkout X is a complete E-Commerce checkout solution for online stores who are starting, growing, or already scaling on WooCommerce. Add Checkout X to your store to get a faster checkout that skyrockets your revenue through higher conversion rates and powerful post-purchase upsells.

Waarom Checkout X gebruiken?

Checkout X increases your revenue by providing a better shopper experience to your customers. Use Checkout X to dramatically improve your checkout conversion rate and average order value with minimum implementation efforts – all happens instantly and automatically – just like magic!

Het beste nieuws is dat je een WooCommerce winkel van elke grootte en schaal kunt zijn. Checkout X helpt je groeien, hoe groot je op dit moment ook bent.

Having processed over $600M in transactions across thousands of stores, we are always working on optimization and adjustments to deliver the best-in-class results.

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Handelaren houden van Checkout X om een paar belangrijke redenen

  • Increased conversion rates. When the customer shopping experience is enriched and simplified, shoppers start checking out more. Less friction means more conversions. Checkout X merchants see an average revenue boost of 5% – 15%.
  • Improved average order value. More conversion rates means online stores increase the lifetime value of their customers, while the relevant and well-timed upsells boost the average order value of all online shoppers.
  • Confidence and security. The tailored payment method integration of Checkout X gives you absolute security and the ability to use the extra features of your payment providers. 3D security shifts liability for fraud to the customer’s bank, which means you can finally stop worrying about fraud and focus on growth.
  • Designed & optimized for mobile. Checkout X is fully responsive, which means the mobile-first design boosts your sales no matter the devices your customers use to shop from your WooCommerce store.

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Waar zijn we goed in?

The real success of our merchants comes when they combine our high-converting frictionless checkout with the powerful post-purchase upsells that customers see after they’ve completed their purchase.

Online shopping made effortless.
Checkout X multiplies your WooCommerce revenue by introducing a high-converting, mobile-first checkout with seamless & secure payments, well-timed post-purchase upsells, and a robust set of available integrations to add extra value.

Less abandoned carts, more revenue.
With the one-page checkout experience and minimum number of input fields, Checkout X solves one of the main reasons why customers abandon carts – long and confusing checkout process. By eliminating friction and distractions, customers can check out almost instantly.

All you need under one roof.
Forget about using multiple plugins to boost your WooCommerce store’s conversion rates or struggling with code to modify the design, layout, and behavior of your checkout. With Checkout X, you get a complete plug-and-play solution you set up once and forget about it.

Verhoog conversie met een wrijvingsloze één-pagina afrekening

  • Fast checkout process. The industry average for most checkouts is about 66 seconds, while customers using Checkout X can finish in less than 25 seconds.
  • Less input fields for customers. Eliminate all friction and distractions to reduce any chances customers can drop off due to a long and overwhelming checkout process.
  • One page checkout. Instantly show customers the entire checkout and how easy it’s going to be to complete their order by showing all the fields and the simplified UI.
  • Auto-complete for customer info. Give customers an even bigger speed boost by eliminating the need to input their address manually with location-based auto-fill.
  • Made for mobile. Completing orders with Checkout X is fast and simple on any device to give your customers on the move a better shopping experience.
  • Buy Now links. Help customers skip the cart and go straight to checkout with the product already there, ready to complete the order faster.
  • Abandoned cart emails. Recover any revenue leaks by sending out personal email notifications that help shoppers pickup where they left from and complete their orders.

Verhoog de omzet en AOV met relevante & goed getimede upsells

Post-purchase upsells can be effective in all E-commerce stores, whatever the industry. 3 out of 4 merchants who set up an upsell manage to get extra sales.

  • Post-purchase upsells. Trigger special offers for customers after they’ve entered their payment information and confirmed their order so it’s twice as easy to increase AOV without any additional actions.
  • A/B testing. Run tests between multiple triggers and upsell offers to find the highest-converting combinations that provide the most value for customers and the most revenue for your WooCommerce store.

Vertrouwen, zekerheid en zekerheid bevorderen om de verkoop te verhogen

  • Impeccable payment security. With the tailored payment integrations, Checkout X brings the security of your payment provider and their additional features using their native API. All payment data is collected and processed directly by the payment provider and not stored within Checkout X.
  • 3D Secure payments. PSD2 compliant with 3D Secure payment support at no extra cost. To combine ease of use with security, 3D Secure is only invoked when required by the customer’s bank.
  • Fraud protection. With 3D security, you get bank-level protection by eliminating fraud liability while shifting all of it to the customer’s bank, letting you focus on growth, instead of worrying about fraud.

Maak verbinding en begin in een mum van tijd met verkopen. Geen technische vaardigheden nodig.

  • Easy to install & setup. Checkout X takes less than 30 minutes to install and set up thanks to the extremely intuitive onboarding. The plugin is designed to recognize and sync your store data to get you up and selling faster.
  • Plug-and-play. Checkout X doesn’t need any modifications or additional technical setup. You plug it in and it just starts working in the background without any need for regular maintenance.
  • Easy to customize. The checkout page is easy to edit and customize so you can change the copy on all the fields, add your brand colors & styles, and fine-tune the customer experience with trust badges, additional custom sections, or custom scripts.
  • No coding required. You don’t need any developers or technical skills to setup or work with Checkout X. It’s designed to help merchants start making more sales on auto-pilot.
  • Customizable Thank you page. Enrich the customer experience even more by building a Thank you page that makes shoppers want to come back for more.

Checkout X is een alles-in-één oplossing

Going with Checkout X means you’re going for a competitive advantage in your niche without the need of multiple plugins to achieve a conversion uplift. The app is designed to solve both low conversion rates and revenue while increasing AOV & LTV.

All of that happens from a sleek modern dashboard where simplicity comes together with cutting edge tech to give merchants the hassle-free intuitive experience they need to focus more on growth and less on technical struggles.

  1. Zero maintenance plugin, ready to go out of the box. Other plugins require you to build the entire experience from scratch, while Checkout X is ready to go right away.
  2. Native cart recovery. You don’t need other plugins to send out abandoned cart emails since Checkout X has a built-in functionality to help you recover lost revenue. You also have integrations for Klaviyo, Mailchimp, and SMSBump if you prefer using them.
  3. Post-purchase upsells. Forget about plugins that only add upsells to your store. Checkout X gives you a simple way to quickly create multiple upsell offers.
  4. Integrated payments. With Checkout X, you don’t need your WooCommerce store to have your payment provider’s plugin installed. You can simply connect to them from your Checkout X dashboard and you’re ready to roll.

Optimaliseer de prestaties van je WooCommerce door alle onnodige plugins te verwijderen en handel elk afrekenproces af vanuit Checkout X.

Wat krijg je met Checkout X?

  • Allow shoppers to complete a purchase within 25 seconds where the industry average is 66 seconds.
  • Beperk het afrekenproces tot slechts 12 invoervelden waar de AVG afrekening 17 invoervelden heeft met ons vereenvoudigde UX proces.
  • Reduce the user interactions to 11, where the AVG checkout has 18 thanks to a combination of IP localization, address auto-fils, and smart pre-selecting.
  • Lever uitstekende resultaten op zowel desktop als mobiel in de steeds mobieler wordende wereld met onze mobiel-eerst ontwerpaanpak.
  • Bring in a significant revenue boost and increase AOV and LTV with well-timed and relevant post-purchase upsells. 1 in 2 merchants increases their revenue with over €1000. In total, upsells account for 8% of Checkout X’s transaction volume.
  • Laat klanten eerst de oorspronkelijke bestelling afronden en bied ze direct daarna de upsell aan om ervoor te zorgen dat ze niet afhaken tijdens het afrekenen.

Wat kun je doen met Checkout X?

  • Meer winkelaars omzetten in klanten
  • Verhoog de AOV met upsells na de aankoop
  • Bied de betaalmethoden aan waar je klanten de voorkeur aan geven
  • Spreek de taal van je klant (vertalingen beschikbaar)
  • Verloren inkomsten van achtergelaten winkelwagens terugwinnen
  • Integreer met je favoriete gereedschap & apps

Profiteer van je nieuwe afrekenen op steroïden en stimuleer je inkomsten vandaag nog!

Wie zijn wij?

Checkout X is on a mission to democratize checkout technology and help SMBs compete with E-Commerce brands and giants. With us, it’s like your online store has a team of conversion pros and developers working around the clock to constantly improve your conversion rates and add new features to your favorite checkout.

Wat komt er binnenkort?

Ons wereldwijde team verlegt de grenzen van de afrekentechnologie. Dit is wat we momenteel ontwikkelen en naar WooCommerce brengen:

  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay


  • Verbeter de WooCommerce winkelervaring
  • Bevorder tussen 25% – 60% conversie op aanbiedingen bij het afrekenen
  • Breng klanten terug naar je winkel
  • Pas je afrekening aan om merkconsistentie te behouden
  • Verbeter je mobiele ervaring om conversies te verhogen
  • Maximaliseer conversiepercentages, verkoop en inkomsten op één plek
  • Checkout X is gratis voor WooCommerce. Voor altijd.


Checkout X merchant account is required for setup. Please sign up at or contact to get assistance getting set up.

Our team of experts is available to help you get the most out of your Checkout X setup.

Automatische installatie

Voor automatische installatie log je in op je WordPress dashboard, navigeer je naar het plugins menu en klik je op nieuwe toevoegen.


16 december 2020
I love the design because it’s very simple and way better than the WooCommerce checkout style. I use Checkout X for a month or 2 now and I see higher conversion rates and of course less abandoned checkouts!!
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