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Turbocharge your website’s performance effortlessly with the Bunny WordPress CDN Plugin. This powerful tool effortlessly integrates bunny.net’s next-generation delivery optimization services into your WordPress site, providing you with a configuration wizard to simplify setup, all without requiring complex configuration or coding on your part.

Benefit from global delivery with optimal latency, automatically transfer your media to the cloud with multi-region replication, seamlessly compress media files without coding, and enhance user privacy and GDPR compliance with our open-source non-tracked fonts.

Hoe werkt het?

This plugin makes it easy to activate Bunny CDN, Bunny Offloader, Bunny Optimizer, and Bunny Fonts with our new configuration wizard.

  • Bunny CDN configures your WordPress to utilize our CDN, substituting existing static content links with lightning-fast CDN links.
  • Bunny Optimizer automatically processes and compresses files and images, achieving significant reductions in file size.
  • Bunny Offloader seamlessly transfers your media files to Bunny Storage, providing scalable cloud storage with automatic multi-region replication and high-throughput performance.
  • Bunny Fonts, available free of charge to all users, offers a vast selection of fonts to choose from. Simply select your favorite font from our extensive library and effortlessly import it into your site using a simple CSS @import or HTML tag.


  • New Configuration Wizard: Streamlines the entire setup process in under 5 minutes, ensuring a hassle-free experience.
  • Enhanced Dashboard: Easily access vital information such as account balance, last month’s usage, content delivery bandwidth, cache hit ratios, and request statistics with our intuitive new dashboard interface, all without leaving the WordPress Admin panel.
  • Bunny CDN: Next-generation CDN boasting a lightning-fast 24ms latency, equipped with edge rules, optimized for video content, advanced caching capabilities, real-time logging, free SSL certificates, and global distribution utilizing NVMe+ SSD servers.
  • Bunny Offloader: Seamlessly automates the offloading of media content from WordPress to Bunny Storage.
  • Bunny Storage: Benefit from multi-region replication, with no egress or API costs, and unparalleled latency performance for your stored content.
  • Bunny Fonts: Rest easy with our font service featuring zero logging, full GDPR compliance, and no data sharing, all hosted within the EU for maximum privacy and security.
  • Bunny Optimizer: Automatic processing and compression of images, CSS & JavaScript files, optimizing your website’s performance effortlessly.


  • PHP >=7.4
  • WordPress >=6.0



  • Setup wizard
  • Overview page
  • Bunny CDN configuration
  • Bunny Offloader configuration
  • Bunny Optimizer configuration
  • Bunny Fonts configuration


17 april 2024
It used to be better. Now Features are missing. Here are a few issues/feature ideas: Excluded Extensions: Show the list of all installed plugins and let users disable plugins by clicking a check box. Currently, there is no way to know if I entered the right value Excluded Directories: There is no option to exclude directories Exclude file types: It would be great if users could choose which file types (e.g. PDF, SVG,...) should not be served from Bunny CDN
17 april 2024
Bunny.net is the perfect CDN service for small blogs and also big websites. It is easy to set up and integrate with a wordpress site. It works perfecetly with my cache plugin (Powered cache) and also with cloudflare DNS. The pricing is very competetive and the customer support is excellent.
17 april 2024 1 reactie
Unfortunately since version 2.20 came out i have had a lot of issues with it. Support has tried to help but so far no solution except to remove plugin and revert to traditional means using another caching plugin.Two stars because it used to be such an effortless and efficient plugin… but now it has become the opposite for my sites. The CDN itself is great!
16 april 2024
Great products and company, but the recent 2.0 plugin CDN updates are missing a feature that was included previously and simply omitted with latest 2.0 update - CDN exclusion of folder paths (there is only file type exclusions). The developer(s) of the new version must know it is a breaking omission for those who had those folder type exclusions. Without this feature I am unable to use their CDN. Yes, I have contacted support and was told my request would be passed to developer. My question would be why would you remove any existing functionality with a 2.0 update?
16 april 2024
Bunny.net has been instrumental in optimizing our website's performance globally. Their CDN service has significantly reduced loading times, ensuring a seamless user experience for our audience worldwide. Highly recommended!
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= 2.2.4
* Offloader: fixed an error with mismatching date formats


  • Added sync conflict resolution interface
  • Added support for WP_PROXY_* constants


  • Improved compatibility with other plugins


  • Fixed a fatal error introduced in 2.2.0


  • Added support for WordPress 6.5


  • Improved compatibility with plugins that use older composer versions


  • Improved compatibility with MariaDB
  • Improved compatibility with Divi Theme Builder
  • Improved compatibility with plugins that use older composer versions


  • Improved Offloader error handling for sync failures


  • Added support for PHP 7.4


  • Allow plugin to be converted into Agency Mode


  • CDN: support srcset without width/pixel density descriptor
  • Offloader: only show “in sync” if “sync existing” is enabled


  • Fixed link to the Bunny DNS guide


  • Redesigned plugin, with Bunny Fonts, Bunny Optimizer and Bunny Offloader support


  • De branding geüpdatet naar bunny.net


  • Verhoogde limiet voor de naam van de pull zone


  • Een optie toegevoegd om bunnyCDN uit te schakelen wanneer ingelogd als beheer gebruiker
  • Ingebouwde clear cache functionaliteit toegevoegd
  • Automatische dns prefetch headers toegevoegd


  • De invoer van domeinnamen is verbeterd zodat koppeltekens zijn toegestaan


  • Logo update


  • Bug oplossingen


  • Een site URL instelling toegevoegd voor configuraties die een niet-standaard URL configuratie gebruiken.


  • Probleem met HTTPS URL afhandeling opgelost


  • Eerste uitgave