Author Avatars List/Block


This plugin makes it easy to display lists of user avatars, grouped by user roles, on your (multiuser) site. It also allows you to insert single avatars for blog users or any email address into a post or page – great for displaying an image of someone you’re talking about.

Het maakt gebruik van ingebouwde WordPress (core) functies om gebruikersinformatie op te halen en avatars te verkrijgen.

Avatar lists can be inserted into your sidebar by adding a widget or into posts/pages by using a shortcode. The plugin comes with a tinymce editor plugin which makes inserting shortcodes very easy.

This also provides Gutenberg Block for use with the Gutenberg editor.
Please help with the plugin Translations at

Both the shortcode and widget and Gutenberg Block can be configured to:

  • Show a custom title (widget only)
  • Only show specific user groups and/or hide certain users
  • Beperk het aantal getoonde gebruikers
  • Change the sort order of users or show in random order
  • De grootte van gebruikersavatars aanpassen
  • Optioneel de naam of biografie van een gebruiker tonen
  • Show users from the current blog, all blogs or a selection of blogs (on WPMU/Multisite)
  • Group users by their blog (when showing from multiple blogs), and show the blog name above each grouping.
  • Ondersteunt gebruikers van CO-Author Plus, Ultimate Member, BBpress en BuddyPress (xprofile)
  • Beperk het aantal avatars per pagina voor grote sets door een page_size shortcode toe te voegen “page_size=30” (alleen shortcode)

Additionally, single user avatars can be inserted using the show_avatar shortcode and configured to:

  • Pas de grootte van de avatar van de gebruiker aan.
  • Align the avatar left, centered or right.
    The Gutenberg Block support both single user avatars and role based selections of avatars

Please report bugs and provide feedback in the wordpress support forum.

Plugin ondersteuning: In 2011, is Ben gestopt met het onderhouden van de plugin. Mede-auteur Paul Bearne blijft de plugin ondersteunen en gaat door met het ontwikkelen van nieuwe functies.


  • Very simple set up Gutenberg block in a empty blog.
  • Gutenberg blok.
  • Examples of what the [authoravatars] shortcode can do.
  • Shortcode helper available from the WYSIWYG editor on the edit post page.
  • Lijst van gebruikers met naam en biografie
  • Het widget configuratiepaneel.
  • Geavanceerde Gutenberg blokken opties


Deze plugin heeft 1 blok.

  • Author Avatar Lists This plugin makes it easy to *display lists of user avatars*, grouped by user roles, on your (multiuser) site. It also allows you to *insert single avatars* for blog users or any email address into a post or page – great for displaying an image of someone you're talking about.


  1. Upload the author-avatars folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activeer de plugin via het ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Enable and configure the widget as usual on the Design / Widgets page.

Look at this page to find out how to use the [authoravatars] shortcode.

You can find information for developers on this page.


Shortcode, hè?

A shortcode is a tag like [authoravatars] which you can insert into a page or post to display a list of users on that post/page. You can read more about shortcodes in general in the wordpress codex, for example here or here.

Hoe gebruik ik de author avatar shortcode?

As of version 0.6 the plugin comes with a tinymce plugin which makes it very easy to insert shortcode(s).

If you’d like to do it manually it’s still simple: just add [authoravatars] into your post and hit save! There’s a large number of parameters available.

The plugin comes with two shortcodes: [authoravatars] for lists of avatars and [show_avatar] for single avatars.

I can’t get my widget to show users from multiple blogs!

Make sure you have enabled the “blog filter” in Site Admin / Author Avatars for the blog on which you are trying to use this feature on. By default this is only enabled for the root blog (blog id = 1).

And you are running WordPress MU (or respectively WordPress 3 in multi-site mode), right?

Kan ik aangepaste foto’s uploaden voor gebruikers?

Nee, de Author Avatars List plugin biedt alleen manieren om avatars van gebruikers weer te geven.

The plugin uses the WordPress Core Template function get_avatar() to retrieve the actual avatar images. In order to display custom images you need to look for plugins which use/override WordPress’ avatar features and provide respective upload features…

Have a look at the User Photo Plugin (turn on option “Override Avatar with User Photo”) or the Add Local Avatar Plugin.

I get a “404 Page not found” error when I click on the avatar of a user!

This can happens when you’ve choosen to link users to their “author page” and the user has not written any posts on a blog. There are two things that you should do in this situation:

  1. To prevent the 404 page from showing up install the Show authors without posts Plugin. This forces WordPress to always show the user page if the user exists.

  2. If not already there add a custom user/author template to your theme. Otherwise if a user has no posts their user page is going to be quite empty by default…
    You can find a tutorial on Author Templates as well as a Sample Template File in the WordPress Codex.

Kan ik html gebruiken in biografieën van gebruikers?

WordPress Core unfortunately strips all html from the user biography field when entered. Install the plugin Weasel’s HTML Bios if you want to use html…

Hoe kan ik de vormgeving van de avatarlijsten veranderen?

De styling van de widget wordt bepaald door de styleprofielen die zijn gedefinieerd css/widgets.css, avatars op bericht/pagina’s (met behulp van de shortcode) zijn ingericht door code incss/shortcode.css.

Je kunt de opmaakprofielen in dat bestand overschrijven door een stijl blok te kopiëren naar je thema’s style.css en aan te passen. Bijvoorbeeld het verwijderen van witruimte bij avatars afgebeeld in een widget kun je toevoegen:

html .widget_author_avatars .author-list .user {
  padding: 0;

demo edit


13 november 2023
Thanks to the author for this great plugin! It shows neatly the many authors/collaborators that I hive on my website, saving me a LOT of work, if I had to do this manually.
3 september 2016
If you add single authors on a page this plugin works well and you’ll get a neat looking list. The option to add multiple authors at once was a disaster in my hands. The page looked horrible.
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fix to display attr in Blocks @props @joergliwa

Fixed an additional input
reported by Ngô Thiên An (ancorn_)

Fixed lack of escaping on the shortcode
reported by Ngô Thiên An (ancorn_)

Fixed duplicate query when sorting by posts

“wp-editor” script should not be enqueued notice fixed

php 8.1 oplossing

wp versie ophoging

ontbrekende bestanden toegevoegd

Fixed color picker cashing in editor
Added border options

Fix for PHP 8 thanks to @editpostok for reporting

Stopt niet benodigde css met laden

Verwijderd .live in js

filter toegevoegd voor linktekst van laatste bericht

oplossing objecttype voor Gutenberg-blok

toegevoegd: voorbeeld en block.json

opgelost de detectie voor bbPress plugin

Fixed block not setting the user_id dropdown on page reload

Opgelostgestelde trimfunctie

added more lang for TinyMCE plugin

trim $atts so , don’t break short code
refactoring code (start)

verwijderd PHP 7 retourtype

Padding opgelost in Gutenberg zijbalk

ontbrekende bestanden toegevoegd

Gutenberg ondersteuning toegevoegd 🙂


PHP 7.3 errors


bumped WP versie


opgeloste naam laadt niet in ajax paging-oproepen


Added filter aa_user_final_css to filter the classes on the user div
added name-{first_letter} class
Added span wrape around post count brackets


Added nickname what could be show
refactored [show_avatar] to use display


implode toegevoegd aan xprofile inhoud indien array


Fixed the JS in the TinyMCE popup


nonce toegevoegd aan check_admin_referer


fixed PHP7 Deprecated constructors
Added does class exists for BP xprofile code


fixed typo
fixed filter name
fixed advance option not showing in widget form


Filter aa_user_raw_list toegevoegd


Added filter aa_user_show_last_post_query
Added the ability to use any URL in the profile contact section as a link
Added the ability for user_link to accept a comma-separated list as fall through if a URL is not found in first selection
Added contact_links to the short-code


readme update
removed php 4 constructors


Added sorting by white list values


Added white list for users


functie hernoemd die redeclare fout veroorzaakt


Added aa_user_show_last_post_type filter to allow setting of post type for last post link
added defaulted to author page if no last post is returned


fixed problem with WP 4.4 and widgets not saving
Add help translate link


set the page count to start at 1 not 0
Added support for UM profiles links


replaced parent::WP_Widget() with parent::__construct to remove php 4 constructors
remove extract( $args, EXTR_SKIP and replaced with direct extracts
Added user id to CSS
Fixed Co_Author Plus listings

Added Hungarian Translation (by Otto Radics: –

Added filter (aa_user_level_for_editor) to allow control of who can see the tinyMCE editor button
Added last_post_filter option to link options
Fix the truncating of bio in single avatars
Changed AA in filter names to aa

Fixed a problem with upgrading if you had bios

Stel de bios in om regelafbrekingen te behouden

De willekeurige volgorde bij niet inloggen is opgelost

deploy script failed to add new file

  • added the ability to truncate bio
  • ondersteuning toegevoegd voor buddyPress xprofile
  • add filter to post count number @props Andrew Minion

  • Witruimte herindeling
  • removed trailing php closing from files

  • Fix gemengde limmint cache ID


  • Added Ukrainian Translation (by Michael Yunat: Get Voip –
  • Oplossingen omtrent de cache id
  • Replaced Deprecated : is_site_admin() with is_super_admin()
  • Fixed path to tinyMCE js files reomved hardcoded path
  • fix static call when starting class


  • een tegel toegevoegd aan de spanwijdte rond de afbeelding.
  • disabled / delete the transit cache for logged in users to help clear them.


  • change the caching to use transits for SQL calls with a 1 hour refesh


  • Added support for tinyMCE version 4 ready for WordPress 3.9


  • De pre 2.6 wordpres widget code vervangen door de huidige widget API calls om de visablity instelling mogelijk te maken
  • CSS changed .multiwidget_author_avatars changed to .widget_author_avatars. This was caused by the widget API update
  • Added expemently support for Co-Author Pluss Plugin – the post count does not work for linked account – will take a patch that fixs it 🙂
  • Moved the display option to the right column to make more room for roles
  • Split ‘Recent Activity’ and ‘BudyPress last activity’ (only shows when buddypress running) to septerate options in the advance ordering option
  • Split / removed ‘Recent Activity’ into sitewide (pages / custom page types / posts) and just posts (any old shortcode will call just posts)


  • bubfix removed an extra ‘ in a SQL select in get_user_last_activity() function. Thanks to “basaja” for the bug report.


  • Added Local User select to Single Avatar Shortcode creator
  • Vervangen wp_specialchars() door esc_html()
  • Added BBPRESS_post_count as shortcode dispaly and sort options
  • Show_email toegevoegd aan shortcode weergave optie
  • Enkele vertaalupdates toegevoegd
  • Probleem opgelost met TinyMCE bij gebruik van HTTPS
  • En een paar andere opruimingen
  • Added SQL fliter to only fetch the users for the rolls being requested rather than all users
  • Added caching to the main get_users function which will use an object cache if turned on


  • Wraped ordering code in “remove_accents” functions to to replace Uni-code accents with non unicode versions so sort works as expected.
  • Increased height of TinyMCE popup so content shows with scroll bars.
  • Tekstuele donatielinks vervangen door afbeeldingslinks.


  • Weergaveopties voor afzonderlijke avatar opties toegevoegd
  • Donatielink toegevoegd


  • Fixed a bug that stoped the loading of default CSS sheet for the plugin that I added a bug in in 1.6


  • Added the option to link to BBpress profile in the link to the shortcode and generator user_link=bbpress_memberpage
  • Fixed bug – the the shortcode generator was shown up in the tinyMCE edit if it was loaded on a page (BBpress forum posts) the popup was 404’ing so add a $pagenow != ‘index.php’ to make sure we are in the addmin section
  • Bug opgelost waardoor de RTL lay-out brak


  • Added Hindi language (by Love Chandel: Outshine Solutions –


  • Paging toegevoegd aan de korte code
  • Added Romanian language (by Alexander Ovsov: Web Hosting Geeks –


  • Fix a bug in the js code for the short-code generator in the tinyMCE editor.
  • It wasn’t possible to set the show name / post count / biography options.


  • Italiaanse vertaling toegevoegd (door Nata Strazda)


  • Added fix for buddypress which was using thumb instead of full versions of images.
  • Added support for network admin area (new in WP 3.1)
  • Nederlandse vertaling toegevoegd door René (wpwebshop)
  • Bug met min_post_count in shortcode opgelost


  • Een aantal stylingproblemen opgelost
  • Fixed bug with capabilities (WordPress 3 multisite)
  • Verouderde functies verwijderd


  • Fixed compatibility with WordPress 3.0 (and its new multisite feature)
  • Opgeloste BuddyPress integratie
  • Functie toegevoegd om avatars van commentatoren te tonen
  • Added feature to sort by firstname or lastname


  • Added feature to show a user’s biography next to the avatar
  • Added feature to limit shown users by a minimum number of posts
  • Added feature to show a user’s number of posts
  • Italiaanse vertaling toegevoegd (door Gianni Diurno)


  • Fixed javascript issues with widget settings page and shortcode wizard in WordPress 2.8
  • Opgeloste ondersteuning voor vertalingen
  • Duitse vertaling toegevoegd
  • Added feature to sort by recent user activity (requires Buddypress)


  • Added filters to allow modification of userlist templates
  • Added “BuddyPress? Member Page” to the list of pages which a user can be linked to
  • Changed get_avatar() call so that it works with buddypress


  • Fixed a spelling mistake which prevented the plugin from loading


  • Verbeterde documentatie over inline functies
  • Fixed bug which caused a faulty name attribute for checkbox lists with only one choice. Now the “show name” option is working as exptected again.
  • Removed by-reference variable which causes PHP 4 parse errors


  • Removed invalid characters from uninstall.php (fixes uninstall behaviour).
  • New feature to link users to their website or blog (wpmu).
  • Added new feature to allow specification of a sort direction for sorted user lists.
  • Changed string-based sorting to case-insensitive (strcmp -> strcasecmp).
  • Added feature to sort users by date of registration.
  • Geoptimaliseerde UserList filtering.
  • Fixed numeric sorting issues (user_id and post count)
  • Added “order by number of posts” feature
  • Gebruikersrol uit avatar-titel verwijderd.


  • Bug opgelost waardoor de plugin crashte in PHP 4.
  • Added uninstall.php to remove plugin related data when the plugin is deleted.


  • Fixed bug which caused other tinymce plugins to stop working.
  • Verbeterde manier om een wpmu-installatie te detecteren.


  • Implementation of tinymce plugin.
  • Removed personalised jquery ui script and added just the packed ui.resizable.
  • Veranderde afhandeling van scripts en stylesheets (met behulp van register&enqueue functies met de juiste afhankelijkheden).
  • Refactored the “resizable avatar preview” script code into separate file.
  • FormHelper: optie toegevoegd om tekstvelden te genereren.
  • FormHelper: Added option to show expanded choice fields “inline”.
  • Added improved function for cleaning up a value to be used as html id attribute.
  • AuthorAvatarsForm: added methods to ease generation of tabs and two-column panes.
  • AuthorAvatarsForm: added new renderField methods for shortcode type, email and alignment (used in show_avatar wizard).
  • Diverse documentatie updates en opruimingen.
  • Refactored widget form field generation into new AuthorAvatarsForm.class.php to ease devevlopment of shortcode wizard.
  • Refactored form field generation code into new FormHelper.class.php.
  • Fixed size and position of blog selection box on sitewide admin page. Changed the name of is_wpmu() function to safer name AA_is_wpmu().
  • Removed “Group by blogs” checkbox for users without the blog selection filter.


  • Fixed method chaining error that caused a critical syntax error on PHP 4


  • Shortcode “show_avatar” toegevoegd
  • Small MultiWidget fix by Dan Cole
  • De [show_avatar] shortcode omgezet in een nieuw bestand ShowAvatarShortcode.class.php om alles netjes te houden.
  • Basis-filterfunctie voor blogs toegevoegd.
  • Added classes for settings and sitewide admin
  • Sitebrede instelling voor de blogfilter toegevoegd
  • Updated update mechanism in AuthorAvatars.class.php
  • Functie “Groepen per blog” toegevoegd


  • Nieuwe shortcode functie toegevoegd.
  • Fixed small bug in update procedure (version 0.1 to 0.2)


  • Fixed error that broke some javascript on “edit post” pages in wordpress 2.7


  • Widget: added avatar preview image to the control panel
  • Widget: added option to link the user/avatar to their respective “author page”
  • Widget: hiddenusers also allows user ids now (e.g. 1 for “admin”)
  • Refactored the plugin to use Alex Tingle’s “MultiWidget” class