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Maak je eigen chatbot, maak inhoud en afbeeldingen, coördineer AI gerelateerd werk met behulp van templates, geniet van snelle titel en samenvatting aanbevelingen, speel met AI Copilot in de editor voor sneller werk, volg statistieken en gebruik, en nog veel meer! De AI Playground biedt een scala aan AI gereedschappen, waaronder vertaling, correctie, SEO, suggesties, WooCommerce product velden en andere. Er is ook een interne API, zodat andere plugins gebruik kunnen maken van de mogelijkheden ervan. We voegen nog meer AI gereedschappen en functies toe aan de AI Engine op basis van je feedback.

Zorg ervoor dat je de disclaimer leest. Voor meer tutorials en informatie, bekijk de officiële website: AI Engine. Bedankt!


Unlock the full potential of AI technology on your website with AI Engine. This powerful plugin integrates seamlessly with top AI models from OpenAI, Anthropic, and Google, including GPT-4o, GPT-4 and Vision, offering unparalleled versatility and innovation.

  • Engage with Ease: Instantly enhance your site’s interaction by integrating a ChatGPT-like chatbot. This isn’t just any chatbot; it’s a gateway to engaging, dynamic conversations that captivate your visitors.
  • Create and Innovate: Generate fresh, engaging content effortlessly. Whether you’re brainstorming new post ideas or drafting up engaging articles, AI Engine handles it all swiftly—letting you focus on creativity and growth.
  • Streamline with AI CoPilot: Directly within the WordPress editor, AI CoPilot is ready to assist. Just hit space, type your query, and watch as it suggests edits, finds synonyms, or translates text. It’s like having a little magic wand for your content!
  • Explore the AI Playground: Dive into a world where your ideas come to life. The AI Playground offers a space to experiment with AI capabilities—from creating unique templates to simulating custom scenarios. Imagine drafting restaurant reviews or concocting recipes based on what’s in your fridge—all in moments.
  • Train Your AI: Tailor your AI to understand your audience better. With custom training using your website’s own data, your AI becomes more intuitive and responsive, providing a more personalized experience for your visitors.
  • Keep It Clean: Use our advanced moderation tools to maintain a friendly and safe environment on your site, ensuring content remains respectful and engaging.
  • Voice to Text: Bring accessibility to the forefront with our Speech-to-Text feature powered by Whisper API. It’s easy for users to interact with your website using just their voice.
  • Smarter Interactions: With embeddings, your chatbot becomes smarter, understanding the context of interactions better and delivering more relevant responses.
  • Insightful Analytics: Keep track of everything with built-in usage statistics. Understand how your AI tools are performing and optimize them for better efficiency and cost-effectiveness.
  • Extend with APIs: Our internal API opens up a world of possibilities, allowing you to customize and integrate AI features in ways that best suit your site’s needs.

Beyond the Features

AI Engine offers its own internal API (including a REST API). This allows you to integrate AI capabilities into your WordPress website, no-coding solutions, and more. It has been officially integrated with many plugins to enhance their functionality. Here are a few examples:

Mijn droom voor AI

Ik ben enthousiast over de eindeloze mogelijkheden die AI biedt. Maar tegelijkertijd kan ik niet anders dan hopen op een wereld waarin AI ten goede wordt gebruikt, en niet alleen om het web te domineren met gegenereerde inhoud. Mijn droom is dat AI wordt gebruikt om onze productiviteit te verhogen, nieuwe stemmen te laten horen (want laten we eerlijk zijn, niet iedereen is een moedertaalspreker of heeft moeite met schrijven) en ons te helpen tijd te besparen op vervelende taken, zodat we meer kostbare momenten kunnen doorbrengen met onze geliefden en de wereld om ons heen.

Ik zal hier altijd voor pleiten, en ik hoop jij ook 💕


AI Engine is a plugin that helps you to connect your websites to AI services. You need your own API keys and must follow the rules set by the AI service you choose. For OpenAI, check their Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. It is also important to check your usage on the OpenAI website for accurate information. Please do so with other services as well.

The developer of AI Engine and related parties are not responsible for any issues or losses caused by using the plugin or AI-generated content. You should talk to a legal expert and follow the laws and regulations of your country. AI Engine does only store data on your own server, and it is your responsibility to keep it safe. AI Engine’s full disclaimer is here.


Please be aware that there may be conflicts with certain caching or performance plugins, such as SiteGround Optimizer and Ninja Firewall. To prevent any issues, ensure that the AI Engine is excluded from these plugins.


  1. Maak een account aan bij OpenAI.
  2. Maak een API-sleutel aan en voeg deze in bij de plugin instellingen (Meow Apps -> AI Engine).
  3. Geniet van de functies van AI Engine!
  4. …en houd altijd een oogje op je OpenAI gebruik!

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21 mei 2024
In days when OpenAI expects numerous new features and the plugin has been heavily solicited, support has remained at a high level in both speed and effectiveness. Regardless of whether the issue was due to openAI changes or user error, the effort is at its highest.
18 mei 2024
Best AI Plugin for WordPress. Easy to setup and use. Works perfect without any problems. Used the free version and will buy the pro version to get more functions. If you are looking for an AI plugin, take this one!
17 mei 2024
At this time, this appears to be by far the best Wordpress plugin for implementing an AI chatbot. It has a lot going for it that will take users far, but still has some room for improvement. UPDATE: Beginners would be well served by visiting the hard-to-find Getting Started section of the plugin’s documentation. PROS It works! That might sound funny, but there is not a single feature that is deficient. All features offered (and there are many) work as they should. Makes the complex easy. All the settings and configurations from operation to appearance are easily accessible through the admin dashboard. Once you understand the terminology and concepts, the plugin cuts through a lot of complexity to get an AI chatbot up and running. Multiple chatbots. If you are interested in testing different AI platforms, you will appreciate the ability to set up multiple chatbots and configure each individually, Nice reporting. Monitor recent questions and answers – a very nice touch. Responsive support. With the pro version, I got prompt and courteous answers to my support questions. CONS Does not (yet) allow AI platforms to interact with dynamic Wordpress data. The Antrhopic (Claude) API has the ability to utilize the Wordpress API for this kind of dynamic query, but the plugin doesn’t integrate that. (At least, not in a way that is obvious or explained.) One can get very far with system prompts and static files as resources, but the benefit of being able to map queries to Wordpress data would be great. (Imagine, for example, a response to “When is the next accordion concert and how much are tickets?” that can find the answer in the Wordpress data for multiple events). UPDATE: Apparently there are ways to do this with this plugin that involve writing additional Wordpress functions. Some features of the Pro version are only available from OpenAI. Know this before you pay for credits from another AI. Discord support community. I know it’s popular. I find it cluttered, hard to follow and inefficient. It’s not unwise to have the user community pitch in to help with support, but there are better platforms than Discord for this purpose. A self-hosted Wordpress forum would be better.
13 mei 2024
First impressions, an incredible plugin. The AI Engine is a very neat and tidy plugin filled with lots of free features and seems to be bug free. As soon as the plugin is activated, by simply adding my OpenAI API into the settings and copying the shortcode to a page – Chatbot was up and running seamlessly ✔️ I like the fact that you can create a number of bots and train your own AI models ✔️ Playground enables you to let AI perform various tasks like Translation, also AI Copilot & Suggestions also really helpful ✔️ There’s not many downsides I’ve come across except maybe the ability to style the front end?  I haven’t had to pay a penny yet and I’m not sure at what point a fee is charged by ChatGPT? Overall a fantastic free plugin.
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2.3.4 (2024/05/21)

  • Fix: The “current” issue in the dashboard.
  • Fix: The OpenAI errors received while streaming are now displayed in the chatbot.
  • Add: The Environment ID is now visible in the “Environments for AI”.

2.3.3 (2024/05/19)

  • Add: Support for Vision in Assistants v2.
  • Add: Support for Function Calls with OpenAI’s Assistants v2.
  • Add: Support for Functions Calls via Streaming with Anthropic.
  • Update: Enhanced the way uploads are handled and displayed in the chatbot.
  • Fix: Issue with finetuned models when used in chatbots.
  • Fix: Many little fixes that troubled some of you on Discord! 😬 I am always checking!
  • 🚀 Click here to vote for the features you want the most!
  • 🎵 Bespreek met andere gebruikers functies en problemen op mijn Discord.
  • 🌴 Houd ons gemotiveerd met een kleine beoordeling hier. Bedankt!

2.3.0 (2024/05/14)

  • Add: Support for GPT-4o (OpenAI).
  • Fix: Improved (and fixed) the finetuning process.
  • Update: Many enhancements and fixes in the code.

2.2.95 (2024/04/25)

  • Add: Support for File Search and Vector Stores with Assistants v2.
  • Fix: Create the default chatbot if it’s missing.
  • Fix: Unicode support for banned words.
  • Fix: Discussions do not need to be enabled for assistants to work.

2.2.94 (2024/04/25)

  • Add: Streaming with Assistants.
  • Update: Support for Assistants v2.
  • Fix: In some cases, ‘Rewrite Content’ was ignored.
  • Info: Please remember that the Assistants API is a beta feature of OpenAI. Expect changes, issues, etc.

2.2.92 (2024/04/21)

  • Add: ‘Chatbot’ column in the ‘Discussions’ table.
  • Add: Categories for Embeddings Auto-Sync.
  • Update: TextArea for Start Sentence.
  • Fix: Issue with the Forms REST API.
  • Fix: Keep the line returns in the ‘Instructions’.
  • Fix: When replying with Function Calling, keep the content and context of the messages.
  • Fix: Issue related to typing spaces within Gutenberg.
  • Fix: Avoid iframe to be executed in the Discussions tab.
  • Fix: And a few other minor issues.
  • Oplossing: voorkom problemen met nonce.

2.2.81 (2024/04/17)

  • Fix: Issue with Content Aware. Besides {CONTENT}, it now also supports {TITLE}, {EXCERPT} and {URL}.
  • Add: New GPT-4 Turbo model (GPT-4 Turbo) which supports Vision, Function Calling, JSON.

2.2.70 (2024/04/15)

  • Add: Support for Function and Tools Calls with OpenAI and Claude, with back-and-forth feedback loop. Models can now get values to functions in you WordPress. The Pro Version of AI Engine also connects to Snippet Vault to make this much easier.
  • Update: The WooCommerce Assistant has been moved to SEO Engine. We shouldn’t bloat AI Engine with features related to SEO.
  • Fix: Copilot wasn’t working with the latest version of WP.
  • Fix: Arbitrary File Upload security issue.
  • Fix: Fixes and enhancements in the AI Forms.

2.2.63 (2024/03/25)

  • Add: The chatbot displays the uploaded images.
  • Update: More elegant refresh of the embeddings.
  • Update: If functions are added to query, but the models don’t support it, they will be removed rather than causing an error on the API side (an error will be logged).
  • Fix: Issues related to the arguments order in chat_submit.

2.2.62 (2024/03/19)

  • Update: Cleaner handling of tokens and prices.
  • Update: Enhanced the way mime types are handled, that fixes issues with Claude Vision.
  • Fix: There was an issue with Max Messages with Claude.

2.2.61 (2024/03/16)

  • Fix: Embeddings should be synchronized one by one when handled by WP-Cron.
  • Fix: Dimensions should not be used in the API when using Embeddings prior to v3 with OpenAI.
  • Info: Please check the previous changelog as the previous updates were quite important.

2.2.60 (2024/03/15)

  • Add: Support for the new Claude Haiku model from Anthropic.

2.2.57 (2024/03/14)

  • Note: Please backup your website before making this update.
  • Fix: Rewrite Content in Embeddings was not working properly.
  • Fix: Avoid weird error about the model not being the same when empty.
  • Fix: Improved the embeddings system upgrade process.
  • Update: Extra sanitization of the replies from OpenAI Assistants.
  • Add: Handle (multi) function calls with OpenAI assistants (via mwai_ai_function filter).
  • Add: Export Discussions to JSON.
  • Fix: Minor issues.

2.2.4 (2024/03/12)

  • Update: Huge overhaul of the embeddings system. It’s now much more powerful, flexible and reliable.

2.2.3 (2024/03/07)

  • Add: Support for Anthropic, its latest models of Claude with Vision.
  • Add: The chatId is now available in the Chatbot JS API.
  • Fix: Tokens with a zero as a string were not handled properly.
  • Fix: The wrong expiration option was used with generated images.
  • Fix: The Organization ID was not properly handled in some cases.
  • Fix: Banned words were not properly handled in some cases.
  • Fix: Audio to Text was not working properly.
  • Fix: Embeddings Auto-Sync was not triggered properly in some cases.

2.2.2 (2024/03/02)

  • Add: Support for Hugging Face.
  • Add: Automatically update the outdated embeddings in background.
  • Fix: A few lightweight security issues were handled.

2.2.0 (2024/02/24)

  • Add: Support for Google Gemini.
  • Add: Support for OpenAI’s Organization ID.
  • Fix: Avoid issues related to low limits related to embeddings searches.
  • Fix: A few other minor issues fixed.
  • Fix: Retrieve all assistants, without any limit.

2.1.9 (2024/02/08)

  • Fix: Resolved an issue with additional_instructions.
  • Add: Support for set_instructions in queries used by assistants.
  • Update: Reviewed and updated default parameters for embeddings search.

2.1.7 (2024/02/04)

  • Add: Enhanced embeddings handling, including fixes, automatic EnvID mismatch resolution, and support for new models.
  • Add: Implemented additional_instructions for contextual guidance in assistants and memory for default EnvID.
  • Fix: Corrected issues with image downloading from URLs and Local Download functionality.
  • Update: Streamlined embeddings environment with support for context and updates to models and vectors table.

2.1.6 (2024/01/20)

  • Update: Pinecone servers.
  • Update: Simple API was refactored to be more consistent, and to work with such services as
  • Fix: Remove the mwai_files_cleanup event on uninstall.

2.1.5 (2024/01/14)

  • Fix: Avoid a few PHP notices and warnings.
  • Fix: Avoid a few security issues.
  • Add: Files for vision, DALL-E, Assistants (and others) are stored gracefully along with their metadata.
  • Add: Support for charts, images, or files generated by Assistants.
  • Add: Support for adding files to Assistants from the chatbot.