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VW Fitness Gym


Versie: 0.4.5

Laatst bijgewerkt: 12 november 2020

Actieve installaties: 700+

PHP versie: 7.2.14 of nieuwer

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VW fitness gym is something special when it comes to the WordPress themes in this area and since it came in the market, this free WP theme has been doing rounds for the fitness enthusiasts or the people who want to venture in this area of business. It is not just good for one aspect of body fitness but is a fine option for the personal trainers, health coach, yoga, diet and nutrition planning, indoor and outdoor exercise class and fitness enthusiasts. Armed with the exclusive features like Bootstrap framework, threaded comments, custom menu, CTA, retina ready, responsiveness and multipurpose nature, personalization and customization options, Post layout options, it is a fit choice for health experts, boot camps, weight loss, gyms, sport club or fitness centres and personal trainer, gym, training, multi martial arts MMA, bodybuilding, fitness courses, physiotherapist, powerlift, clubs, health-related website, dieticians, physiotherapy, wellness, workout, lifestyle, aerobics, boxing, sports, cross fit, spa, massage center, cardio, meditation, crossfit, gyms, fitness centres, zo yoga classes, muscular, Rehabilitation, Sports therapy, exercise class, zumba dance class, fitness centre, Ayurveda training, spiritual class, Medical Clinic and health advisors. VW fitness gym is not only SEO friendly but also Gutenberg ready and this provides it an upper edge in the market. It is in great demand since its inception especially for the fitness and aerobic centers or the weight loss centers and in case one is interested to open physiotherapy health consultancy, it is a good option without any doubt. It is not only stunning but animated as well apart from being translation ready and supports AR_ARABIC, DE_GERMAN, ES_SPANISH, FR_FRENCH, IT_ITALIAN, RU_RUSSIAN, ZH_CHINESE, TR_TURKISH languages, modern and luxurious making it a nice option for health consultants. Demo: https://www.vwthemes.net/vw-fitness-gym-pro/


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