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Versie: 1.0.5

Laatst bijgewerkt: 30 november 2017

Actieve installaties: 70+

Jakobian is a modern, high quality responsive theme for WordPress and is geared mostly towards bloggers who want a new flair of style for their blog. Jakobian has over 35 different customization options and you can customize pretty much anything including colors, fonts, menus and more. This is one of the best wordpress themes for those who want to customize their site as much as they want but don't want to touch a single line of code to do that, thanks to the customization options offered by this theme.. There are two header menus available in Jakobian and you can turn them off or on as needed or even choose to hide them on mobile devices. You can choose any accent color for your blog or even pick different colors for fonts, links, headings and what not. Jakobian is SEO Optimized and loads very fast. The theme offers end to end colored bar for posts and pages giving it a very unique look. You can choose from over 50 different fonts(available via Google fonts) for your content body and titles. This wordpress theme is ideally suited for any kind of blogger including hobbyists, students, scholars, artists, scientists and pretty much anyone who blogs for a passion or for making money. Jakobian also offers a maintenance mode option which allows you to set a dummy page in case you are performing upgrades or updates on your site. Social media links for header and footer are available by default and you can turn them on and off as required in the header or the footer. *Some design related bug fixes have been made in the latest version i.e. 1.0.5 of the theme.**After installing and activating the theme, you will see a bunch of elements on your site such as social widgets, header links etc. which you can customize in the admin settings as needed. Please make sure to check out the theme settings right after installing the theme.**


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