• Als ik een youtube filmpje plaats komt er na het eind een overzicht van andere filmpjes. Hoe kan ik dit voortijdig voorkomen.


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  • Not long ago, a friend sent two video clips , some with sony’s PDW700 shooting , has been used for the other computers to import MXF files with a resolution of 1920 * 1080,50 i interlaced . Another section is stored separately M2V video file . Since he had just joined the resolution of 2880 * 1800 that sets Apple laptop, so I hope these two formats suitable for FCPX using imported material . All in all, the screen effect really blind dog eyes bright , too sharp , ah ! ! ! I went home to look sharp 27 -inch iMac, only sigh. This gap is the need to make any evaluation . Especially Chinese . Yes, Chinese . Each sum of each plan are terribly beautiful , clear thing. It feels just like a printing ink manually scroll flyers, compared with 460 art paper . Era finally allow Chinese users elated , or Apple’s credit.

    back to the topic , we all know , FCP series is not based on material compatibility of the best known. I feel if it is mov format , Prores422 coding , using up more time , background rendering less . Other editing programs without considering the premise , just in order to convert the material into the goal of this specification , how to do to ensure the highest efficiency , the best results ?

    I compared several software at hand , there is my favorite free video conversion software Handbrake ( hard- pressed movie subtitles easy to use, very effective ) , there is the official sony software XDCAM transfer, there are free software [url=http://www.ivideotool.com/mxf-converter-for-mac.html]iVideotool MXF convertor for Mac[/url] and mxf plugin . I try to convert programs include : [url=http://www.ivideotool.com/mxf-converter-for-mac.html]http://www.ivideotool.com/mxf-converter-for-mac.html[/url]

    1 , first with the handbrake to convert MXF to H264 encoded mp4 files ; reuse compressor converted to prores encoding mov file.

    2 , first with the handbrake will MXF export mpeg2 encoder mkv files ; reuse compressor converted to prores encoding mov file.

    3 , first with XDCAM [url=http://www.ivideotool.com/how-to/convert-mxf-to-mov-mac.html]MXF to mov[/url] ([url=http://www.ivideotool.com/how-to/convert-mxf-to-mov-mac.html]http://www.ivideotool.com/how-to/convert-mxf-to-mov-mac.html[/url])files to generate a self-contained ; reuse compressor converted to prores encoding mov file.

    4 , first install the Calibrate plug-ins , and then compressor to convert it to prores422 encoded mov files.

    5, using iVideotool MXF files directly to convert prores422 encoded mov files.

    Zoom to 200% conversion effect as shown. Actually zoom in to 500% contrast is more obvious.

    In scenario 1, the first step has been very effective smallest H264 encoded file , and the fastest conversion speed . But we all know , H264 encoding is inherently difficult to decode coded and easy . Second conversion step took a very long time , hell ! h264 encoded mp4 files can indeed directly into FCPX, but from the editing efficiency is concerned, in addition to prores series coding , other coding in the material needs to be repeated in FCPX background rendering , or can not drag the preview and watch smooth playback, a great impact efficiency of editing , FCP is not the most suitable material , so the program can not be used as a material conversion programs , H264 is the final output of the best solution .

    Obviously, the only solution 5 is directly converted in one step. However, this method it is the best ? Here I used the trial version of iVideotool video convertor , the output contains a watermark . Full price 238 yuan , you can easily purchase through the appstore . Its disadvantage is not as simple as a free handbrake hard pressed out Chinese subtitles, but the conversion format is much more than the handbrake is simply described as universal conversion software. Unfortunately, not enough detailed conversion settings , the default settings have more polish , significantly increased the contrast and improve color saturation. Gotta run , this software is more inclined to ” shoot camera ” type of a key conversion, the conversion effect is significantly inferior to the compressor. The material is not suitable as a professional .

    Options 2, 3 , each program will need to complete prores422 through compressor transcoding . Since this step is exactly the same , the conversion efficiency and effectiveness depends entirely on the first step. Scenario 4 plug $ 249 , so that the only written specifically for fcp mxf front-end plug , but unfortunately, only available on their website , you can not buy through appstore , somehow ? Even to achieve directly into FCPX, but if not the official version only 30 seconds to see , unfortunately . By site to say, this plug-in to support many different models mxf, This is indeed a must.

    By comparison , the effect is Option 2 seems the best , but also the fastest time . The first step in using the handbrake Scenario 2 into mpeg2 encoding , just convert the video container , extremely fast and can say exactly the same effect . Option 3 appears when importing interlaced field identification error , resulting in jagged edges , XDCAM I did not find the relevant settings , rely on the compressor to get interlaced to progressive . If you are shooting 25P progressive I guess that would be good .

    The conversion process is the final recommended solution 2 .

    In addition, I compressor output preset settings of Prores opened the ” best motion compensation ,” ” Better linear filters ,” and appropriate to reduce the brightness of the “-8 % .” These will increase the computation time, but certainly better than the default settings . Finer settings and conversion time can be further compared. [url=http://www.ivideotool.com/how-to/import-mxf-to-imovie.html]import MXF to iMovie for mac[/url] As for the separate storage of m2v video files and mp2 audio file , I try to program include: [url=http://www.ivideotool.com/how-to/import-mxf-to-imovie.html]http://www.ivideotool.com/how-to/import-mxf-to-imovie.html[/url]

    1 , first with mkvtools3, mux mkv files into a complete . ( Select the video into H264, AAC audio into complete mux) then compressor to convert mov to prores422 encoded material file .

    2 , the first version of the complete track with quicktime7.x merged output a self-contained mov files. Re-use compressor to convert mov to prores422 encoded material files. In this case , you may need to install perian quicktime to ensure compatibility.

    From an efficiency point of view , it is recommended Option 2 . Very simple, self-contained document is stored as converting container , the effect is non-destructive , fast.

    These two methods 10.7.4, iMac on the test, the import FCPX 10.0.5 properly used. No testing on PPC , PPC also maybe feasible ?

    [url=http://www.ivideotool.com/how-to/import-mxf-to-imovie.html]how to convert sony camcorder MXF video to imovie for editing?[/url]

    [url=http://www.ivideotool.com/how-to/convert-mxf-to-mp4-mac.html]best way to recorde mxf video to MXF video to mp4 formats.[/url]

    [url=http://www.ivideotool.com/how-to/convert-mxf-to-mov-mac.html]how to convert MXF Video to mov formats movie for replay?[/url]

    [url=http://www.ivideotool.com/how-to/edit-mov-files-windows.html]geting the best software to editing mov video files on windows[/url]

    [url=http://www.ivideotool.com/how-to/edit-mts-files-with-mts-editor.html]how to editing AVCHD MTS video files with the best video editing software[/url]

    Learn more about converting mts video at [url=http://www.ivideotool.com/]http://www.ivideotool.com/[/url] or [url=http://www.abettersoft.com/]better software[/url]

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