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  • Hi,

    At the moment i’m running a webshop on domain.com, but I want to convert the shop to a wordpress with woocommerce plugin. The thing is I struggle with placing the instal, I just don’t know what’s wise. My thougths:

    1. installing on shop.domain.com and leaving it there. I can just convert in silence. Can I just move the index.php to domain.com when I’m finished?

    2. building the whole thing on shop.domain.com and moving the complete thing to domain.com. (is that even posiible using the woocommerce plugin?)

    3. installing wordpress on domain.com alongside of my current shop. (i’ll have 4 overlapping files inlcluding index and htaccess, rest is unique to this domain). I can build the thing, switch the index and remove the old shop.

    These are the options I came up with, but I HAVE NO CLUE if any of them even work, let alone figure out which one is best. I’m also wondering how to redirect every singel article to the new shop… I’m superafraid Google won’t get what I’m doing (hell, I don’t know what I’m doing 😉 ) and I lose all my visitors and have to start from scratch.

    If any of you can offer solid advise it would be great, because right now I feel a bit lost. Thanks!

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