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  • Hi there,

    I’ve been using WP for over 4 years now and still encounter the following problem: I’m Belgian from the Dutch-speaking part of Belgium. The Belgian sites I develop with Dutch-Belgium as main language have several untranslated elemants/labels which I always have to manually translate with Loco Translate, and I think it’s about time that this stops since the solution for this largely untranslated language file for Belgium-Dutch is very simple. The Dutch sites for the Netherlands namely have been properly translated and never gives us any trouble /need to translate untranslated labels. So basically, since both Dutch languages are identical and since the language file for the Netherlands is nearly perfect, all that would be needed is to copy all (or the missing) translations from the NL-NL to the BE-NL file.

    All that needs to stay different is the indication that the site is using BE-NL, for HREF lang recognition purposes. That’s the only reason I don’t/can’t use the NL-NL files for the BE-NL sites….

    Can this be shared with the right person at WP so that this can be updated shortly?


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  • Moderator Jeroen Rotty


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    Hi Frederickson,

    I am one of the Locale managers for nl_BE. We do have other style guides and glossaries in place so there are differences between nl_BE and nl_NL. Having said this, you are more than welcome to work with us on improving and working on our translations.

    You can join the polyglots over at WPBelgium Slack here: https://wpbelgium.be/slack/.

    Edit: oh ik zag niet dat je het hier in de Nederlandstalige forums had geplaatst, hier is de voertaal Nederlands trouwens.

    Je bent vrij om te helpen vertalen voor nl_BE, er zijn wel degelijk verschillen hoe wij vertalen. Je leest er meer over op nl-be.wordpress.org/vertaling. Help gerust mee vertalen. Meer info over WPBelgium en onze eigen Slack hier: https://wpbelgium.be/slack/


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