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  • I am having a problem when pasting copied content (e.g. copied from a website) into a wordpress post. If the pasted content contains the word ‘van’ (which is a word often used in my native Dutch language), the post will appear with a hyperlink on the word ‘van’, linking it to http://www.reviewitonline.net/vans/.

    Note that if I read published the post while being still logged into to WordPress, I don’t see it. I really need to logout of the admin, open my blog webpage, go to the full blog to see the hyperlink problem (in the post summary page, the problem does not occur).

    If I post via email, and paste the content in my email, the same problem pops up.

    If I write the exact text by hand into WordPress, the problem does not occur, so it appears to be particularly related to using copy/paste.

    I have search all my wordpress code for the term ‘reviewit’, but haven’t found a single occurence.

    Any help would be much appreciated!

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    Just some additional comments:

    If I paste to notepad first (to get rid of any html content) and copy from notepad to wordpress, the problem remains.

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