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  • Hi everyone,

    Does anyone know how to solve the following problem:

    I’m using a navigation menu on a WordPress website. It’s working perfectly, even on an iphone and ipad.

    However, on an android phone it’s not working fine. If I tap the parent menu item, I want the submenu items to show. But on an android phone it opens the page which belongs to the parent menu item directly (and you see the submenu items shortly).

    So you can’t click the submenu items. Because after tapping the parent menu item it starts loading that page directly.

    I do need that link behind the parent menu item. So removing that page is not a useful solution for me.

    The website I’m talking about is: http://www.pimpyourcareer.nu/wordpress (it’s a concept version).

    Thanks a lot.

    Kind regards, Frederik

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