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    I’m using revolution slider to display my video posts; I’ve configured it as a Post based slider, the video gets loaded via a custom field;

    <video controls autoplay>
    <source src=”{{meta:video_url}}” type=”video/mp4″>
    Now the issue I’m having is that every video auto plays the moment when I open the slider; while I only want the ‘active’ video to autoplay. As soon as I swipe to the next slide the next active video should play while the others should pause.

    If anyone can point me in the right direction that would be much appreciated! current slider:

    De pagina waar ik hulp bij nodig heb: [log in om de link te zien]

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  • Since that is a commercial theme or plugin, we ask that you please go to their official support channel, so you can get support from the people who know it best.

    Forum volunteers are also not given access to commercial products, so they would not know why it is not working properly. Other community members who may have faced your issue might be able to help you but your best bet is your product’s developer. Keep in mind we encourage you to use the official support venues, as it allows the developers to be aware of issues with their code and gives back to the community in a more robust way.

    Besides that this is also the Dutch support forum so the language of support here is Dutch. For English support it’s better to post in the international forum

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