• Hi, I made a custom theme based on the old kubric based DEFAULT theme and now the admin bar shows like an unordered list at the bottom of my theme when I’m logged in, is there a function I have to place or some theme file that’s missing?

    Thanks a lot in advance!!!

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  • Does switching back to the default theme make it work again?

    Did you perform a WP update? Maybe there was a flaw in the update process…

    You could also try disabling plugins and see if that works.

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    Hi, thanks for the reply and intrest in the problem!

    I have made a verry simple four file theme (header.php index.php functions.php style.css) out of the kubric default (the old theme), and seem to have a problem with the front-end-editor (plugin) as well, so it must be a common thing missing I think.

    I think the approp. javascript is just not called in in the header or something. I can do without but it’s a bit itchy to not solve this properly.

    Any help appreciated, this is a fresh instalatron install of wordpress, the url is a bit funny though (a raw hosting url with subdomains).

    Thanks for any help!!

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    Solved it myself:
    I forgot to place the
    <?php wp_head(); ?>
    call in the header.php file.

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  • Het onderwerp ‘admin bar css’ is gesloten voor nieuwe reacties.