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Yoo Slider

All-in-One WordPress video and photo gallery slider plugin. Build whatever you want e.g. team slider, logo slider, catalog slider, image slider, video slider or just a gallery slider!

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Yoo Slider Templates

NOTE – all demo sliders are predefined templates you can import and reuse!

  • Demo 1 » Photo slider with overlay information
  • Demo 2 » Side by side image and info showcase
  • Demo 3 » Photo gallery slider with thumbnails
  • Demo 4 » Vertical animated slider
  • Demo 5 » Products gallery carousel
  • Demo 6 » Image slider with an overlay and pagination
  • Demo 7 » Logo slider
  • Demo 8 » Clients logo slider
  • Demo 9 » One column team slider
  • Demo 10 » Slider with tabbing and pagination
  • Demo 11 » Image & html slider with tab controller
  • Demo 12 » Text slider
  • Demo 13 » Blog post slider
  • Demo 14 » Portfolio gallery slider
  • Demo 15 » Slider with thumbnails pager
  • Demo 16 » Team members gallery carousel
  • Demo 17 » Testimonial slider
  • Demo 18 » Team slider with social icons
  • Demo 19 » One column team slider
  • Demo 20 » YouTube video gallery slider
  • Demo 21 » Banner slider
  • Demo 22 » Service features slider

Slide anything

Add any type of content in your slides e.g. image, video or html

Visual customizer

No tech skills or coding knowledge required to customize it! Visually adjust and make your slider to fit your website and branding.

Responsive smart slider

Don’t worry about your slider responsiveness anymore! It’s smart enough to make your sliders compatible in any environment, be it a mobile, tablet or desktop.


  • Layouts – one column slider or multicolumn gallery carousel
  • Image slider – image and texts are supported
  • Unlimited sliders – create unlimited number of slider
  • Slide details – showcase slide details e.g. title, description
  • Slider controls – arrows and pagination controls supported
  • Integrated with WordPress – WordPress Media gallery, native short-codes, Gutenberg blocks are supported
  • Design customization – most of customization options are available in Free version


  • Thumbnails conroller – second photo slider as to control the main gallery
  • Coverflow – create highlighted photo slider
  • YouTube Video – YouTube video slider supported
  • Vimeo Video – Vimeo video slider supported
  • MP4 Video – self hosted video slider supported
  • Popup – embedded popup extension is available
  • Autoslide – automatically slide after timeout
  • Loop – setup endless / infinite slider
  • Control styles – different arrows, paging bullets
  • Borders & shadows – highlight the slides with borders or shadows
  • Animations – 20+ predefined slider animations included
  • Hover animations – 20+ predefined hover animations supported
  • Dynamic – image slider smart height calculation
  • Advanced – options to adjust slider responsiveness settings
  • Fonts – Google fonts supported

Yoo Slider Premium


If you have any general or Free version related questions, please open a support topic. Otherwise send us an email to yooslide@gmail.com

Yoo Slider API

The plugin does NOT use any 3rd party APIs, except the API provided by plugin author. It does NOT collect any data from your website and does NOT post anything to us. Yoo Slider API is being used to show plugin related hints and special offers within our plugin. The API is being used for validating premium license keys as well!


  • Yoo Slider Plugin


Deze plugin heeft 1 blok.

  • Yoo Slider – WordPress Image Gallery & Video Slider Gallery


Automatic installation

  1. Search for Yoo Slider through ‘Plugins > Add New’ interface.
  2. Find the plugin in the results and click on the ‘Install Now’ button.
  3. Then activate the Yoo Slider plugin.

Manual installation

  1. Download Yoo Slider
  2. Upload the zip through ‘Plugins > Add New > Upload’ interface or upload the extracted yoo-slider folder into the ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory.
  3. Activate the Yoo Slider plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.


1. How do I publish my slider?

You can publish the slider by using WordPress native short-codes, e.g. copy/past [yooslider id=xxx] in your page or post.

2. Can I customize slider options?

Yes, you have a full control on design customization. You can customize fonts, colors, dimensions and whatever you need to make the slider fit your website. Some features are included in Premium version.

3. Is multicolumn carousel available?

Yes, sure! The plugin supports multiple slider layout styles, including carousel and cover-flow styles.

4. Should I worry about migration?

You should not worry about migration! Yoo Slider uses WordPress media API and links are being generated by WordPress. So, if you properly migrate your website, there shouldn’t be any issues with sliders generated by Yoo Slider.

5. Is it responsive?

Yes, it is! The plugin is 100% responsive and mobile friendly, so it fits perfectly into your page, regardless of the screen size.

6. What should I do if I see blank space?

Most probably you have JavaScript errors on your site which blocks other scripts, so prevents the slider to be rendered properly. Try to open your browser console window with F12 button and check the possible errors.

7. Can I customize the fonts used in slider?

If you’re running Yoo Slider Premium, then the answer is YES, you can! Google fonts are supported there.

8. How can I include the slider in a post or page?

Copy/past the yooslider short code wherever you want to include your video or image slider e.g. [yooslider id=xxxx]

9. Does it compatible with SSL?

Yes, it does! It works fine for both protocols, either http:// or https://

10. Can I visually adjust the slider?

Yes, you can! Options adjustments are being automatically applied and reflected in the dashboard. So, you see what you edit right away!


20 oktober 2021
When you make a plugin, make it work without just paying. Why do you call yourself a video slider, if you have to PAY for it to be a video slider? A useless plugin like many others.
2 oktober 2021
This slider is the best I've seen and installed. The support works quickly and efficiently - this is very important. Respect for the creators.
29 september 2021
I'm using it a while and was able to fulfill whatever I wanted with this plugin. Had an issue with RTL, but customer support is super as well. Thank you very much.
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  • (New) Live editing mode
  • (New) Templates library
  • (Improvement) UI is redesigned
  • (New) Custom css selectors for each slide
  • (Improvement) Number of other improvements and fixes


  • WordPress compatibility issues were resolved


  • yoo-media bug resolved


  • IE rendering issue resolved


  • Settings screen loading issue (resolved)
  • jQuery related bugs (resolved)
  • FontAwesome .fa to SVG conversion bug (resolved)


  • Release Yoo Slider V1.0.0