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WPSchoolPress is currently a highly demanding WordPress plugin for the school management system in 2024. WPSchoolPress is a No.#1 School Management WordPress Plugin allows you to manage entities such as classes, students, sections, exams, timetables, results, ID Cards, teachers, staff, fee management, parent control, invoices, noticeboards, and more.


  • Role based access:Users like school admin, students, parents and teachers can easily login and access their respective user-friendly dashboards.

  • Student Attendance Management:Admin and Teachers can do entire attendance management on daily basis of the students of each class. Students and parents can see date wise attendance report. Teacher can also add the reason for absence of each student. Whenever any student is absent, an automatic message is sent to the registered parent mentioning the day, date and reason of being absent. Automatic messages are sent only if the school has purchased our SMS add-on.

  • Class rooms and subjects:As a student managing plugin,WPSchoolPresshas made simple for admin to create new classes and assign subjects. Eventually, teacher’s management can be done by assigning subjects and classes. For parents, their child information like class number, respective subjects and assigned teachers can be viewed when they login to their respective dashboards.

  • Student Grade Management:As student report management system,WPSchoolPress has a feature by which admin and teachers can insert student grades/marks on the bases of their class and subjects. Along with grades, teachers can also write remarks or student-reviews on student’s performance. Subject-wise grades will be visible on students and parent’s dashboards. Using our paidImport-Export add-on, teachers can import a .csv file with grades for quickerupload of marksin bulk. The students and parents can further print grade sheets.

  • School Schedule Management:Admin and teachers can create exam schedule for each subject of their respective class.Along with this, upcoming school event schedules like cultural festival schedule, sports tournament schedule, annual leaves management and likewise can be easily created. For sudden changes in acedemics, admin can notify teachers, students and parents by sending email-notifications(free) or sending messages through our paid SMS add-on.

  • Transportation Management: Details regarding Public Transport bus, tram or School Private transport, routes and driver details can be provided on students, parents and teachers dashboards by admin. Also admin can send notifications in form of e-mail (free) or SMS (with use of paid add-on) to parentsif there is a replacement in driver, transport bus, change in route, etc.

  • Constant feature updates:We are constantly trying to have feature updatesfor you to run the school operations smoothly. These updates are on the bases our customer suggestions and feature requirements. Check our website for any new updates and add-ons


  • School-Dashboard
  • Student-Lijst
  • Docent-lijst
  • Aanwezigheid-Rapporten
  • Examens-lijst
  • Klassen-Lijst
  • Ouders-Lijst


In deze sectie wordt beschreven hoe installeer de plugin en ga aan de slag.

Vanuit je WordPress dashboard

  1. Bezoek Plugins > Add New
  2. Zoek voor WPSchoolPress
  3. Activeren WPSchoolPress van uw Plugins pagina
  4. Op op de nieuwe menu – item “WPSchoolPress” en beheren van uw school gegevens!
  5. Lezen de documentatie te beginnen


Is de plugin vrij van kosten voor een mensenleven? Zijn er verborgen kosten?

De plugin zal altijd beschikbaar voor Gratis. Er zijn geen verborgen kosten of te vangen. We hebben een betaalde alternatieven die kunnen worden gekocht voor het verbeteren van de kenmerken en functionaliteiten van de plugin.

Hoe kan ik de aanschaf van premie / betaald / volledige versie van de plugin?

De plugin is gratis te downloaden. Om het toevoegen van meer functies, bezoek onze website om de alternatieven te koop.

Wat zijn alternatieven?

Addons kunnen worden gebruikt om de functies en functionaliteit van de plugin als per uw eisen, zoals SMS-berichten, Bulk Export & Invoer, Afdrukken enz. Om te lezen over al de betaalde alternatieven, bezoek

Zijn de kosten Één Keer of een Abonnement?

De plugin is gratis. Er is een eenmalige vergoeding voor de addons.

Kan ik het thema van de Plugin?

Nee, er is geen optie voor het wijzigen van het thema van de plugin. U kunt ons schrijven op voor eventuele aanpassingen van het werk met de plugin.

Het wijzigen van de taal?

Plugin is alleen beschikbaar in de Engelse taal. Geen andere taal wordt ondersteund als van nu.

Hoe wijzig ik de naam en het logo van de School?

Men kan het wijzigen van de naam en het logo van de school vanaf het tabblad instellingen van het linker navigatie menu van het Admin dashboard.

Ik wil integreren van SMS-diensten met het School Management Systeem?

Gelieve te koop SMS add-on van onze website en het installeren van de reguliere plugin te integreren SMS-diensten met het School Management Systeem.

Kan ik gebruik maken van de plugin op meerdere sites?

Ja, u kunt gebruik maken van de plugin zip voor meerdere wordpress sites. Let op, de plugin biedt geen ondersteuning voor WordPress multisite.

Waar vind ik de documentatie?

Bezoek onze website voor Veelgestelde vragen, Installatie begeleiden en te Ondersteunen.

Doet uw plugin werkt met WordPress Multisite (WPMS)?

Nee, de Plugin niet werkt met WordPress Multisite (WPMS).


30 december 2022
WordPress SchoolPress e un sistema de gestión escolar adaptado a las necesidades. Es muy posible que falten o sobren módulos para la gestión. Pero lo más importante es que los desarrolladores del programa, lo adaptarán a tus necesidades, y con la precisión de lo que les pidas, exactamente. Es una inversión de futuro y aceptable.El personal con el que tratas es de una calidad inmensa y saben escuchar tus necesidades; los desarrolladores hacen el resto, a la perfección. Merece la pena la inversión
5 februari 2022
I installed the free version, and later on bought the paid plugins. But it was a total waste of money, as the basic and most needed function of Forms, never worked. They asked me to use any other theme (i tried a dozen different), but never worked. They kept asking about “customization” instead of fixing the basic problems. No wonder there is no trial version of plugins as they never work… There should be a -5 stars option for this company.
7 december 2021
I feel obliged to inform and warn you that we have been facing a rather unpleasant situation this plugin provider.. We are a group of 31 basic-schools and wanted to Update our let’s be honest antique way of working to an automated system. we engaged Wpschoolpress for customizations (14th of april 2021). The delivery time would be within 20 days. Sadly until this date we have nor received any customization neither any refunds, they do no longer reply. I can only come to the conclusion that they are a scam.
24 november 2021
It has been the best experience to work with this plugin. Excellent customer service and Highly recommended.
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  • User (Student and Teacher) were able to access their account after being deleted by Admin – Fixed.
  • Student Listing – Label changed from “Name” to “Full Name”.
  • Middlename of Parent and Student are now optional.
  • Added placeholder “Street Address” to “Add Student” and “Add Teacher” page for Permanent and Current Address.
  • Changed place holder name from “pincode” to “zipcode” on “Add Student” page.
  • Full list of students, parents and teachers will be available by default for Admin on respective pages.


  • Changed – middle name compulsory to optional in Parent profile update page
  • Changed – Tooltip message updated on Import-Export and Print functionality “kindly purchase the add-on to enable this function”
  • Fixed – working hours validation in Teacher’s module and changed position of fields – Working Hours and Current Position.
  • Fixed – profile picture not showing/uploaded after adding teacher.
  • Fixed – profile picture not showing/uploaded after editing student.
  • Changed – phone number validation when entering more than 10 digits in Parents and Teachers profile.
  • Changed – few texts on dashboard page.
  • Fixed – demo data import message was not highlighting properly


  • Update: Text change on demo date page
  • Fixed: Setting page not found


  • Fixed – JQuery Conflicts
  • Fixed – Do not have permission to access this page
  • Fixed – Parent profile update for multiple children
  • Added – Phone number in Student
  • Fixed – View parent profile image
  • Update – Phone number validation
  • Update – Setting page validation
  • Added – Message in attendance when there is no student


  • Fixed – Access to user roles


  • Update – Setting page
  • Added – Messsage in phone number for all users


  • Update – Setting page School Information


  • Fixed – SMS Notifications


  • Fixed – “Unable to access page” issue


  • Fixed – Login from mobile chrome


  • Update – Plugin Features content.


  • Fixed – Subject Drag Drop function in Time Table due to Elementor plugin conflict.


  • Fixed – Button Issue in Marks page.


  • Update – Overall plugin design
  • Fixed – Conflicts with Elementor Pro
  • Update – Made WPSchoolPress Dashboard separate from WP Dashboard
  • Update – Admin can switch to WP Dashboard from WPSchoolPress Dashboard
  • Update – Parent profile optional
  • Update – User profile picture optional
  • Added – Remark Field in Timetable


  • Fixed – Absolute file path instead of a relative file


  • Fixed – Resolve Css issue


  • Fixed – Setting page Profile Update issue


  • Fixed – School logo


  • Fixed – Dashboard Count issue


  • Fixed – Divi theme conflict.


  • Fixed – Import Students popup
  • Fixed – Add Teacher
  • Fixed – Not found page issue
  • Fixed – Enable message selection in general settings
  • Fixed – Error popups
  • Update – Error Popup for add-ons
  • Removed – Import button for students from teachers’ profile
  • Added – Export & Print buttons for students in teachers’ profile
  • Fixed – Add Marks issue from teachers’ profile
  • Added – Ability to select individuals and groups in notify
  • Update – Time Table
  • Fixed – Add past Attendance issue
  • Update – Notification sent popup
  • Update – Country listing in General Settings
  • Fixed – Add Marks from teachers’ profile
  • Added – Create New button in Subject Mark page
  • Added – Create New button in Transportation page


  • Update – readme file


  • Update – Remove unnecessary files


  • Fixed – Time Table Issue
  • Fixed – Notify
  • Added – Profile edit ability for all users
  • Fixed – Working hours Popup design issue
  • Fixed – Leave Calendar


  • Updated – Settings for SMS add-on
  • Updated – Error message design
  • Fixed – School Settings
  • Updated – Add new class page
  • Updated – Add-on pop-up
  • Fixed – Transport page
  • Fixed – View student pop-up


  • Fixed – Marks page responsiveness
  • Updated – Login Page


  • Fixed – Notify page
  • Fixed – Attendance page (parent dashboard)


  • Updated – Compatibility with Dashboard Messaging add-on
  • Fixed – Same Parent having multiple children issue


  • Update: Multi-class add-on compatibility
  • Update: Front-end registration add-on new update compatibility
  • Update: Import-export add-on new update compatibility


  • Update: Compatible with SMS Lane’s new update
  • Fixed: JQuery in date picker


  • Fixed – Time Table
  • Fixed – Exams visibility on Dashboard
  • Fixed – Class limit


  • Update – Code optimization and performance updates.


  • Fixed – Student and Teachers detail deletion


  • Added – Hooks and filters
  • Fixed – Timetable issue
  • Updated – Attendance page
  • Fixed – Notification page issue
  • Updated – Change password redirect
  • Fixed – Exams visibility on parent’s dashboard for all children
  • Removed – Unnecessary JS files


  • Added – Online Fees Payment add-ons


  • Added – Fix Error of preLoading Screen in newer version


  • Fixed – sanitize and escape all over fields of this plugin
  • Added – securing all fileds from xss attacks


  • Updated – All lable with proper escape and transalted
  • Remove – Unnecessary css and js files also Remove remotely added file


  • Updated – Update multiselectpciker for all over the plugin


  • Updated – Update code for message add-on
  • Fixed – Role compatibility issue


  • Updated – Update Code for Parent modal opening issue and also studnet and parent delete issue
  • Fixed – Update Code for compitible for new PHP version 8
  • Added – Fix Error of Dashborad Message add-on viewing Message modal


  • Added – Added new add-on as of Social Posts to the plugin which compatible with newer wordpress Version


  • Fixed – Fixed some erros in newly added add-on as of Social Posts to the plugin.
  • Fixed – Update Code for compitible for new PHP version 8.1


  • Fixed – TimeTable Edit/View data not display conflicts in newer version
  • Fixed – Student/Teacher Add/Edit issue with updated version
  • Fixed – Delete issue in JS file Fixed(for Teacher)
  • Fixed – Subject Create Break Subject without Class Issue
  • Fixed – View parent profile image
  • Fixed – ParentList on Filter DropDown “All” Display Multiple times
  • Fixed – Subject List filter “All” not working issue
  • Updated – Student Attendance Add/View Fix Error
  • Added – Fix Error of Notify Page Loading Issue and Update code for Sending Notification.
  • Updated – Showing Reciverlist on Notify View Modal


  • Updated – Fix Error of Notify Page.


  • Updated – Fix Authorization with Security check on every Ajax Action.
  • Fixed – Notify Page Js Confilct.
  • Updated – Fix Broken Access Control for Student,Parent and Teacher users


  • Updated – Add Authorization with Security check on student module.
  • Updated – Add query conditional values as prepare function parameters on student module.


  • Fixed – Import-Export add-on issue with using esc_sql and nonce.
  • Updated – Authorization with Security check on teacher module


  • Fixed – Dahboard Messaging add-on issue newer version with wordpress.
  • Fixed – newer version warnings and issue with plugin resolve.


  • Fixed – newer version warnings and issue with plugin resolve.


  • Fixed – newer wordpress version errors with this plugin resolve.