Parsi Date


This package is made by Persian developers to bring so much better experience of Persian WordPress. It includes Shamsi (Jalali) calendar, character issues fixes and Right-To-Left fix for WordPress back-end environment.

List of some features:

  • Shamsi (Jalali) day-picker in Block Editor (Gutenberg)
  • Shamsi (Jalali) jQuery UI date-picker
  • Widget
  • Shamsi (Jalali) date in Posts, comments, pages, archives, search, categories
  • Shamsi (Jalali) date in Permalinks
  • Shamsi (Jalali) date in admin sections such as posts lists, comments lists, pages lists
  • Shamsi (Jalali) date in post quick edit, comment quick edit, page quick edit of admin panel
  • Shamsi (Jalali) calender widget
  • Shamsi (Jalali) archive widget
  • RTL and fixed tinymce editor
  • Add Persian features to WooCommerce
  • Add Persian features to ACF
  • Powerful and fast function for fixing Arabic (ي , ك) to Persian (ی , ک)
  • Powerful and fast function for Persian numbers
  • Low resources usage


  • Plugin main settings
  • Number conversions settings
  • Other plugin compatibility
  • Persian datepicker in WooCommerce
  • Persian date type in ACF


  1. Upload plugin folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activeer de plugin via het ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. To use the archives widget, go to ‘Widgets’ and choose ‘بایگانی تاریخ خورشیدی’
  4. To use the calender widget, go to ‘Widgets’ and choose ‘گاه‌شمار تاریخ خورشیدی’


4 november 2022
It does the job but it changes the WP logo url in login, register and lost password pages without saying anything. Why? at least developer should mention this.
9 december 2021
ممنون که بالاخره آپدیت دادین و البته برای باگ مختصری که با این آپدیت پیش اومده بود پاسخ‌گو بودین و پی‌گیری کردین قطعن پارسی‌دیت بهترین پلاگین برای تاریخ شمسی و تقویم جلالی‌ـه؛ من افزونه‌های مختلفی رو تست کردم و حتی بهترین‌شون هم باز آرشیو ماهیانه رو به‌صورت دوماهه نشون می‌داد پارسی‌دیت تنها افزونه‌ای‌ـه که هم تاریخ و ساعت رو کامل شمسی می‌کنه، هم آرشیو و فیلترهای ماه به درستی به تقویم جلالی تبدیل می‌شن، هم امکان تبدیل اعداد انگلیسی و حروف عربی به فارسی رو داره و هم امکانات جانبی خوبی مثل غیرفعال‌کردن ویراشگر جدید (و مسخره!) بخش ابزارک‌ها باز هم ممنون و خسته نباشید
19 november 2021
درود بر دوستان عزیز این افزونه نسبت به خیلی از افزونه های دیگه خوبه ولی یکی از مشکلاتی که در نسخه جدید وجود داره استفاده الزامی از فونت وزیر داخل پنل مدیریت هست. شاید کاربری نخواد از این فونت استفاده کنه. ای کاش حداقل گزینه ای قرار میدادید که کاربر بتونه فونت پیشفرض رو غیرفعال یا فعال کنه. البته درباره ظاهر جدید مدیریتی نظر نمیدم ولی اکثر طراحان افزونه دارن به سمتی میرن که ظاهرشون با ظاهر پنل وردپرس یکی و همخوان باشه. احساس میکنم فقط خواسته شده افزونه با یه سری از تغییرات بروزر بشه و وارد مرحله انتشار بشه و خیلی به بعضی از موارد اهمیت داده نشده. البته فکر کنم بروزرسانی بعدیش ممکنه چند سال دیگه باشه 😀 در کل افزونه بدی نیست 🙂
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  • Fix security vulnerability reported with ‘add_query_arg()’ function


  • Fix showing English number in admin and frontend
  • Add setting for Vazir font
  • Fix showing zero for time in output


  • This release contains huge bug fix:
    • Conflict with jetpack
    • Dashboard page warrning
    • Conflict with DATE_W3C format
    • Date problem in comments feed
    • Error while save ACF fields
    • Notice: Undefined index: date_i18n
    • Notice error in archive.php pages
    • RevSlider conflicts
    • Date convertion problem in WordPress 5.3
    • Conflict with get_the_modified_date
    • Parsi Widget error
    • Notice: Undefined index: wp_date, disable.php
    • WooCommerce order detail fix
    • Conflict with polylang and wpml
    • Duplicate activity date in dashbaord
    • Type error in editor datepicke
    • Direction problem in legacy editor
    • Wrong callback in get_the_time hook
    • Default timezone problem
  • Displaying “@” instead of “at” in Jalali version
  • Persian number in WooCommerce prices
  • Better support of Persian date in WooCommerce
  • Persian datepicker in WooCommerce
  • ACF Parsi date
  • Mini support of WMPL and Polylang
  • Update Calendar widgets
  • Update attachments filter dropdown
  • New looks and feels of settings panel
  • Add Vazir font to admin area


  • Fix widgets fatal errors
  • Fix get_post_modified_time output
  • Replace @ with persian character in edit posts
  • Fix notice in disable section


  • Now we support WordPress 5.3!
  • Replace/add wp_date instead old function
  • Small fix in Woocommerce dates
  • Fix date in media files
  • All core codes cleaned and beautified


  • The Woocommerce hook has been temporarily disabled


  • Added Shamsi (Jalali) day-picker in Block Editor (Gutenberg)
  • Added Shamsi (Jalali) jQuery UI date-picker


  • Fix for admin_posts_where
  • Added new version of planet on dashboard
  • New fixes for dates
  • Fix month in permalink
  • New fix for hook disabler


  • Fix diagnosis leap year function ( bn_parsidate::IsLeapYear() )


  • Fix WooCommerce Sale Price Dates (From/To)


  • Change date based on WordPress language (Persian/Farsi)
  • Compatible with WP Multilingual plugin (WPML)

= Development Log
* Fix Wrong usage of $wp_query in posts_where filter that create “old posts” issue in WP_Query!


  • Fix date picker’s month dropdown bug in admin edit post. #issue

  • Fix set editor font css



  • Conflict timezone with wordpress default timezone #issue


  • Fix error in PHP 7


  • Compatible with WP 4.7
  • Fixed: Notice error in acf group page. #issue
  • Fixed: Undefined variable $predate error in admin lists-fix.php #issue
  • Fixed by: Mostafa Soufi


  • Fixed: Widgets bug causes Deprecated notices in WordPress >= 4.3
  • Fixed: the_modified_date() is now in Shamsi. [Reported by Amirhossein Habibi]
  • New: Added EDD support to convert prices digits in Persian digits.


  • Fixed timezone bug [Reported by HANNANStd]
  • Paragraph style returned to its previous style [Reported by WP-Parsi community]


  • Fixed assets folder issue with community.


  • Added “Droid Sans” & “Roboto” font family to back-end environment & editor by default, also an option for returning that
  • Added an option for moving menu item to submenu
  • Fixed timezone bug that was set to “Asia/Tehran” by default
  • Cleaned codes and documentation


  • Admin menu problem fixed


  • Fix Broken Plugins Update Link (Farsi Locale)


  • Fix Post permalink with custom structure (%category%/%postname%/)


  • Post Permalink Fixed
  • WordPress SEO OpenGraph Dates fixed
  • WooCommerce order detail date fixed
  • New option for set locale in plugin page settings
  • LTR post editor text mode


  • Fully recorded!
  • WordPress languages (Persian) files removed
  • Persian calendar widget added
  • Performance enhanced
  • Woocommerce prices problem fixed


  • WordPress 4.0 ready
  • languages updated


  • unix timstamp problems fixed
  • languages fixed
  • core functions improved


  • editor problems fixed


  • update language files


  • tested on wordpress 3.9
  • added new language files


  • core function enhanced
  • some date function problem fixed


  • fix memory error
  • fix post_where hook


  • Fix TinyMce text direction
  • Fix sitemaps date problems
  • New features on plugin settings
  • Add persian numbers on the_excerpt function
  • Some bugfixs on core functions


  • Hello world…