Deze plugin is niet getest met de laatste 3 grotere versies van WordPress. Mogelijk wordt het niet meer onderhouden of ondersteund. Ook kunnen er compatibiliteitsproblemen ontstaan wanneer het wordt gebruikt met recentere versies van WordPress.

Wp My Admin Bar


The ‘Wp My Admin Bar’ Plugin expands on the default WordPress Admin Bar, creating a new advanced My Sites menu, with the ablity to enable/disable all other Admin Bar features.

Works on both Standalone WordPress Installs and Multisite Networks.

For Support & Bugs

Please contact us directly if you need assistance or have found a bug. The WordPress Support forum does not notify us of new support tickets, no idea why, so contact us directly.


  • Mobile / Portable Device Friendly!
  • Advanced My Sites menu and moved Current Site menu with many quick access links.
  • Remove the WordPress Logo from the Admin Bar.
  • Remove the Howdy Dropdown, disable the dropdown, or remove features within the dropdown.
  • Disable the dropdown on the Howdy menu.
  • Remove Update Notices, Content menus and the Search Icon from the Frontend.
  • Disable the Admin Bar on the Backend and/or the Frontend.
  • Enable/Disable every possible Menu on the WordPress Admin Bar.

Plugin works with and has been tested on:

  • Multisite – Network Activated
  • Multisite – Site Activated
  • Standalone Installs (non-multisite)


  • Network Admin

  • Network Admin Menu

  • Website Admin & Website Admin Menu


Install through the WordPress Admin

  • It is recommended that you use the built in WordPress installer to install plugins.
    • Multisite Networks: Network Admin > Plugins Menu > Add New Button
    • Standalone WordPress: Site Dashboard > Plugins Menu > Add New Button
  • In the Search box, enter: My Admin Bar
  • Click Install Now and proceed through the plugin setup process.
    • Activate / Network Activate the plugin when asked.
    • If you have returned to the Plugin Admin, locate “WP My Admin Bar” Plugin and click the Activate link.

Upload and Install

  • If uploading, upload the /wp-my-admin-bar/ folder to /wp-content/plugins/ folder for your Worpdress install.
  • Then open the WordPress Admin:
    • Multisite Networks: Network Admin > Plugins Menu
    • Standalone WordPress: Site Dashboard > Plugins Menu
  • Locate the WP My Admin Bar Plugin in your listing of plugins. (sort by Inactive)
  • Click the Activate link to start the plugin.

To Configure:

  • Multisite Network: Access the Network Admin > Settings > WP My Admin Bar – Network settings that can be published to network websites.
  • Multisite Standalone Website: Site Dashboard > Settings > WP My Admin Bar – Only adjusts this Websites settings but can be overwritten by Network admin.
  • Standalone WordPress: Site Dashboard > Settings > WP My Admin Bar – Adjusts the Websites Admin Bar settings.


Q) Which WordPress Setups does the WP My Admin Bar work with?

A) It works with, all Multisite Setups (not multi-user at this time), and Standalone Installs.

Q) Does the plugin have a Network Settings page?

A) Yes, you can access it via the Network Admin > Settings > WP My Admin Bar

Q) Does changing the Network Settings override the Website Settings?

A) Only if you publish to the network.

Q) If I disable/delete the plugin are the plugin settings deleted?

A) No settings are adjusted or removed if the public is disabled.


30 december 2017
It is the best plugin I have tried so far and I have tried almost everything out there!! No non-sense DOES NOT CRASH THE WEBSITE and very comprehensive with so many features that are all very useful. It is unfair that it gets only one negative review. As obviously a lot of excellent work have been invested in it. I just felt it is unfair, as I almost was going to pass it because of the fact that it had only one negative review. I totally understand why the developer will be unhappy about that cause it seems that the person who has crashed his website due to his own fault and this plugin is the best and if anything it will help you fix what is wrong with your website NOT CRASH IT!!! I hope my review helps and keep up the excellent flawless fine work please 🙂
21 juni 2017
Don't install this plugin. It'll break your website. Not only that but deleting the plugin folder via FTP/SSH does not fix the website.
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  • Released: 2020-04-12
  • Changelog: