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The booking calendar plugin for WordPress. WP Booking System is used by more than 9,000 active users, with a satisfaction rate that borders on 5*!

Is this booking calendar for you?

  • Do you rent something out, like a holiday home, a boat or something else?
  • Do you have a WordPress website and need a bit of help to keep track of your rentals through a booking calendar?

…then yes! The WP Booking System is perfect for your needs.

Get easy online booking with this lightweight and powerful booking system.

A set-and-forget booking calendar for your rental business

WP Booking System is a simple booking calendar for WordPress. You will be up and running in just a few minutes. You can create booking calendars and forms, and you can manage your bookings. You can easily customize the booking calendar to fit your needs.

Start receiving bookings from your visitors today!

Display available dates in your booking calendar

With just one click you can create the first booking calendar for your holiday home or rental business. Already have bookings made? You can manually manage the calendar’s availability in just a few seconds.

Now your booking calendar is up to date with the latest bookings and available dates!

Maak een formulier zodat klanten online kunnen boeken

The beauty of this WordPress booking calendar is that it allows your website visitors to book available calendar dates on the spot through a fully customizable booking calendar form.

Enable your clients to use the rental calendar fast and easy. In just three simple steps, clients will be able to reserve a slot on your booking calendar:

  • Hover over the booking calendar to pick a starting date. Click on it, then move the cursor to select the number of days to book. (clients can easily see booked days by using the booking system legend)
  • Next, fill in the booking system form (you can edit the form fields at any time to make sure clients submit the most relevant information you need; mark fields as compulsory or optional)
  • Finally, click the booking button to make a reservation.

With the premium version of the booking system, you can allow customers to make online bookings using the top payment platforms available at the moment!

Click here to see a demo of the premium version

You can review and manage calendar bookings from the back-end, so you are always in control. You can even set up automatic calendar notifications so you will receive an email when a booking is made. Now you’re all set to receive online bookings through your booking calendar.

Ontvangen en beheren van boekingen

All your bookings are saved in your rental calendar and are beautifully displayed so you can easily access them and view the booking details.

No time to read the description? Discover the top benefits of WP Booking System in just 40 seconds!

Features of the Free version:

  • Create your own booking system: a booking calendar and a booking form!
  • Ontvangen en beheren van boekingen
  • Voeg extra boeking informatie toe
  • Generate a shortcode to insert the booking calendar and booking form into a page or post
  • Use the Gutenberg block to embed the booking calendar
  • WP Booking System Widget
  • The booking calendar supports multiple languages


  • The booking system can accept online and offline payments
  • iCalendar Sync, import en export
  • Maak een onbeperkt aantal kalenders
  • Creëer een onbeperkt aantal boekingen
  • Create your own rental calendar legend: apply your own colors and text
  • Split days selection
  • Weergave van meerdere maanden
  • De eerste dag van de week
  • Verander de maand of jaar
  • Display an overview reservation calendar
  • Bewerk meerdere datums met slechts één klik
  • Toon tooltips met extra info
  • Hide calendar bookings from the past from your visitors
  • Stel het minimumaantal dagen in dat de bezoeker moet boeken
  • Show the week’s number on the booking calendar
  • Direct automatisch blokkeren van geboekte dagen
  • Stuur boekingsmeldingen
  • User management within the booking system
  • Zeer gemakkelijk te vertalen naar elke taal
  • Professional support for any question related to the booking calendar
  • Download de premium versie hier: www.wpbookingsystem.com

This WP Booking Calendar Plugin is for…

Any rental business should use the WP Booking Calendar plugin to keep track of their rental calendar throughout the year.

  • Property rentals: bed & breakfast, hotels, hotel rooms, cottages, apartments, houses, apartment rooms (use WP Booking System even when you are renting through AirBNB, Booking.com etc.)
  • Boat rentals
  • Car & motorcycle rentals
  • Sports equipment rentals (full day ski equipment rental, bike rentals, skates rentals etc)
  • Events rentals (full day trainings/courses, parties, weddings, baptisms, corporate events, business meetings, conferences etc)
  • Speakers, singers, photographers, videographers, inspectors can also benefit from using WP Booking system

The booking system will soon become an indispensable tool in your business, and you will find yourself using it daily to manage reservations in your calendar.

How the booking calendar helps your clients

  • Clients can make calendar bookings online, by accessing your website
  • No need to call to make a reservation
  • They can see the available calendar dates and manage their schedule to make a booking
  • They can make simple and fast bookings from the comfort of their own home, directly from their mobile phones

Key booking system benefits for your business

  • Collect relevant information about your clients through the booking system form (configure the rental calendar form to your needs). No need to call or collect this information at the desk.
  • Use the WP Booking System on the go, from your mobile phone. The WP Booking Calendar can be used from mobile devices with ease – simply log in to your website and make any necessary edits just like on a computer.
  • Manage bookings offline – when you meet with a client 1:1 and they want to make a future booking, simply log in to your website, access the booking calendar and make the reservation on the spot, for them.
  • Stay up to date with calendar bookings by receiving email confirmations and reminders

WP Booking System in a nutshell…

Get organised and start receiving bookings with WP booking system. With this WP plugin you can create booking calendars, booking forms and accept bookings via your website. Setting it up is really easy and you will be up and running in just a few minutes. Bookings will be clearly listed in your booking calendar and you can stay organised. The booking calendar plugin works simply and it can be translated into several languages.


  • WP Booking System frond-end weergave
  • Kalender editor
  • Formulier editor
  • Boeking manager
  • E-mail notificaties
  • Translations Manager


Deze plugin heeft 1 blok.

  • WP Booking System - Booking Calendar


  1. Install the plugin by uploading the zip file (Plugins > Add New > Upload)
  2. Activeer de plug-in via het ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Click on the ‘WP Booking System’ menu entry
  4. Click on ‘Add New’ at the top of the page to create a calendar
  5. To embed a calendar on a page or post, use the ‘Add Calendar’ button at that page


How can I embed the booking calendar on a page or post?

By using the ‘Add Calendar’ button above the editor, the Gutenberg module, a widget, or directly by using the shortcode. An example of the shortcode is:

[wpbs id="1" title="yes/no" legend="yes/no" language="auto" form_id="1"]

Werkt dit boeking systeem voor mij?

Daar zijn we vrij zeker van! We hebben deze plugin zo ‘flexibel’ mogelijk gemaakt. De boekingsplugin werkt met boekingen per dag (geen tijdsloten). Dus als je dagelijks iets verhuurt, dan is het WP Boekingssysteem een goede keuze.

Ik heb nog een vraag

Please see www.wpbookingsystem.com for more information and ask your questions there!


12 september 2023
Roland and Claudia were invaluable in their assistance, going above and beyond to provide exceptional support. Their quick responses and expertise made the process effortless. Thanks for all your patience. Highly recommended!
8 september 2023
I recently embarked on a journey to set up a trailer rental business and, to my surprise, I discovered that there were very few plugins available on the market to meet my specific needs. That's when I stumbled upon the WP Booking System, and let me tell you, it has been an absolute game-changer. First and foremost, the variety of options and features provided by WP Booking System is truly impressive. This plugin has got you covered. The level of flexibility it offers is unmatched, and it's clear that the developers put a lot of thought into making this plugin versatile for various industries. What sets WP Booking System apart, though, is its exceptional support team. When you're dealing with a specialized plugin like this, having reliable and responsive support can make all the difference. I can confidently say that the support I received from WP Booking System was beyond outstanding. They were prompt in addressing my inquiries, patient in guiding me through the setup process, and always ready to go the extra mile. WP Booking System has been a lifesaver. It's a top-notch plugin that not only offers a wide range of options but also provides unmatched support. If I could, I'd give it more than five stars because it's truly deserving of the highest praise. If you're in need of a reliable booking system plugin for your business, I wholeheartedly recommend WP Booking System. It won't disappoint!
7 augustus 2023
I have been using this booking calendar for a while now without any issues. It does a good job and the synchronisation works well so the calendar is always in line with our other advertising channels. Recently needed some support for a more bespoke set of circumstances and the replies were quick, helpful and informative. Keep up the good work and Thanks!
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  • Improved: Bumped “tested up to” version number

  • Improved: Security improvements


  • Fixed: Deprecated notice when activating the plugin


  • New: Added “Number” form field


  • Improved: Updated Elementor Widget


  • Improved: Security fix


  • New: Added Icelandinc Language
  • New: Added Chinese Language
  • New: Added Latvian Language
  • Improved: Compatibility with WP 5.6 and TwentyTwentyone theme


  • Fixed: Bug with reCAPTCHA key not being included.


  • New: Added Indonesian language
  • Fixed: An issue with calendar not being sized properly on page load.
  • Fixed: An issue that could cause reCAPTCHA not to validate on some server configurations.


  • Improved: Minified CSS and JS Files.
  • Improved: Removed Duplicate HTML IDs in form editor
  • Fixed: A jQuery error that appeared in some cases when editing the form


  • Fixed: Backend calendar is now displayed in the correct language set in WordPress.


  • Improved: Compatibility changes for the new WordPress 5.4
  • Improved: Calendar dynamic sizing when resizing the viewport


  • Fixed: Single date selection on mobile devices


  • New: Added Korean language
  • Improved: Changed translation file locations
  • Improved: Minified JS file
  • Fixed: CSS display issue for Email Tags
  • Fixed: Language codes for Slovenian and Swedish
  • Fixed: Changed Czech flag


  • Improved: Admin Layout changes to match WP 5.3


  • Fixed: Widget not allowing a calendar without a form
  • Fixed: Email not allowing HTML tags


  • Fixed: Translation of dates sent in emails
  • Fixed: iCalendar sync delay bug
  • Improved: Calendar date selection styling


  • Added: Chinese Language


  • Fixed: iPhone and iPad bug when selecting calendar dates


  • Fixed: Bug that caused some emails not to be sent.


  • Major Rebuild
  • Nieuw: Gutenberg module
  • Verbeterd: kalender editor
  • Verbeterd: formulier bouwer
  • Verbeterd: boeking beheerder
  • Verbeterd: kalender front-end


  • Fixed Deprecated widget constructor


  • Veiligheidsverbeteringen


  • Opgelost: probleem met hoveren boven kalenderdatums.


  • Bulgaarse taal toegevoegd
  • Fixed Mod_Security new SQL Injection filter conflict


  • Filters toegevoegd om gebruikersinvoer te zuiveren om cross-site scripting (XSS) en SQL-injecties te voorkomen. Dank aan JPCERT/CC voor het wijzen op dit probleem.


  • Fixed a small CSS issue regarding bulk edit


  • Probleem met de vertaling opgelost met betrekking tot formulieropties (bijv. keuzerondjes)


  • The notification of unread bookings now disappears when you delete the related calendar


  • Beheerder paneel is nu volledige responsive
  • Updated the Premium features list


  • Small tweak to support PHP 7


  • Verberg meldingen in de werkbalk wanneer de gebruiker geen toegang heeft tot de bijbehorende pagina


  • Decode booking details before saving


  • Kleine bugs opgelost


  • UTF-8 fix


  • Versienummer veranderd naar 1.0


  • Small CSS fixes and a language fix related to the widget


  • Second output buffer fix


  • Uitvoer buffer probleem opgelost


  • Fix in booking details fields.
  • Update (elaboration): The booking notes (the content of the text fields near the editable dates in the admin panel) were shown in the source code of the page the calendar was displayed on (this content can also be indexed by Google). If you were vulnerable, your website and the booking notes may have been archived and exposed by https://archive.org, and possibly by other sites. Please ask them to delete your data if needed. Affected versions of the Free version: All versions lower than 0.4.


  • Kleine aanpassingen


  • Kleine CSS oplossingen.


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