Deze plugin is niet getest met de laatste 3 grotere versies van WordPress. Mogelijk wordt het niet meer onderhouden of ondersteund. Ook kunnen er compatibiliteitsproblemen ontstaan wanneer het wordt gebruikt met recentere versies van WordPress.

HUEM: Huge Upload Enabler, mostly


HUEAM is a plugin that tries to make improvements to WordPress, while not interfering with the way WordPress works. When you install the plugin, you will not notice any immediate changes – but these features have been silently enabled.

  • Smart Context Menus
  • Chunked uploads to bypass php.ini and .htaccess upload limitations.

We’re looking into more exciting improvements to add, and you will be able to easily enable or disable them.

Smart Context Menus

Right clicking any element in site preview mode now will render a nice context menu – that will take you directly to the appropriate admin page for editing. You (or your customer) will never again have to ask where to find the feature. It will save you thousands of mouse clicks.

Pro tip: If you want to see the browser native context menu, simply hold CTRL while right clicking.

Pro tip 2: You can extend the context menu by using the filter wpa_context_menu.

Pro tip 3: Disable the context menus in your wp-config.php file like this:

define('WPAWESOME_DISABLE_CONTEXT_MENUS', true);<h3>Huge uploads</h3>

By making WordPress upload files in multiple chunks, you can now upload huge files through the standard WordPress user interface. No more editing of .htaccess files, or php.ini files. The uploaded file will be split into chunks that are 1.9 MB large. The chunks are stored in the temp folder – until all chunks have been uploaded. At that time – the plugin will combine all the chunks into one file again.

Pro tip: You can override the maximum upload size by defining the WPAWESOME_UPLOAD_LIMIT constant.

define('WPAWESOME_UPLOAD_LIMIT', '10000000'); // 10 MB upload limit

Pro tip 2: Disable the context menus in your wp-config.php file like this:

define('WPAWESOME_DISABLE_HUGE_UPLOADS', true);<h3>3 * Esc to login</h3>

Clicking ESC three times, when you’re not logged in – will take you directly to the login page. This way, you won’t have to remember the URL of the page that prompted you to login. You’ll be there instantly after login, and then you can right click the article (or widget or comment) to edit it.

Pro tip: Disable the context menus in your wp-config.php file like this:

define('WPAWESOME_DISABLE_FAST_LOGIN', true);<h3>Contribute</h3>

Module Authors

The plugin can be easily extended by adding a filter add_filter( 'wpa_context_menu', 'my_context_menu', 10, 2). The function my_context_menu must accept $menu and $items arguments. $items is inspected to detect which element the user clicked. You can look at tag names, class names, element ids and more. If you want to add menu items, you’ll simply modify the $menu array structure to add your own choices.

The best way to contribute, is if your module or theme integrates with HUEAM or if you contribute a patch. Patches should fix bugs, improve the user experience or add features. Please don’t provide patches that make WP Awesome support other modules, unless that other module is extremely popular.

There’s a GIT repository and wiki too if you want to contribute a patch, a translation, provide bug reports or in any other way contribute.


The plugin currently has very few translatable strings, but there are a couple. If you want to contribute with translations there are two ways:

  1. Send a pull request to our bitbucket repository, with your translation file in the Languages/ folder.

  2. Upload your pot-file to and mark it as a proposal. We support translation files, but have only a very few translations available at the moment.

Recommended Settings

There are no configuration needed to use this plugin. Just install it, and you are ready. Setting defaults can be configured in wp-config.php, and they can be overridden in the WP Awesome options panel.


  • Right click to edit a post
  • Right click to edit widgets
  • Set upload limit, without worrying about php.ini or .htaccess file changes.
  • Upload limit is instantly updated, without reloading the web server.
  • Supports any custom post type, such as WooCommerce products.
  • Intelligently detects the content you’re clicking, to display a very useful context menu.


23 april 2017
As far as I can tell, this is the only plugin for WordPress that allows chunked uploads, thus bypassing upload limits. Unfortunately, it also bundles some other, unrelated features that I do not need. Also, it limits the upload size to 95MB by default, and the chunk size to 1.9MB. It does not allow these settings to be overridden via the admin screen, you have to add code to your wp-config.php file: define( 'WPAWESOME_UPLOAD_LIMIT', '200MB' ); define( 'WPAWESOME_HUGE_UPLOAD_CHUNK_SIZE', '50MB' ); However, the chunked upload feature appears to work well, and is useful for sites running on Cloudflare that need to bypass it’s 100MB upload limit.
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