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Woomotiv is a live sales notification for Woocommerce plugin. It shows proof to future customers that your site is busy and trustworthy to buy from.

If you run a Woocommerce store, chances are pretty high that you would like to convert more of your visitors into buyers.

Almost 97%~ of visitors, stop by, they click around and they leave without buying a product or a service. All online stores face this particular problem. Which, is the lack of TRUST.

Luckily, this is something that can be improved a lot with the use of Woocommerce Notification.

The tendency to see an action as more appropriate when others are doing it.
Dr.Robert Cialdini

Benefits of Sales Notification for Woocommerce

  • Makes your online store trustworthy.
  • Shows that your Woocommerce site is popular and busy.
  • Creates a sense of urgency.
  • Shows trending products.
  • Boosts your conversion rate (Which, is the most important thing in business).

Top Featuress

  • Absolutely no configuration needed! (No need to connect your Woocommerce store with a backend platform like other plugins require)
  • Recent / Random Sales popups.
  • Display Customer Avatar ( if not available, it will show the product image ).
  • Display Product Featured image.
  • Responsive: Works beautifully on all kind of devices.
  • Speed: It Uses Ajax technology.
  • Live customization.
  • Change Popup Size.
  • Multiple Positions.
  • Multiple Shapes.
  • Multiple Animations.
  • Unlimited Colors.
  • Preview Style Changes.
  • Customize the popup text.
  • Campaign Tracking.
  • Filters.
  • Easy to use.
  • Fast and lightweight.
  • No limit.
  • And more

Premium version features

All features from the free version and:

  • Woocommerce reviews notifications
  • Custom notifications
  • Shows still processing orders notifications
  • Report

Go premium today risk-free 14-day money back guarantee


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This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working.

  1. Install from the WordPress Dashboard > Plugin page.
    Or manually download the plugin and extract to wp-content/plugins/.
  2. Activate the plugin.
  3. If you want to change the settings go to Dashboard > Woomotiv.
  4. Done


Do I need to edit my WooCommerce theme?

No, Woomotiv works out of the box with any WordPress / WooCommerce themes. You just need to install the plugin and it will take care of the rest.

Where can I find the documentation?

You can read the documentation on our website from here:

Can I get support?

Yes, just submit a support ticket from here:

Can I use Woomotiv for my client sites?

Absolutely Yes! you can use it on your client sites.


8 juli 2020
The plugin displays popups to remind users to vote the plugin. If ALL the plugins we use would do the same, the admin area would be a mess... I have 30 plugins...
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Bijdragers & ontwikkelaars

“Live Sales Notification for Woocommerce – Woomotiv” is open source software. De volgende personen hebben bijgedragen aan deze plugin.




  • Woocommerce 4.2+ support.
  • Get reviews system.


  • WordPress Multisite support.
  • Upgraded Freemius SDK to lastest version.


  • Fixed headers already sent warning


  • Fixed a preview bug (admin panel)
  • CSS tweaks


  • Admin Panel Improvements


  • Dev: Removed unnecessary admin notices.
  • Updated: Updated translation file.


  • Dev: Improved the wildcard excluder.


  • Dev: Woomotiv use its own star icon now instead of the Woocommerce one.
  • Dev: Code improvements.


  • Fix: Font size issue when popup size is set to “small”.


  • New: Font size ( Mobile / Desktop & Tablet ).
  • Dev: Min popup width = 300px.
  • Test: Woocommerce 3.8+ support.


  • New: Ability to exclude pages using a wildcard (*).

2.6.0 / 2.6.1

  • Fixed: Frontend RTL issues (v2.6.1).
  • New: 3 Shapes.
  • New: Random Shape (If selected, Woomotiv will randomly select a shape).
  • New: Ability to change the background color of the close button.
  • Update: Auto width ( helps with products that have large titles ).
  • Update: Translation file.


  • Update: Made the size a little bit bigger.


  • New: Replaced the display processing orders filter to an admin setting.
  • Update: Updated Language file.
  • Fix: Fixed bugs.


  • Upgraded Freemius framework to version 2.3.0 .


  • Fix: Fixed a filter issue.


  • Fix: Fixed some bugs.


  • New: Free Version.


  • Fixed: Another Fatal error when a product is deleted.
  • Updated: Language file.


  • Fixed: Fatal error when a product is deleted.
  • Fixed: Creating a Custom Popup Bug.
  • Fixed: An issue when buyer first name is not set.
  • Improved: Code.


  • New: Free 7 days trial.


  • Updated: Code.

2.0.0 ( Big Update )

  • New: Review Popups.
  • New: Custom Popups.
  • New: Freemius Framework.


  • Fixed: Two popups that show at the same time bug.


  • New: Added close button for popups
  • Upgraded: Framework to Version 2
  • Improved: Code Improvements


  • New: Added new filter option ( show only on specific Woocommerce categories )
  • Improved: The frontend script
  • Updated: Admin Panel
  • Updated: Documentation
  • Updated: Language File
  • Fixed: WordPress warning message


  • New: Added max product title words ( to prevent text overflow )
  • New: Added popup size option
  • New: Added {buyer_username} shortcode
  • New: Option to show / hide customer own notifications ( was always hide )
  • New: Option to show / hide admin own notifications
  • New: Plugin will notify you when Woocommerce is not installed or activated.
  • Improved: Code. Min PHP Version : 5.5
  • Improved: Admin Panel
  • Improved: Responsive Design
  • Updated: Language File
  • Fixed: Bugs


  • New: Option to hide popups on all Articles ( Posts ).
  • New: Woomotiv uses the wordpress timezone option “Settings > General > Timezone”.
  • Updated: Language file.
  • Updated: Documentation.


  • New: Woomotiv now tracks when someone click on the popup.
  • Updated: Language file.


  • New: Pages Filter.
  • New: Ability to disable popup link.
  • Updated: Documentation.
  • Updated: Language file.


  • New: Display random sales.
  • Improved: Mysql main query.
  • Updated: Documentation.

* New: Buyer first & last name tags
* Updated: Documentation

= 1.0.3=

  • Updated Documentation


  • Fixed a bug


  • Responsive Improvements


  • Release