Deze plugin is niet getest met de laatste 3 grotere versies van WordPress. Mogelijk wordt het niet meer onderhouden of ondersteund. Ook kunnen er compatibiliteitsproblemen ontstaan wanneer het wordt gebruikt met recentere versies van WordPress.

WooCommerce upcoming Products


Manage your all type of upcoming product easily. Support product type: Simple Products, Variable Products, Grouped products, Grouped Products and any custom product types.

  • Manage Upcoming label
  • Hide / Show add to cart button for upcoming product
  • Hide / Show Upcoming product price
  • Sort by upcoming on shop page
  • Set product available date
  • Show / Hide Available date
  • Auto restock and auto live product on available date

Meer info

This plugin is coming with some awesome feature on its next update. Any suggestion about features are appreciable.

Support: Please navigate to the support tab.

Author: @Mohaiminul Islam


  • Upcoming product settings options on back-end
  • Upcoming product add/edit options on back-end
  • Upcoming product single page view
  • Upcoming product search option on shop page


  1. Upload this plugin to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress.
  3. Set your products upcoming date from product add/edit option.

and Enjoy… 🙂


  • Q: Does it supports all product type?
  • A: Yes.

  • Q: Does this plugin support all theme?

  • A: Yes.

  • Q: Does this plugin change products status upcoming to live on available date automatically?

  • A: Yes.

  • Q: Does this plugin auto restock product on available date?

  • A: Yes.

*Please suggest me some feature and update will come soon.


6 juli 2020
I was looking for a better way to prevent customers from adding to cart certain products I want them to buy off site without using the "out of stock" status which makes things confusing and give a bad impression, while still showing the price and product info. This plugin is very quick to set up and customizable to fit various needs. However I noticed the "Add to cart" button was still showing when the product was showcased on the front page (so I just removed it from showcased products). Je cherchais un moyen pour empĂȘcher les clients d'ajouter au panier certains articles que je souhaite vendre uniquement sur place, sans rĂ©servation, tout en laissant active la fiche info et le prix (et sans mettre "hors stock", qui laisse penser qu'il n'y en a pas mĂȘme si tout est prĂ©cisĂ© dans la fiche). Ce plugin est parfait pour ça et peut complĂštement ĂȘtre personnalisĂ© pour s'adapter Ă  diffĂ©rents besoins. AprĂšs avoir rĂ©glĂ© les "settings", on active l'option dans la fiche produit sous "DonnĂ©es produit" / "AvancĂ©", c'est trĂšs rapide.
24 januari 2020
Everything works for me perfectly. Thanks! Note to other users: 1) Be sure to go into settings and select the check box to hide the 'Buy Now' button, and 2) On each product page you must select the 'Enable for Upcoming Product' and choose your 'Available on' date in the Advanced tab of product settings. Having done this, it works flawlessly. Much appreciated!
29 augustus 2019
Price is not hidden even if the option is ticked on the plugin page. And, provided there's inventory, you can still buy the product even if it's set up as upcoming at a future date. Isn't the plugin supposed to address these two?? Did I miss something? On the plus side: nice to have the option to flag the product as upcoming. I circumvented the issues above by deleting price and inventory for the product.
1 februari 2019
Thank you for the time you put into this plugin. I needed an option to hide the price and this plugin was my saving grace.
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Sep 10, 2019
* [tweak] Fix admin notice

July 11, 2019
* [tweak] Fix some text


July 4, 2019
* [tweak] Automate fixing

July 4, 2019
* [fix] Minor fixing

Jan 3, 2017
* [fix] Not working or option not loading

Dec 31, 2017
* [tweak] Show warning if WooCommerce not active
* [fix] Fatal error if WooCommerce not active

Nov 28, 2017
* [fix] Text showing error
* [fix] Fatal error on activation
* [fix] Trusted theme conflict
* [fix] Title level issue

Nov 18, 2017
* [fix] Add to cart not working

Nov 18, 2017
* [fix] Fix some fatal error due to lower version of php 5.5

Nov 12, 2017
* [fix] write context error for php version fix
* [tweak] Some text and link update

Oct 06, 2017
* [tweak] Use filter ‘wup_product_title_label’ to show product title as you want.

Sep 06, 2017
* [tweak] Some text and link update


Aug 31, 2017
* [fix] Fatal error: Can’t use function return value in write context


Jul 12, 2017
* [new] Add sshortcode [upcoming_products] to show upcoming products
* [tweak] Format code and update product saving processing functionality
* [tweak] Make compatible with grouped, external and mix-and-match product type
* [fix] Upcoming product option on backend cannot uncheck


Jul 1, 2017
* [new] Add settings to show available date as ‘date’ or ‘duration’
* [new] Add settings in plugin action link
* [new] Remove some unnecessary settings options to manage easily
* [tweak] Format code and update validation functionality
* [tweak] Cron schedule update
* [fix] Date available text issue fixed


Jun 17, 2017
* [new] Add settings to manage upcoming product auto live
* [new] Add settings to manage available date level
* [new] Add settings to manage text if available date not set
* [new] Add settings to manage shop page short by dropdown text
* [tweak] Format code and update validation functionality
* [tweak] Cron schedule now run twice a day so product will be online on available date
* [fix] Date issue with other languages
* [fix] Add to cart issue by URL
* [fix] Add to cart and price duplicate on shop page issue
* [fix] Stock management issue


Apr 7, 2017
* [tweak] Upcoming product which has no available date, will not go online
* [tweak] No need to reactivate plugin to set cron


Mar 29, 2017
* [tweak] Set datepicker min-date to tomorrow date


Mar 27, 2017
* [fix] Added missing script to ‘add new product’ page
* [fix] Not showing datepicker on add new product
* [tweak] Set datepicker min-date to todays date


Mar 25, 2017
* [new] Add compatibility to work with ‘Grouped product’ type product
* [tweak] Move upcoming checkbox from ‘General’ tab to ‘Advanced’ tab in product edit page
* [tweak] Update screenshot


Feb 18, 2017
* [new] On available date Product will go online automatically with all data like stock, inventory
* [new] Add admin style sheet
* [tweak] Format all code


  • [fix] datepicker is not a function error on javascript
  • [tweak] Update change log


  • [new] Works with every type of products
  • [tweak] Update change log
  • [fix] Fix available date display issue


  • [fix] Fix product title show tag on admin panel
  • [fix] Fix translation issue


  • [new] Add Show / Hide option for price on shop page
  • [new] Add Show / Hide option for “add to cart” button on shop page
  • [fix] Fix Show all product coming soon
  • [fix] Fix not showing price


  • [new] Add available time formate to default WordPress time format
  • [tweak] Add language file for dutch
  • [fix] Fix warning date picker is not a function
  • [tweak] Update donation link on readme.text


  • [new] Add Show / Hide option for available date both single and shop page
  • [new] Add Show / Hide option for price on single page
  • [new] Add Show / Hide option for “add to cart” button on single page
  • [tweak] Add option to hide title label
  • [fix] Some style issue and most of support issue fixed
  • [fix] Remove auto manage stock
  • [fix] Auto change “out of stock” text to “coming soon”
  • [tweak] Update donation link on readme.text


  • [new] Add option to edit/remove ‘Coming Soon’ text under product price
  • [fix] Edit some function name to more meaningful
  • [tweak] change a screenshot for understand settings feature
  • [tweak] Edit readme.text


  • [new] Add Upcoming product settings options on back-end
  • [new] Add option to hide “upcoming” label from title
  • [new] Add option to edit “upcoming” label on title
  • [tweak] Change banner
  • [tweak] Add an extra screenshot for understand settings feature
  • [tweak] Edit readme.text


  • Eerste release