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17 juli 2023 3 reacties
iam testing the plugin as to buy it if it works ,its not working with variant product , when the user create a design for a variant product and try to add it to cart through the editor , the main product goes to cart not the variant one , i have looked through the file : public/js/editor.js Line: 1872 frm_data.append("variations", JSON.stringify(variations)); i found (variations) return undefined.
4 april 2023 2 reacties
Plugin catastrophique impossible de l'activé A critical error has occurred on this site
19 juli 2022
This works well for a free plugin. It can only be used for a simple product so if you want to use a Variable product to sell different size tshirts it wont work 🙁
27 april 2021 1 reactie
It is true that I found some unfinished parts from the first day but overall it is a plugin that does its job. I collected all the errors I discovered and I sent them to those who sell this plugin. The team of programmers was very receptive and helped me solve all the problems. From what i noticed they don't pay much attention to this plugin because they have many other ongoing projects but if you ask them for help you will get it and at the end you will have a good and functional plugin. If you are a beginner, you don't have time to fix the issues by contacting the programers and you need to use fast the plugin it is not for you. For programmers I recommend them to introduce the possibility to calculate the price according to the formula that contains parameters (width, length, text height and other variables)
1 mei 2021 3 reacties
After testing several product designers I picked this one because the front end is so easy to use and understand for the end customer. I bought the pro version. Setup: Was a bit of work and required support from the ORION team. Once the basic framework was working the customization was a breeze. Support: When I had problems I wasn't given generic answers or stuck talking to a chatbot the team actually worked with me to solve my issue in a timely manner. ** This plug-in is accomplishing a rather complex task so to think that there won't be any bugs is unrealistic. Nevertheless, my experience with support was really great!
26 februari 2021 1 reactie
One star is too much for them. Playing around waste your time and money. Stay away.
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